Monday, January 30, 2017

9 months pregnant

The first trimester was definitely the longest 14 weeks. I was stressed and sick and worried, but after that my pregnancy seemed to fly by pretty quick. We were busy this Fall and I think I just kept telling myself to make it through Christmas and it would be baby time lol. Well, I made it to Christmas and January has been a pretty long month.

To be honest though, I really enjoy being pregnant. I love feeling her move, seeing my growing belly, and not feeling guilty when I have Nutella and a banana as a snack everyday ;). I feel big and it's getting harder to move around, but for the most part I have had a great pregnancy. I haven't gained as much weight as I did with Jaxon, I don't get heartburn, my blood pressure is fine, my feet haven't swollen up, and I still sleep better than Brad at night. I kind of sleepwalk to go to the bathroom once a night and fall right back to sleep after. Brad wakes up and has a harder time getting back to sleep than I do. Once I got over the morning sickness my one thing for this pregnancy has just been the back pain. I have sciatic nerve pain and I've been wearing a brace and rolling my back out almost everyday since I was 20 weeks along. I can't lay flat or sit certain ways, and when I do (like at my ultrasound last week) I can hardly walk/ sit the rest of the day because the pain flares up. It's been manageable though and if that's my only bad pregnancy symptom in the 3rd trimester I will take it. ;)
 Is it gross that I let him hang out on the floor of the Dr's office watching cars go by?
He loves hearing his sister's heart beat and is always good to sit quietly during my Dr appointments.
At my 35 week ultrasound she measured to be weighing 5 lbs 2oz (28%). Dr Haun said she is a little surprised she is so small, but that she isn't worried. She also warned me to not be at home to long if I start to have contractions because a little girl could come quick. That was actually great news to me. haha Im hoping to have a magical short easy labor. At my 36 week appointment this last week she checked me and I hadn't progressed at all (0 dilation). I was a little frustrated because with Jaxon I was already dilated 2cm by this time, but like she said it really doesn't mean anything. I honestly need a few more weeks anyway so we're good with her hanging out a little longer.

In January I doubled up tot-school lessons to make up for taking off part of February and March. We've done a few small projects around the house and been organizing the bedroom and clothes.
 I've been pretty soft when it comes to Jaxon. Lots of Mcdonalds lunch dates, letting him nap on my lap during the day, and convincing me to make cookies and cake way too often. I just want to hold and love him as much as I can. I know it will be awesome when she comes and my heart will double, but for now I want to just enjoy my big belly and sweet alone time with my little Jax man, before it changes forever. He has been talking a lot about his sister lately and loves to help me organize her clothes or do anything for his sister.

The other night I was getting ready for my baby shower and kept changing my outfit. lol Jaxon was like "mom why you changing so much?" and I was like " because I'm too big, nothing fits." ..he looked at me for a minute then said.."mom, maybe when my sister comes out your clothes fit again." haha such a cute kid trying to help his mom out. It also made me smile to realize he really does get it. He knows she's coming out soon.

Speaking of my shower, my awesome friends here threw me a little shower. I felt so loved and had so much fun hanging out with friends and opening cute girly outfits. Sadly we were having too much fun and forgot to take a group pic but here are some other pictures from that night:

 I was seriously spoiled and given so many fun things! Even my mom and sisters surprised me and sent some fun gifts to Kelsey for me to open that night. We were all dying laughing because I kept opening the same jumper and it was in 4 different sizes! It is so cute, and I'm glad they thought of me when they saw it ;). I laid everything out the next morning and took a picture to send to Brad because it was too late when I got home and he had to leave early the next morning. If you look close enough even Jaxon came away with a gift ;)

OK road trip

Jared and Kierra moved to Norman, Oklahoma over the winter break for Jared to start his Masters of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. We were excited when they found out they were moving that they would only be around 7 hours away. We used to drive from Logan to Vegas all the time and so anything under 8 hours seems like a good road trip to us. Looking at dates we realized Brad had MLK day off and that if we didn't go then it might be a long time before we could make it up there with baby coming. So we made quick plans and headed up there Friday night when Brad finished class.
About an hour in we stopped and saw his dad in New Braunfels for dinner (he was working at Alligator Dental over the weekend). Jaxon was very excited to see grandpa Scott for a quick dinner and almost just as excited to be eating "Panda chicken."
We got in Early Saturday morning and had a great weekend relaxing, catching up, and snuggling with sweet new baby Madison. She is barely two months old and so so cute! Jaxon was excited to see her and asked to hold her quite a few times. He was always very sweet and nice and it made me so excited for his baby sister to get here. Him and Chase were funny playmates and we had fun watching them interact with each other.

One of the downfalls of not going to Utah over the break is that I didnt get to have my hair done by Suzette. Kierra was nice enough to spend two nights highlighting and trimming my hair for me. haha neither one of us are pros, but we figured it out and she helped me feel a little more confidence, and save money before this baby comes. #graduatestudentlife

It was a much needed family visit and get away to relax for us. We used to live in the same 4-plex and see each other multiple times a week. It felt like old times relaxing and chatting was so fun to see their cute house and city and spend time together.

The BED :)

For Christmas Brad built me my dream bed frame. We got a king size mattress when we moved into our townhome and moved our queen to the guest room. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on a headboard that wasn't what I wanted so we just left it without anything for the last year and a half. I've been pinning things on Pinterest and reading DIY tutorials, and figured I could figure it out eventually. Well as my due date gets closer I realized I was going to want something to lean against to sit up in the middle of the night when baby comes. When I told Brad this he started making plans to do it for me for Christmas!

He looked through my Pinterest boards and took pieces from other plans and started to create custom plans for us. We wanted the headboard higher and the footboard a little shorter, because we are tall and either didn't want to hit our heads sitting up, and we wanted to be able to have our feet hang off the bed when asleep. He even figured out how to install electric outlets on the side of the headboard so we each have an outlet right next to us. He spent a long time figuring out the math and plans to build this into exactly what we wanted and I was so excited seeing it all come together. It was a fun project over the break and a great Christmas gift from my handy husband ;)

I tried to help but only lasted through a small portion of staining before feeling sick..

Friday, January 20, 2017

Christmas 2016

Brad got two weeks for Christmas break this year, and although I probably would have been fine to travel we decided to keep it safe and save some money by staying in Texas this year for Christmas. Honestly, I was pretty sad about it for a while. Brad had convinced me it was going to be great and then when it came time and all of our friends were leaving and I was getting pictures of my family, I got pretty homesick. At the same time, there was something magical and special about having alone time with just the three of us. I look back at our break and I loved it and I'm glad we decided to be at home in SA. We stayed up late, slept in, and just kind of enjoyed spoiling Jaxon with our attention for what is our last break as a family of 3. It was a Christmas I will cherish, and never forget.

We went downtown one night to eat dinner and ride the river boat. Temperatures were high 30's, so naturally in Texas, they were "closed due to the weather." It kind of made us laugh because there was no snow, rain or wind, but just too cold for any Texans to be out. We had fun being bundled up and walking around seeing the lights ourselves.

Brad's sister, Lisa, lives about an hour away. They came out for an afternoon to San Antonio, and we drove out there for 2 different days over the break. Jaxon is in heaven when he is with his cousins. It was fun to see family and to do some fun activities together. When they came to SA, we went to a play downtown and then to the Rainforest Cafe for a late lunch. In Seguin they played for hours and ran around while Brad and I relaxed and visited with Lisa and Al. They were fun days and we're lucky to have them so close.

 On Christmas Eve, we went walking at a park in the morning, grocery shopping, and made our danishes to eat the next day (and that night lol) The Theurer's grew up going to a Chinese Restaurant for dinner, on Christmas Eve and we decided to keep that tradition alive with our family too. That night we watched Joy to the World with Jaxon and talked about our Savior and his birth. We read a few Christmas stories as a family and then let Jaxon open his Christmas Eve present (The Polar Express) and read it with him before bed. I really liked staying up late and playing Santa this year. We drank soda and ate danishes, while we assembled Jaxons train table and got out all the gifts for the next morning. The only downfall of this night was that it had gone back up to the 70-80's that day and our house was kind of hot and sweaty lol...sad when you are sweating in your house on Christmas Eve/Christmas.

 Jaxon woke up Christmas morning about 7:30 and we were so excited. I waited downstairs with the video camera and when he came down he was silent and just stared at everything lol. Then he said "He came, Santa came to my house and bring me a choo choo train!" It was really cute. He wanted to just sit and play with the train, but we convinced him to open some more presents. He like getting presents and bringing them to Brad and I to open. Brad and I decided to get a Blendtec and new wood saw for each other for Christmas, but both of us still surprised each other with other small gifts. He got me a really nice revolving cake stand for decorating, and I made him a jar with full of handwritten notes that he can read throughout the year ;) Church was short, simple, and quiet. It was a nice way to spend Christmas morning.

 Over the break we went to Sea World a few times. Jaxon started the year having no fear of rides, then suddenly wouldn't go on anything, and finished the year wanting to ride all the rides again. lol Brad was good to take him on everything, and as always we loved going to all the shows! They had it all lit up with over 5-million lights throughout the park and it just felt like Christmas there.
Over the two weeks we ate out quite a bit, and snacked on food/ treats at home. We read lots of books, watched a few movies/football games, and Brad and I did a big puzzle or two almost every night. I cooked a few times, but Brad mostly took over the cooking, dishes, and wrestling with Jaxon. It was the simple and perfect break that we needed. I snapped that picture of Brad reading to Jaxon before bed one night and it seriously just makes me so happy. We live a happy life, the three of us. I'm lucky to have them. Can't wait for the adventures and memories ahead in 2017!