Tuesday, August 21, 2018

8 - 21 - 2018

Two weeks ago we were driving home on a Sunday night from Brad's parents. The new remake of Africa by Weezer came on the shuffle of songs from my phone and we all couldn't help but start to sing and dance lol. Brad rolled down the windows and when the chorus came on I looked at my kids faces of pure joy as they felt the wind in their hair and sang their hearts out the window. I looked at Brad singing (something he never did until recently) and we both just smiled at each other and I had one of those perfect life moments where you are just so happy. I thought "wow..these people are mine... Those two cute kids and that perfect dark haired handsome man next to me." I love those moments. Laying in bed that night I told Brad how perfect that moment was and how I love to think if I could have seen that little moment 10 years ago I would have thought "really? I will really get to have all that?" Then how great it is to think that in 10 years there will be more moments like that, and that there is so much happiness and joyfulness waiting for us out there.

I thought it was important to write that memory down today, because its been one of those days. One of those days where you try so hard as a mom and feel like what you are doing doesn't matter and your children are crazy hooligans that no one can tame. Jaxon has been having a streak of bad days and bad choices. Stuff like getting up for a week and peeing in a corner of his room, ( AGHH sooo gross) coloring in pen all over an ipad, hitting at the park, and pushing his sister off the couch. Sara has been switching to one nap and it makes that late morning and evening a struggle. She is so hard to take grocery shopping or to keep clean. I love both my kids and I'm so happy I get to be their mom. Most of the time they are even tempered and well behaved, but its hard when you watch them make crazy choices to not think: "What am I doing wrong here?"

In two weeks Jaxon starts preschool three days a week and I think the outlet will be good for all of us. Until then, wish us luck.


  1. I seriously LOVE your blog! The way you describe things and write about experiences is so spot on! You are amazing!

    1. Becca!! I love you friend! I am going to text you one of these days when were in Utah County so we can meet up and let our kids play! Im glad you still blog! Its the best..there are so few of us left lol