Monday, April 2, 2018

March Updates

Brad and I went on a date two nights in a row without kids! What?! That never happens, but there was a dental thing Friday night and I had already scheduled a babysitter for Saturday so we just decided to go with it. March 10th is the day Brad proposed to me in Vegas 7 years ago so we had fun remembering that time of life and talking about what is different now. At dinner Brad looked at me and said "I knew I was making a good decision and I wanted to marry you, but I don't think at the time I realized how GOOD and perfect of a decision it was." ...cue the teary eyes. He doesn't just say stuff like that everyday, so it made my heart all warm and I didn't want to forget my Brad.
Spring in TX is my favorite! The weather is perfect and we love being outside. The little play beach at the zoo is one of our favorite spots.
We bought a house! It's in Smithfield, about 10 min from Brad's office and 7 minutes from his parents in North Logan. We sent Teresa to FaceTime and walk through a few homes for us. While they were looking at one being built in this area they drove by and saw the for sale sign and took a picture for us. It wasn't listed on any sites so I called the number on the sign and the agent said they had barely put the sign up and were listing it the next day. Teresa walked through it and I was in LOVE! We quickly made an offer the next day along with someone else, but because I called the agent first they gave it to us. So it's kind of weird because we haven't actually seen it in person yet, but we've seen lots of pictures, and had Teresa and Scott and Parker and Tiauna walk through it for us. It was nice to get a few perspectives and overall we were really excited about the area and the price. 

We also sold our Townhouse, accepting a full price offer the day we listed it. We were both so shocked and so happy. Everything seems to be working out and falling into place. There have been times in my life that I felt like I have received direct answers to prayers and questions I have. As we prayed to know what to do after school I never felt that distinct feeling that we were supposed to be in Utah. As we weighed our options though it just made sense. I was nervous about our decision to move, but as we've moved forward with our plan we've had so many small tender mercies that have helped confirm that we are making the right choice. Brad and I have started to feel so much peace in our choice and it has been a good example and reminder to me that we have the gift of agency in this life! Sometimes answers are clear and direct through the spirit, and sometimes He wants us to seek and decide for ourselves and will let us know if we are making the right choice. 

Aquatica is open! The weather is warming up and we've been spending a lot of time outside. Its been fun to see how much Sara has grown up since last summer and loves the water.

Our kids love the dirt! We seriously go out there almost every night after dinner and just let them dig and play and get dirty for an hour and then go up to bath and bed. It's been so nice outside, and Brad and I get to just hang out so it's been a fun nightly ritual lately. 

 Jaxon and I went on a afternoon date to Aquatica. I read a book while he played and then we burried each other and he insisted on taking a picture of his work lol. He's a fun boy, and sometimes I feel like I'm too hard on him. It was nice to just enjoy him and not have to worry about anything else.
 I had plans to road trip up to Spring at the Silos with a friend, but her family decided to visit at the last minute. Brad volunteered to come with me and we'd take the kids, but the craziness of Magnolia would have been too much. He said something to his sister and Lisa jumped at the idea of going with me for the day. We had so much fun! Lisa is always up for a party, and we fit it all in. We shopped and shopped, ate cupcakes, and shopped lol. I was exhausted when we got home but it was so fun, and I'm glad I could go to Magnolia one more time before we move.

 Sara looked so cute in a dress from my grandma...That Sunday was seriously one of the worst though. Right now she is a rough age for church and sometimes Jax is just not in the mood. Brad is usually gone from 10am-6pm, so Sundays are LONG. I'm running around with both singing times and nursery music time and we somehow juggle Sara in there between the two of us.
Neghborhood walks. Sara loves walking around these days and is just happy to be outside
Brad was real proud of his Kale plants that have grown for almost 2 years and are taller than Jax!

 Outdoor dinners and Torchy's! We will miss the tacos when we move.
 Easter weekend Brad made his conference donuts and we took the kids to an Easter Egg hunt at a ward members house. We had been doing little hunts in the yard all week and everyone was impressed that Sara knew what to do lol. She was all over it. Jaxon loved it too and is always happy to be with friends.

A year ago we put down money to be in a raffle to maybe get chosen to buy tickets to the final four. We weren't picked and figured we wouldn't be able to afford it later. Well, Lisa ended up buying tickets for her boys and got an extra one for Brad to join them. I was pretty sad I wasn't going with them, but I was happy Brad got to go. Seriously a once in a lifetime thing and it's been fun to see our city get all ramped up for it.

During conference Brad came and laid on my lap on the couch. Once the kids noticed they both climbed up and wanted a spot on my lap too. It made us laugh, but also made me so happy. Conference weekend is always one of my favorites. I loved the messages of love, self acceptance, personal revelation, and our saviors deep and eternal love for each of his brothers and sisters. I know He loves me and knows me personally. He understands my anxieties and forgives my shortcomings. These humans mean the world to me and I don't ever want to forget the moments like these that fill my heart with so much Joy.

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  1. Congrats on your house! That’s so exciting! It looks adorable! And I agree, Sundays can be the worst 😆 enjoy your last couple of months in Texas! Your family is so cute! I’m glad you guys are so happy :)