Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sara 1 month

For how long the last month of pregnancy is, the first month with a newborn goes by way too fast! The first two weeks we had tons of help. My parents came and then Teresa. They spoiled Jaxon, cleaned my house, and took care of our meals. It was so nice having them around. When they left it was a little strange being by ourselves with two kids. When Brad left me at home the first few times, It was kind of a weird feeling. With Jaxon we never really had family stay with us because they were either 2 hours away, or 5 minutes away. We saw family all the time and had help for the first 5 months. It was a strange feeling this time to have a lot of help and then all of a sudden be on my own. At the same time it is kind of nice to just be back to our little family of 4. I feel like the whole first month we were all just figuring out how to work as a new family 
Jaxon has loved his little sister from the beginning. He gets so excited to help get her diapers, give her a bath, or pick out her bow ;). At the same time he has been acting out towards his parents more than usual, and I'm sure the extra hours of screen time aren't helping. But you gotta do what you gotta do and we are surviving. I have amazing friends that have picked Jaxon up for the morning or day and take him to play and get his energy out. It was so nice of them to give me alone time with my baby, but also I know Jaxon was so happy to see friends and get out and play.
Sara has been a different baby than Jaxon was. As much as we love our little Jax man he was a little bit of a wild child from the beginning. He was very particular even as a baby. Sara is so chill. She just goes with the flow of our day. Eats well, sleeps well, and has even given us her first big smiles! Brad and I joked that Jaxon looks like me, but acts like his dad. And Sara looks like Brad, but is a little more chill and easily happy like her mom ;). Honestly this time around has been all around more relaxing. Maybe its because we've been through it before. We know that the little baby acne isn't a rash and will go away, and that when she cries from a cold wipe she will survive and we aren't the meanest parents in the world. I feel like with Jaxon I got so caught up in worrying about little things and looking forward to more sleep. This time we're just happy she's here and we are trying to soak in this little baby before she grows up too fast on us. 
She out of her newborn clothes and into size one diapers. She LOVES bath time and just stares at us with big eyes and kicks around. Her Daddy gets the biggest smiles out of her, but she always perks up when she hears her Mom's voice. She is so perfect and tiny and we just love her so much. Every few days I just start to cry because of how happy I am that she is here and healthy and bringing so much joy and love to our family. I seriously don't think there is much better things in this world than holding a newborn baby.
Cousin Madi - almost 4 months old
Sara - 10 days old
1 month old comparison picture
lol poor Jax with his baby acne and jaundice...but his face just cracks me up lol

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