Wednesday, February 21, 2018


For Christmas, Brad wanted to get me tickets to go see Kelsey. It's been a weird year with a lot of our good friends moving away, and especially not having our best friends across the street. I'm probably partly to blame because I don't have a huge incentive to make new friends when I know we're leaving soon. Anyway, we found a sweet deal for tickets on Frontier and I took off for 6 days with the kids.
(first time flying alone with two kids and I was a little stressed, but they were great and Jaxon was a huge help)

The best part of the whole trip was just hanging out on the couch while our kids played like old times. Jaxon and Sammy played for hours and days without fighting. It was seriously just so sweet and fun to watch them interact like no time had passed. Since coming home, Jaxon has asked multiple times when we can go see Sammy again, and it breaks my heart. Those two have a sweet friendship.

We visited the Aquarium, went to a blow up bounce house, some fast food play places ;), and parks. The kids played so great and were honestly just happy to play with toys at home for the most part. Craig is super busy with resident life, but he was nice enough to stay home with the kids when we put them to sleep so Kelsey and I could go out a few times. We ate A LOT of good food and consumed lots of diet soda ;).

I love my friend. Being around her again made me feel like a normal person. We parent and approach life so similarly, and its nice to be able to relate to someone so easily! Dental/Medical school is hard to survive without an amazing friend and I'm glad I found that in Kelsey. We'll be close forever because of the years we shared in San Antonio and we can't wait until we can see them again at Bear Lake this summer!

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