Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer Utah Trip 2017

 It had been a whole year since we had been back to Utah or since I had seen any of my siblings, so it was fun to be able to see everyone, escape the heat of Texas, and show off our sweet Sara baby ;).

 We were in Logan for Memorial Day and enjoyed the annual family BBQ and visiting the different cemeteries. Jaxon LOVES visiting Uncle Wade's farm and it is one of the highlights every year when we come back to visit. While in Logan we visited a few friends and were able to spend lots of time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and great-grandparents. Brad and I knew it was always a big possibility that we would end up back in Logan, but this summer we decided to make the decision final. So next summer we'll be heading back to Cache Valley to join his dad's dental practice! We didn't always think that's what we would do, but the longer we've been in school and weighed our other options, we feel like it is the best decision for our family. We took a tour of the new athletic facility and got really excited about having tickets there someday :). We also enjoyed going to the Temple, going out to eat, cleaning the sink at Angies, and those perfect Utah Summer nights. Overall it was a great trip!
 The other half of our trip was spent in Utah County with my family. We stayed with my Grandma Moody this time and it was fun to catch up and be with her. My sisters were extra excited to meet their new niece and it was fun to see them interact with Jaxon and Sara. We celebrated Trent's Birthday, visited Provo Beach Resort, went swimming, went bowling, and had a lot of great meals. Brad laughed and said he thinks my highlight of the trip was playing Volleyball with my family, and as I thought about it, he is probably right. It was the first time I've played when all my sisters are actually really good now lol. We had a competitive game going all night and it was just fun to play (for real) again.

4 generations of first daughters

We love our families and I guess I can say now that I do love Utah ;). Lots of mixed emotions about moving in a year, but overall we are really excited. For now though, we are going to enjoy this last year as our own little family in Texas.

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