Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sara's Birth Story

Our sweet Sara Lorraine Theurer is here! She arrived at 9:04am on March 1 2017. Here are some pictures from her first week and the story of her birth.

I was able to have Jaxon naturally, 4 days before my due date. I had planned on a natural labor and delivery this time around as well. Brad and I talked about our birth plan with each other and the doctor so we were all on the same page. Early on, my Doctor, said she thought this baby would come around 38 weeks, but every appointment those last few weeks, she would check me, kind of laugh and tell me that I still hadn't progressed at all. Most women have trouble progressing with their first pregnancy, but gets easier with each after that. My doctor seemed to think it was unusual, but would just say "you never know every pregnancy is different and you could progress and be in here delivering tomorrow." Well, my due date came and still no progression, zero. We decided to give it another 3 days, have a final appointment and reserve an induction a week from that date, March 1.

We continued to walk, eat pineapple, take primrose oil, and do everything our doctor mentioned to induce labor. We even walked 8 miles 3 days after my due date. Brad estimated that we walked about 20 miles in the last week of my pregnancy.

At my 41 week appointment, (2 days before my induction) She checked my cervix and was happy to tell me I was 3 cm dilated and about 50% effaced. She stripped my membranes and we were hopeful something would happen. 

We walked laps in our neighbors the next two nights, trying to naturally induce labor.

Those two days went by and nothing happened. I had a lot of anxiety, feeling like this labor was going to be out of my control. With Jaxon, I enjoyed laboring at home and going to the hospital when I was ready. I felt like I was in control of my body.  I was worried about being induced, in that I wouldn't be able to have the same kind of control or feelings. Brad was able to give me a blessing and his words gave me comfort and peace. When we woke up early Wednesday morning I felt ready and excited. It was a totally different feeling, having a scheduled time, showering, and packing up our bags peacefully. At the same time it was kind of nice.
I had pre-registered at the hospital, and they had my room all ready to go. They started my Pitocin drip at 6:15am. Brad and I ended up taking a little 20 minute nap before things got going. At 7:00am the nurses switched over and woke us both up in the process. I didn't really feel anything yet (besides hunger lol), but Brad and I had only heard that inductions took a long time so we expected this, and had planned on being there most of the day (truthfully, we hoped to have a baby in our arms by noon). Brad set up his laptop for me to watch The Voice, and we just kind of hung out and chatted. In the next hour I started having light cramping, but nothing more intense than that. At 8:10am my doctor came in, checked my cervix, and broke my water. She told me I was about the same as I was in clinic Monday (3-4 cm & 50% effaced). I never had my water broken with Jaxon so I didn't know what to expect, but after she did it, I said "oh that wasn't that bad." Dr. Haun just kind of laughed and told me that I "might not think that in a little while, because breaking the water really gets things going."

Right after she left I got up to go to the bathroom. By the time I came back, about 10 minutes later, my contractions had gone from almost non-existent to very uncomfortable. I leaned over the bed and just kind of swayed and started breathing through all the contractions. The nurse was having a hard time getting the monitors to stay in place, but she was awesome and just stayed by me and held them or would move them every few minutes if she needed to. I appreciated her not asking me to change what I was doing, but she just let Brad and I do our thing. For the next 30 minutes I stayed standing over our bed leaning on a yoga ball while Brad rubbed my back and would put pressure on my hips through each contraction. With Jaxon, I tried to listen to a bunch of relaxation stuff but ended up hating it, and so this time I made a playlist with my favorite jams and kind of just zoned out to my favorite music while I was laboring.
I could definitely tell that these contractions were different than with Jaxon. They were way more intense, and much closer together. I felt like I had no time to relax and get ready for the next one, they just kept coming. I told the nurse and Brad that I felt like I had to use the bathroom again at 8:40. The nurse told me that she better check me first. She told me I was around 6-7cm dilated. I think moving onto the bed to be checked, kind of threw me out of my groove and the contractions started to get really hard. During this time I thought about Jaxon's birth. It took me 2 hours with Jaxon, to go from 7cm dilated, to being ready to push. All I could think was "there is no way I can take these kind of contractions for 2 more hours." I looked up at Brad right after that and said "I think I need an epidural." I kind of expected him to tell me to push through it, but he immediately just held my hand and said "Ok I'll tell the nurse." This was at 8:45. The nurse had forewarned me that if I wanted an epidural it would take 20-30 min to get going. 10 minutes later, at 8:55, I looked at Brad and said "how much longer?" He told me 10 minutes and I kind of just knew I wasn't going to be able to get one. 
I started to focus on breathing her down through my contraction and although they were crazy and painful, I felt more in control and could tell she was coming. Right around 9am I had a really intense contraction and just felt the urge to push, I had been pretty silent for a while and just started pushing and yelling. The nurse ran over to check me and noticed the baby was coming. She told me to stop pushing and called for the doctor and other nurses Ok my entire body is telling me to push and you want me to stop so you can get ready? Brad looked down and back at me and was so excited . He squeezed my hand and kept encouraging me. I had heard the nurse yell for help and to page Dr. Haun, but mostly I was focused on Brad and what he was saying. They flipped me to my back as I was having another contraction and Dr. Haun ran in and just spread her arms out over the bed, ready to catch the baby. Luckily she was in the physician's lounge of the hospital floor as she never would have made it from her clinic office. Brad looked down and back at me and was a little emotional with tears in his eyes and told me she was almost here and that I just had to push one more time. 
Before my next contraction they put the stirrups up and got the bed broken down. As soon as my contraction started I barely pushed and she was out. I started to cry, and Brad teared up as they put her on my chest. I even noticed my doctor as she wiped away a tear. It was just a really special and perfect feeling in that room, seeing our daughter for the first time. Her hair was dark and curly and she was a chubby perfect little thing. I just kept saying, "Brad she's so beautiful!" She was very awake and aware of us the first 2 hours. She just looked around and stared at us as we talked to her. About 45 min after she was born, they took her off my chest and did the initial assessments. I was able to get up and walk around and was surprised to hear them say she was 9lbs! My doctor didn't think she would be more than 8, so she surprised us all.
We enjoyed the rest of the morning just the three of us. After lunch, Brad went and got Jaxon. My heart just exploded when he came in all excited to see his sister. We had picked out a little pink elephant for him to give her a few weeks before and it had been sitting wrapped in his room. He was so excited to give it to her, he ran in, opened it up and placed it on her belly lol. Then he said, "mom I want to hold her." It didn't last super long, but his joy and excitement for his little sister was just so sweet. Brad had stopped to buy flowers for me and even brought some treats to share and we celebrated together as a family. It was a nice afternoon hanging out in our little piece of heaven. Later Kelsey came by and brought us pizza for dinner.  It was fun to see her and share our baby with someone. Late that night my parents flight came in. They were able to see Sara, and stay the night with Jaxon at home, so Brad could stay with me. I don't love the hospital, but there was something special about being there together for a short time. 
This last week has been very special. We love our sweet Sara and feel like there is a little piece of heaven in our home. It has been nice to have had my parents here, and now Teresa to help with everything and giving Jaxon attention. Next week Brad will leave, and real life will set in, but I am going to enjoy it and soak up as many baby snuggles as I can.


  1. Yay! She's so beautiful! I can't wait to meet her and hold her :)

  2. What a great birth story! You are a tuff mama - way to go!! Little Sara is absolutely perfect. SO CUTE!! I'm so glad she is here healthy and happy. Congratulations!