Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Christmas 2017

December came and went so quickly this year. We had our ward party on December 1st to kick off the season and get us in the mood. The rest of the month we fit in Sea World trips to see the advertised 8 million lights, zoo lights, visiting Santa (a few different places), Brad and Jaxon's school parties, snow in SA, friend get togethers, Christmas shopping, Scott and Teresa came for a quick visit, our trip to Kansas City, and even witnessing the first snow fall in 20 years in San Antonio! It was a fun month and also exhausting.

By the time we got home from out trip there was only a few more days until Christmas. We all got a little sick, but we also fit a few more fun activities in. We met the Burns downtown one night to ride the boat, eat sushi, and see the lights.

 Because Christmas Eve was on Sunday we ended up getting a lot of Chinese food on Saturday and just eating it two days in a row. Brad was happy because he loves Chinese food and I was happy to not cook or do dishes lol. It was nice to only attend Sacrament meeting. I had worked on a few songs with the primary children and they sang great! Jaxon especially did and it made me so happy. After church Jaxon and I made gingerbread houses. We did puzzles and read Christmas books and put the kids to bed early. Brad and I set everything up by 8:30 and watched a movie and ate treats.
Someone at Church gave Jaxon a special "Santa Key" because
we don't have a chimney. He was so excited to have it!
Christmas morning was so fun! I have to be honest, I was pretty sad on Christmas Eve and missing my loud fun family, but on Christmas morning I was happy to be in our own home. I loved seeing Jaxon's happy face and Sara crinkling and playing in the paper. There was just a sweet family love feeling as we enjoyed opening gifts with one another, eating our Christmas Danishes we made, and listening to Christmas music. Maybe its because kids are in way better moods in the morning than they are at night lol, but it was perfect. Later that afternoon we drove out to the Burns to spend the evening with them. Jaxon had fun playing with his cousins and we all enjoyed an amazing Christmas dinner. It was nice to be able to see and spend time with family.

 The week after Christmas we all got pretty sick. We had plans that we canceled for sleeping in and watching movies. Usually I'm the one who wants to be doing stuff and going places and Brad likes to be a homebody, but it was actually really nice to just be lazy and enjoy our last family break with dad at home. It was bitter sweet to think that for the fist 7 years of our marriage we've had at least 2 weeks to spend time together because Brad has been a student. It will be different next year (not only because its going to be so cold in Utah) but because Brad will probably have to go back to work and only get a few days at home. Student life hasn't been easy, but the breaks and time together have definitely been big perks.

 Brad experimented with making homemade tamales! It was a long day of cooking, but they were oh so good! Also Jaxon got a razor for Christmas and loved shaving with Dad ;).

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