Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Theurer Town House

Looking at all these pictures makes me a little homesick. Brad and I did so much on this little Townhouse. When we moved in we stayed up every night until almost 2am doing projects. When people came over or we were sitting watching tv at night, I was proud of our little home and every choice we had made to change it and make it ours.

We painted every surface in every room. We switched out fans and light fixtures. We stripped, sanded, painted the cabinets white, and added hardware. We visited scratch and dent sales until we found the perfect fridge we loved within our budget. We installed flooring all throughout the main floor and in the laundry room upstairs. We learned how to tile and re-did all the bathrooms. We painted or bought new cabinets on sale and made custom frames for all the mirrors in the bathrooms. We painted the garage, added insulation, carpet and baseboards. Brad spent days trying to figure out the electrical so I could have more light and a fan to make it into a classroom for me to teach. We rented a pick up from home depot and brought in soil and laid down sod. Then, when they were replacing fencing, we took all the old stuff to build a garden bed in our backyard and even cut some of it up to make signs that I gave to friends or hung in our house.

We learned in this house how much we love to do projects together. We would make plans together and research YouTube and Pinterest for the best way to do it ourselves and then go for it. I held multiple girls nights and baby showers here. We had friends over for pizza and s'mores in the backyard. It's where we had 3 Thanksgiving dinners and two Christmas mornings. We loved walking around in the evenings as a family when Brad got home. We would ride bikes and see our friends and enjoy chatting by the mailbox. Its where Jaxon learned to talk and ride a bike. It's where we brought Sara home from the hospital. We had hundreds of family dance parties, and popsicles in the backyard. We set up facetime calls next to our kids rooms and would go across the street to play games with friends (bad parents?). It's where Brad and I shared hundreds of tubs of bluebell and late night Dr. Pepper. It was a special and perfect place that we loved. We were ready to move, but it will always hold a special place in our hearts for this time in our lives.

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