Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sara's Baby Blessing

Sara was given a name and blessing by her Dad on May 7, 2017. We're going to Utah in a couple weeks and couldn't decide if we should wait and do it then when our parents would be there, or to bless her in our home ward here in SA. In the end we decided that she is our little Texas girl and we wanted to bless her here in our home ward. My Gneiting cousins from Austin and Brad's sister, Lisa and their families made the drive to spend the day with us. Our best friends, The Highams, Trejos, and the Cooks were all here and stood in the circle as well. We felt a lot of love and happiness for our little family and daughter. My mom sent my blessing dress in the mail a month ago, and it was extra special having her wear the same dress I was blessed in, in Murcia, Spain a little over 26 years ago.
Burns Cousins
Brad gave a wonderful blessing. He talked about the joy Sara has brought into our home and blessed her to continue to bring joy and happiness to those around her. He blessed her to gain a strong testimony in the gospel and to pray and build a relationship with her Savior through her life. I bore my testimony and talked about an experience I had earlier in the week reading an Ensign article that quoted president Hinckley. He said "Stop seeking out the storms, and enjoy more fully the sunlight." At the time I thought I had read it "Sometimes we need to endure the storm to enjoy more fully the sunlight." Anyway, I love this quote! It made my heart burn with happiness. Our family hasn't endured the hardest storms, but for the storms we have endured, right now is a time in our life of pure sunlight. Our little Sara has brought the brightest joy and light into our home. Brad and I have been soaking up this little girl and enjoying everything there is baby. I seriously just look at her and start to cry at least once a week. We may not have waited as long as some do, but we did hope, pray, and wait for this special girl to join our family and blessing her on Sunday was such a wonderful day.

Cute shoes and socks from Grandma Teresa

After the blessing we had meal at our house and hung out with family and friends...and obviously I made a cake ;).

Carson Gneiting, Nicole and Devin Gneiting

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