Monday, February 27, 2017


We LOVE our friends the Cooks, and are so sad they are leaving us in a few months. We have been soaking up all of our time with them before life gets crazy and they are gone..We took a day trip with them to Seguin a few Saturdays ago. Hit up Lulling for some BBQ and then had fried pickles, banana pudding and lemonade at Dixie Grill that night! It was just warm enough for the kids to get their first swim in, but a little too cold for the adults lol.

Decorating cookies with Nova and Avalon. This is his costume choice can't wear the cape without the bandana...I love it ;)
tot-school finger painting..always an adventure 

For some reason, I really thought I might have a baby before Valentine's day this year and bought a cute little outfit and everything (hahaha no that didn't even come close to happening), but we had our traditional picnic in the living room and it was a great night! I taught my last preschool class that morning. We had a big Valentine's Day party. The kids loved handing their cards to one another, decorating cookies, and playing games. I made a chocolate cake for dinner, and Brad made the best steak he's ever cooked, lobster tails, and some fancy potato recipe that was amazing! Oh, I've also been really into iced drinks at night (margarita setting on the blend-tec ;) so I made some limeades that hit the spot. I love our fun tradition together, and we had a great night hanging out with each other.

On the Saturday before my due date we were still a little surprised I hadn't gone into labor (Jaxon was 5 days early). We hit up the farmers market at The Pearl with friends, ate some good food and walked around the Riverwalk. Scott had been working at Alligator Dental and came to hang out with us that night before flying out. Jaxon loved running around with Grandpa at the park and is always really sad to see him go.

Our final Saturday in February, we REALLY didn't think we would be making plans, but turns out baby girl has a mind of her own lol. We woke up and went walking at a park for a few miles (I've been walking everyday trying to help get things going) and then went grocery shopping. The Cooks text and asked us about going to SeaWorld and sold me when they said we should stop at In N Out on the way ;). I was feeling good so we loaded up in their car and drove out for the afternoon. It was a little crowded, but a lot of fun. That night, Brad checked his steps on his phone (16,500) and we had walked over 8 miles that day! I had woken up in a kind of sad and annoyed mood, and a fun day with friends really turned everything around. I was definitely sore that night, and didn't start labor, but it was a great day!

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