Wednesday, May 10, 2017

April 2017

April started out with General Conference weekend. We did our new (second time) traditional of homemade donuts and they turned out even better than the first time. Jaxon was excited to point out president Monson, as well as the other apostles and overall it was a great weekend spent at home cuddling on the couch.

This month Jaxon started his Little Kickers Soccer at the YMCA. It's just a once a week practice for 3-5 year olds for 45 min. He couldn't wait to get to practice the first day! Watching my child play sports has been one of those things I've been looking forward to as a Mom and so I loved seeing him run around with his friends. Problem is, it's at 4:00 PM which is kind of a rough time for 3 year olds. It's really hot and he just transitioned out of his daily afternoon naps, so he's in major attitude mode. He always falls asleep in the car on the way there and I have to convince him he will have fun or that we can get an ice cream cone on the way home. His coach is really encouraging and good with the little kids. Once he gets going he does enjoy practice and looking over to make sure I watched him score, but to be honest I might have jumped the gun and we could be waiting another year until we try being on an actual team.

A few weeks ago I decided to get a San Antonio Zoo pass. They have a fun kiddie area and its not too far away. Jaxon loved seeing all the animals and they have a great kid area to play, get messy, and explore. We've been twice this month and had a lot of fun.

Easter Egg hunting seemed to be the favorite game around our house this month. Jaxon didn't even care if the eggs were filled he just had fun finding them and then hiding them for Brad and I. It was pretty much what our April FHE's consisted of ;). Easter weekend, we did a little easter egg hunt with some families in our ward. We each brought 12 filled eggs for our kids and the dads hid them. Then each kid got to find 12 eggs. It was perfect and simple.
On Easter Sunday, Jaxon got up with the Primary for the first time to sing in sacrament meeting. They sang Gethsemane, one of my favorites, and although he wasn't the loudest singer he did mouth a few words and smile and wave proudly at us. We cooked up a big Sunday dinner with ham potatoes and rolls. We had our friend Richard over because his wife and kids were in Utah already and he was finishing up work before moving their stuff back there as well. Later that week his wife Emily flew in to help him finish packing and drive to their new home. We got one last meal with them in, and I was sad to say goodbye to our good friends. Sometimes you just meet someone and click. That's how I felt about Emily. We're glad they are in Utah County, because we know we will get to visit and see them when we go back to see my parents.
...When Brad text and asks what I'm up to 

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