Tuesday, December 5, 2017

27 years old

When we moved to Texas I was 23 with a 5 month old baby. I can remember thinking that by the time we graduate I will be 27 and have a 4 year old..and that is old! lol well, here I am, all grown up, and I don't feel that different. At the same time I have grown up a lot and changed as a wife, individual, and mother over these years.
tried to take a picture of us baking lol
On my birthday I went for a run in the morning while Brad made breakfast with the kids. We went grocery shopping that morning and Jaxon and Sara "helped" me bake my birthday cake. lol Brad came home at lunch time to a big mess in the kitchen, and sent me out shopping by myself for the afternoon. I was so excited to go out by myself and run errands, but missed my family after like an hour and was bored by myself lol. I got a few new things, and finished up my errands and picked up some Sam's Club pizza (It's my favorite lol) and sushi on the way home. Brad had cleaned up the whole house and made cards with Jaxon. We ate and had fun opening gifts. It was a simple birthday, but hearing from friends and family made it feel special.
On Saturday the 18th I ran in my 3rd ever half marathon. I signed up for the race in August thinking it would be a good time for me to exercise in the Fall and hopefully lose that last 10lbs of baby weight, but after I signed up our life just got kind of crazy. I never found anyone to run it with me so I was training alone, and we didn't know at the time we would be moving to Seguin for 3 weeks. While we were in Seguin I complained to Brad that I wasn't going to be even close to ready and he just told me to "quit then" and we'd lose the money. It kind of annoyed me that he said that and so I just decided to try my best to get in whatever training I could and I would finish the dang race even if it took me 3 hours lol.

I seriously only lost 2 lbs, before race day and was feeling discouraged. When I started the race though I felt a surge of love for my body like I do every time I run. I love pushing myself and having my mind to myself for a while. It was a long and hilly 13.1, but it was also the most beautiful race! I was doing really well until mile 10 and I had to start slowing down to almost 12 min miles. I only ran up to 8 miles a few months before the race so my goal was to finish under 2:30. I ended up finishing in 2:26:30. 26 minutes slower than my other two halves, but I was happy to finish and to see my crew cheering me on at the end. I really do love running and competing and I miss having that as a part of my life, but at the same time I need to try and remember to take it easy for a year after having a baby.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! That cake is AMAZING!! And way to go on running the half marathon. Wow you're impressive!