Friday, August 17, 2018

Seguin Trip

Scott and Teresa go to TX fairly often. In July the Burns have always been in a musical camp (camp broadway) and then perform the musical at the end of those two weeks. Scott and Teresa were going and wanted to take Jaxon and I decided to join with Sara, for the fun. I always feel bad leaving Brad. I know he's fine I just miss him and wish he could come with us, but someone had to stay and work at the office.
Sara is a terrible age for flying but we survived... lol. Thats pretty much all I can say...and thank goodness for grandparents that were there to help. We swam, we played, we ate great food, and we enjoyed all the cousin fun. Their show was super cute and Jaxon and Sara were great and just sat happily through it watching their cousins perform. On Saturday night as I was putting Jaxon down he said "Mom, I just miss Dad." I said "Me too, but guess what we get to fly home and see him tomorrow." To which he replied: "Let's just tell Dad to come meet us here, I like it here." lol He loves his cousins house and always has the best time. I love all those sweet nieces and nephews too and was glad I could go see them perform. TX seems so far, but its nice to know it really is only a flight away.

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