Saturday, September 2, 2017

Sara 6 Months

And just like that she is half a year old! I have been thinking a lot this last week about how Jaxon was just barely 6 months old when we moved to Texas! It's crazy to think how much he has grown and changed since that time. Another funny thing is that at the time I felt like my baby boy was old and growing up and I feel like at the same age I still feel like Sara is my tiny baby who was just barely born. lol I was excited for Jaxon to grow up. With Sara, I just want her to stay small and be rocked and snuggled forever. 

 - At 6 months Sara is still our happy and sweet baby.
- She tried puffs for the first time and loves having tastes of our smoothie in the morning. We've let her try ice cream and popsicles and she goes crazy because she loves them so much! 
- She rolls over both ways pretty easily and is almost sitting up consistently on her own. 
- She gets up on all fours and is so close to crawling. She'll push herself backwards into a wall and I feel like any day now she is going to figure it out and start moving.
- Sara has taken on a serious preference to her Momma. I'm not going to lie, a part of me seriously loves that she loves me so much, but the other part is a little sad she won't go to her dad as easily as Jaxon did. At night if I go in and pat her back she will go right back to sleep, but if Brad does it, she knows and freaks out! It's kind of funny, like how does she know the difference? For now though, I honestly don't mind that much.
- She likes her bouncer a lot more and loves sitting up in her Bumbo at the table for dinner with us.
- When she gets really excited or happy she will scrunch up her nose and breathing out of it. It's pretty funny/cute and she has started to do it more and more.
- I rock her to sleep for naps and nighttime and she nurses about once a night.
- She has started to really like reading books with Jaxon and I and gets excited and smacks the pages and making noises as we read. It always makes Jaxon and I laugh pretty hard.
- She LOVES her brother and watching him play around her. If I set her on the ground or lay her on the couch by him she is content and happy. He gets her to laugh more than anyone and loves to help Mom however he can.

 What is it about a sleeping baby/toddler that is so magical and sweet! It just melts my heart.

Sadly I wouldn't let her eat the whole popsicle and she was very upset.
Her sweet hand and his arm around her.. love these cuties

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