Thursday, August 3, 2017

3.5 year old Jaxon

Well Brad is officially back to seeing patients in the clinic and Jaxon, Sara, and I are figuring out how to get used to life just the 3 of us. I had a lot of friends move out after this last school year, and so the adjustment from my regular mom friends and activities has been kind of hard. It's tricky balancing staying at home and getting Sara on a schedule, while also trying to have activities for Jaxon to do and get his energy out. Usually, about 3 days out of the week, we go and do something in the morning like go to the Zoo, the park, Library time, shopping, or gymnastics. The other two mornings, I put Sara down and Jaxon and I work on his school books together, play games or something. Usually we have quiet time and I try to get stuff done in the afternoons, but every once in awhile we'll go out and meet friends or just throw it all out the window and watch movies.
I was thinking the other day how much Sara has grown up since she was born and then I also had the thought about how much Jaxon has grown up and changed since she was born. I'm not going to lie ..3 year olds are tough. He's full of lots of energy and most days if he starts to act too crazy I just turn up the Disney jams and let him jump and dance his wiggles out lol. Overall though he is so full of love. He smothers his sister with kisses, and runs to grab anything I need when I ask him to. He loves to cuddle up when we watch a movie, and if Sara starts to cry he will tell me over and over "Mom, Sara needs you!" Here is a little update on our Jax man so we can always look back and remember ;)

- Jaxon loves Paw Patrol and Rescue Bots. Along with the help of his grandparents he accumulated all the Paw Patrol action figures and two of the rescue bot guys. He plays with them more than any other toy and lines them up next to the iPad when he watches his show. He knows all of their little sayings. It's so fun/hilarious to listen to him make believe play. He asks Brad and I to play with him all the time and loves when we sit on the ground and pretend to be one of the characters with him. I usually have to tell him I'm going to set a timer or he would have me play with him all day.
- This summer we started a first time listener jar. basically when he listens the first time we ask him to do something or has good behavior he gets a puff ball to put in his jar. When the jar fills up he gets to pick out a toy at the store or do something fun with us. It's worked really well for the most part and he's already earned a new V-tech set and is working on filling it up again so that we can go and see the new Cars 3 movie.
- Speaking of shows Jaxon loves movies and shows, but like any parent I try to limit how much he watches. We are better some days, but have gotten into some serious battles over it. I caught him with the iPad in a closet watching a show the other day and he said "Mom, I just like sneaking around. I didn't want you to see me." lol, well ok then.
- He's become very vocal about his opinions and lets you know how he feels. I'm glad he's learning to communicate, but sometimes I don't even know how to respond to him. At the store this week when I told him he couldn't have the bag of Cheetos he wanted in the isle, he had a melt down. I said " Jaxon you know I really just don't like it when you act like this." and his response was "well mom I just don't like it when you tell me no!" well ok then.
- One of Jaxon's new favorite things is to go the open gym time at a gymnastics place.
- He picked out and read 20 books with me for a few weeks and earned his free summer reading book from the library
- Jaxon started sleeping in the guest bedroom and loves his new big bed.
- He/We have been loving our Aquatica and SeaWorld passes. He is way more fearless this year and rides just about anything. He especially loves going with mom and dad on the tube rides and practicing swimming without his life jacket.
- He enjoys our school time together and is getting really good at coloring in the lines. He can write his name really well, and is good at copying or tracing anything I give him. He still acts like he doesn't know a lot of his letters, but has started recognizing all his numbers and loves any sort of problem solving worksheet like matching or mazes.
- He says stuff everyday that makes me laugh. He's either just making random observations or has a story to tell me. I wish I could remember everything better and I should try to write more of his quotes down because he is constantly cracking us up. He has a lot of confidence and tell me things all the time like " I am so Brave," "I am so strong," "I am a really good singer/dancer," "Sara just really loves me", "that's my favor","Yeah, it's going to be amazing"
- He is still an awesome eater. Somewhere along the way he has thinned out and lost his toddler chunk, but he still eats a lot and is growing like crazy. The other night Brad made an Asian salad with chicken. That was all we were having for dinner and instead of making him something else Brad just made him a plate as well. He ate the whole thing and didn't say a word. Brad said "how many three year olds would eat that whole thing with cabbage and avocado just like that?" and I realized again that we are really lucky he isn't a picky eater.
- I recently got called as the Primary chorister and Jaxon has loved helping me get ready for singing time each week. He has memorized the songs really well and looks forward to the activity I have planned each week. It has been fun to be in there with him.
- He likes to pick out his outfits and pajamas by himself. Sometimes the choices are a little wild, but for the most part I love his independence.
- One of his favorite things to do is work on projects with his Dad. They work in the garden, or when Brad gets his tools out Jaxon goes and gets all of his "tools" to help. Brad is always good about including him, and it's fun to see them work together.
- I started doing some home exercise videos and he loves to try to do it along with me. It is really entertaining and he loves to show people his jumping jacks, sit ups, and push ups.
- I think Jaxon's favorite place to go is his cousins house in Seguin. We're out there probably every other week and he is just in heaven! All his cousins are so good to play whatever he wants and run around with him all day. a month or so ago when we were pulling into their driveway Brad and I started cracking up when from the back seat Jaxon said " Yeah they really like me here." lol It will be a sad day to leave all of his cousins at the end of the year. It has been a special and fun time living only an hour away.

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