Tuesday, February 7, 2017


We had a lot of fun things going on this last weekend. We had talked about doing a fun date night before baby and so Brad made reservations on Friday night to the Chart House Restaurant at the top of the Tower of the Americas. Its something we've talked about doing since we moved here and so it was fun to actually go and do it. We both thought it was really cool! Our table was right next to the window and we could see the entire city as we ate. The restaurant actually rotates at the top and so as long as you are there an hour you get to see the entire city.
There are three buildings like this in the United states: The Tower of the Americas in San Antonio, The Sky Needle in Seattle, and The Stratosphere in Las Vegas. The last time we were both that high looking out at a view like that was almost 6 years ago when Brad proposed to me at the top of the Stratosphere. It was cool to remember that and to enjoy a great night out together. Oh and the food was great! pretty expensive, but we lived it up and enjoyed ourselves ;)

Later that night Derek drove in from working in Houston to visit us. We had a lot of fun having him around for a day. Jaxon seriously LOVES visitors and gets really excited to have someone new to play with. We mostly hung out, but had fun doing Home Depot kids day with him, giving him a tour of the Dental Clinic, and eating at Torchy's Tacos. We always appreciate when family comes to visit, and enjoyed having him around.
Sunday was the Super Bowl and we had over the Cooks and the Beans. Craig smoked up some brisket and I made an assortment of random treats. The kids played great for being together for so long, and even though most of the game was a little boring we all were freaking out at the end along with the rest of America when the Patriots won in overtime. What an exciting ending! We're sure going to miss the Cooks when they leave us in May to move onto their Medical residency. ;(

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