Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I don't think I've ever written a post on Tot-school here on the blog. Almost two years ago, we moved from our apartment into our townhouse. I had been doing little daily lesson plans for Jaxon and I to do together. My friend commented how she would pay me to do them with her daughter too. When I said something to Brad he said, "Well why not? Isn't that what your major was in college...", We could turn the garage into a classroom." I hadn't really thought about being able to do it and then when we started talking about the idea it seemed perfect! I wanted to buy cool toys and craft supplies anyway, and this way it would all be funded and the lesson plans could be for a group of toddlers instead of just Jaxon. I sent out an email to a few friends with toddlers around Jaxon's age and to my surprise they all replied that they would love to do it!

So Tot- school began. The initial start up was a lot of work. I had so much fun putting together the classroom, buying supplies and creating lesson plans for the year. It was only once a week on Tuesday mornings and I think that's why a lot of parents liked it. It wasn't a huge commitment, but a good outing for the toddler and free time for moms each week. My goal and philosophy was for the kids to have a positive initial learning experience, to learn to follow routine and schedule, and to work on different developmental activities each week.

I would be lying if I said I loved it every week, but for the most part it has been a really positive experience. Jaxon LOVED it and always looked forward to his friends coming each week. I felt like I was using my college education well, and some of Jaxon's toys were being payed for.

When I started doing this Jaxon was the youngest in the group and barely talking. He wasn't the oldest this year, but he has grown up so much in two years. I'll love these memories forever and remember each one of these cute toddlers. I'm glad there is social media so I can see them grow up ;) I have a million pictures from tot-school so here are just a few from the last two years to remember.

Jaxon on his first day of Tot-school! September 2015

2015-16 class (Jaxon, Sammy, Brinley, Derek, Chloe, and Ada)

First Day of School 2016

2016-17 class (Gemma, Austin, Jaxon, Enok, Sammy, Cal)

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