Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Baby Girl coming in February!!

It still surprises me that I'm pregnant. I'm starting to feel her kick and move more than ever, and everyday I feel so blessed, but I also have this feeling of like.."why did it just magically work this time?... "What did we do different to make this pregnancy stick?" ..but I know there is no real answer to those questions and we're just feeling blessed that we get to add a sweet little girl to our family.

The last week of our trip to Utah this summer I missed my period. I told Brad, but he kind of just gave me a look and ignored me lol (sad but true). After a week of being home (so 2 weeks late) I decided one morning to take a test. I knew Brad would be annoyed because we kind of decided not to do that anymore and to just wait things out a little bit longer, but I decided to take it anyway ( I mean really I waited two weeks)...It was a solid dark line and immediately I was filled with a thousand different emotions again. I went downstairs and told Brad at breakfast and he just gave me a look and said.."I thought we agreed not to do that," then we didn't talk about it again for a while. haha I know this probably sounds sad to read, but its our reality and I guess I just want to remember it all. We had scheduled our trip to Waco that weekend and while we were there is when I started to feel sick (about 6 weeks pregnant).

The day we got home is the first day I threw up and from that day on I pretty much threw up a few times a day until I was 14 weeks pregnant. Its slowed down since then, but Im still sick some mornings. It probably sounds horrible and it was, but at the same time it was a tender mercy. I just kept thinking, there is no way I can feel this crappy and not have a human growing inside me. Brad would smile every time I came out of the bathroom and say something like "thats good, I'm glad the baby is growing." haha it was a strange few months of laying of the couch, letting Jaxon watch endless movies, and eating crazy amounts of fast food because nothing in our house seemed to sit well with my stomach. One night I made a shopping list for Brad of everything I thought i could eat...it included things like, puff Cheetos, jolly ranchers, and hot pockets.  after a few days all the junk food he bought for me was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. It was a vicious cycle.
9 week sonograms
I decided to not go in for earlier ultrasounds and waited until 9.5 weeks. Everyone is different, but I knew if I could make it to 9 weeks and see a healthy baby and heartbeat that my chances of miscarriage would have decreased. I dropped off Jax at my best friends house before I left and started to cry because I was so nervous to go and be disappointed again. She gave me a big hug and some words of encouragement and off I went. Brad was busy working and couldn't come with me. It was hard to be there alone, but my doctor is just awesome! I remember feeling sick to my stomach and my heart was beating a million miles a minute. She walked into the room and said "alright lets do this, neither one of us is going to feel good until we see that heartbeat." I was grateful she cut right to the chase and seeing my little baby move and then seeing a beating heart made me feel so much relief that I just started crying tears of joy. She printed lots of pictures from the ultrasound and we talked about a few things to look for, but she seemed really positive. I picked up Jax, celebrated with Kelsey, and we went and picked up some food and met Brad at the clinic for lunch to celebrate. For the first time we both just felt like it was real. We knew it was different because of how sick I was, but to have that reassurance and to hear the positive feedback from my doctor made us both so happy and confident! This is also when we told Jaxon because we were both so excited and wanted him to understand what the pictures were and what the fuss was about. He didn't say much and then decided to bring up that "my mom baby in tummy" at the funniest moments when we were not ready to share with others. Anyway, moral of the story is to maybe wait on telling your 2 year old things if you want them to stay a secret.
Our happy lunch celebration outside the clinic!
At 13 weeks I had another ultrasound to confirm that everything was still going well, and that is when we told our families. It was fun to Facetime everyone and surprise them with the news. Jaxon would hold up the ultrasound and say "mommy baby in belly, " and they would just be so excited and when we told our parents and siblings I was 13 weeks and done with the first trimester it was like a new eruption of excitement haha ;). I was touched by all my siblings, parents, and in-laws. I guess I didn't realize the full extent of prayers and love that have been given on our behalf. We shared the news and my sister-in-laws all just started to cry and my sisters just screamed with excitement. It was one of the highlights so far of being pregnant. Im so grateful for all the wonderful people in our lives that have prayed for us and been part of all of this.
14 weeks (I popped really early this time)
Brad was able to come with me to the gender ultrasound and the week leading up to it we both just told each other we knew it was a girl. The night before, Brad told me he knew it was a girl and even though he wanted another boy he was excited for a girl. When the tech told us it was a girl, we both just looked at each other smiled and said "alright sounds good" ;) I think if she would have said its a boy we both would have been like "what for real?!" Honestly though, we are just happy that the ultrasound went well and that there is a healthy baby growing in me!
Jax giving a love tap before church lol..(17 weeks)
So now we are past the halfway mark and excited for the countdown to meet our little girl in February!! I feel like I'm way bigger than I was at this point the first time around and I already hace back pain, that I am wearing a brace for. My doctor laughed when I said all these symptoms seem to be setting in earlier that last time and she said "yeah thats what every second time mom says."
Latest ultrasound! its a girl! :)

I've gone a little crazy shopping and making bows and Brad and I have yet to agree on a name. ....Girl names are hard! Brad vetos most of the names and doesn't have a lot of suggestions :/. Seriously though, I cant wait to just snuggle my little baby girl!! I just feel so out of control happy and lucky..I love being a mom to my sweet little boy and Im so excited to add another one to the mix!
21 weeks!