Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cowboys vs. Dolphins

In May I got the mail with Jaxon one day and opened up a letter from EA games with a pretty big check made out to Brad Theurer. I kept reading and looking at it and I was like.."Is this for real?" Brad got home 30 minutes later, and when I asked him about it he got all excited and said "heck yes that's real!" haha

Basically, there was a lawsuit against EA games for using the likeness of NCAA players for their video game and not paying the players. Brad signed his name to something a while back in case anything came of it. Because there is a likeness of him on the 2011 and 2012 version of the game, the check was his part of the settlement! It was totally unexpected and exciting to us haha. We decided that night that we weren't going to spend the money as part of our regular budget, but that we would think up a few fun things we've been wanting to do.

So that leads into our fun quick trip to Dallas. Neither one of us had ever been to a NFL game so we decided it would be fun to get tickets to a game and make it happen. When we looked at the schedule we saw that they were playing the Dolphins in preseason and we were excited to get a chance to watch our friend Zach Vigil play. He is a mutual friend of Brad and I, and one of the people that helped introduce us back in the day. Anyway, he ended up getting hurt and wasn't at the game, but we still had a great time. Brad was able to take Friday off so we could leave that morning. We stopped and got lots of treats at Buccees, and enjoyed the car ride just the two of us! We were able to visit my cousin who lives in Dallas and see her home and family. Brad got a recommendation for a local pizza place for dinner from a dental friend that is from the area, and it was very good! It was raining like crazy for the walk in, but the stadium is indoor and it was AMAZING! seriously, the biggest and coolest stadium we have ever seen. The Jumbotron stretched from one 25 yard line to the other. We splurged on tickets and sat in the club seats at center field. We loved everything about it and had such a great time! It will be a fun memory and I'm glad we were able to go. Thank you EA games! :)

We woke up the next morning and stopped in Temple on our way home to see some friends that just moved out of our neighborhood this summer. My friend Kara just had her baby and it was so fun to see them and their new home and life as her husband is doing an ER residency.
It was our first time leaving Jaxon without one of us for the night! I did a trade with Kelsey for a few months of preschool for her to have him overnight. She sent me pictures of what they were doing all day and reassured me that they were playing great. He had the best time and was sad when we came to pick him up haha. 

Monday, August 15, 2016


Like I said before, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this summer! We knew we were going to be at Brad's family reunion on the exact day and so we decided to not make it a big deal that day and to plan something fun for when we got back. Brad still got me flowers while we were in Utah and that day ended up being special because we were able to go to the temple, eat Cafe Sabor (where we went on our first date), and his family spoiled us and made us feel special. Still I was excited for our little family getaway we had planned for just the three of us when we got back.

So what do you do for a vacation when you are poor students and live deep in the heart of Texas (8 hour drive from any other state lol)? We decided to hit up the little town of Waco about 3 hours away.
We had the best time! We stayed at a La Quinta with a pool and free breakfast (what else do you need?), and had fun driving around, trying out some restaurants, hitting up parks, splashpads, walking around Baylor, touring Homestead Heritage, and of course visiting the Magnolia Silos! ;)
How cute is that little face? He was excited/really nervous about visiting the live bears on Baylor campus.
 Like everyone else, I love Fixer Upper. It was fun to walk through the shop and see all the cute but oh so expensive decor. I was just going to get my t-shirt and call it good, but Brad insisted I get something to remember our trip, so I picked out a cool vintage looking metal cake stand. Seriously overpriced, but I love cake stands and it is a fun memory we will have every time we use it.
The grounds around the Silos were really cool. They have made it really family friendly with tons of activities, places to sit, and food trucks to eat from. Only problem is that middle of summer in TX it is pretty hot, humid, and miserable to hang out too long in the sun. You can tell by the picture below that Jaxon was over it after a few hours of shopping and playing ;)
 Even though it was hot, we survived with ice cream and Sonic happy hour! There is a big river running through the city with trails all around it and this is the iconic suspension bridge. We played at a park for a while with Jaxon and then found a splash pad where we let him run around for a while and cool down.
 Our last day we visited Homestead Heritage. Its kind of like an Amish community, where they have tours and classes of everything they do. This was actually one of our favorite things we did. It was cool to see how they do everything by hand. There was pottery, woodworking, weaving, and a water wheel that helped to power the gristmill. After we ate at their local restaurant on site and enjoyed a great lunch!

Although we had the best time in Utah, it was fun to have our own little family vacation just the three of us, or as Brad said, a vacation from our vacation ;). While we were driving I remember looking at Brad and thinking/saying, "yeah, you're my favorite" haha, because he is. There's no one I would rather spend time with or go through life with. So happy 5 years, and here is to many more fun adventures.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Spring 2016

I'm behind, and writing posts out of order, but I didn't want to forget about some of the fun things from this past April/May.

First is that my family came for Spring Break! Well, my Mom, Dad, Heather, and Ashley. We had a fun packed week! We did a lot of activities we've done with other visitors so I'll let the pictures do the talking:
It was fun to spend time with my family. We love visitors and showing them around where we live!

Shay's Wedding
At the end of April, I flew out to Utah with Jaxon for Shay's wedding. I was planning on going alone quickly overnight so we wouldn't have to pay for 2 tickets, but Teresa volunteered to buy Jaxon a ticket if she could babysit him ;) It was a pretty good deal and Jaxon had a fun time playing with his cousin Chase and spending time with grandparents. 
Sent Brad this picture from my morning run..Seriously I was so happy!
It is such a beautiful place and made me so happy...running in Texas is just not the same.
Brigham City Temple
Volleyball girls
I spent almost the whole weekend with my friends. It was so fun catching up, laughing, and feeling like my carefree self. Shay is one of my best friends and it was so fun celebrating her and Jason. Right now they are living in Logan, but they plan to build a house by his family in Mantua and live there. It makes me happy to know that if we end up in Cache Valley she will only be 20 minutes away ;)

Theurer Family Reunion

 Our summer trip to Utah was special this year because we were able to spend time with every single member of our family. After the Gneiting Family Reunion ended Wednesday, we drove back to Logan, and Thursday morning the Theurer Family Reunion began. It had been over 3 years, since we had all been together at Jared and Kierra's wedding. It was fun to see all the grandkids together and spend time with all of Brad's siblings. Our families are definitely at different stages and have different dynamics, but that is what I loved about being able to spend time with both.

Scott and Teresa did an amazing job planning out each day full of fun activities. Every day a different couple was in charge of breakfast. Thursday Jared and Kierra made Swedish pancakes and surprised the family by Chase showing up in a "Big Brother" t-shirt. They are expecting a little girl in November and it was a fun way to share the news. After breakfast we went on a family hike up green canyon to Scout Cave and the Quarry, which is where they got all the stone for the Logan Temple. 
We spent the Afternoon swimming in Scott and Teresa's pool and then went out to eat at Blue Bird for an early dinner. That night there was a family talent show ;). Brad did a cartwheel, I did the splits, and Jaxon did a dance from tot-school with his teddy bear. It was fun to see what everyone else had prepared. Some other fun activities that night were a cookie tasting contest (all the kids loved it) and Brad and I had prepared a "Theurer Family Jeopardy" game to play with everyone. There were some good stories from parents dating, to funny things nieces and nephews said. It was a busy fun day and we definitely went to bed tired. :)

Lisa and I did the Cartwheel with Brad.lol He was very proud

Friday was a great day, because it was our 5th wedding anniversary! We were in charge of breakfast that morning so Brad made my favorite: french toast, bacon, and cinnamon rolls from a can ;) A babysitter came and all the adults attended a session at the temple together. This was probably my favorite part of the reunion. Even though the Logan temple isn't where we were married, I have a million good memories and experiences attending that temple and it will always have a special place in my heart. The blessings and promises we make there are eternal and everlasting and the reminder of that on our anniversary was just a really special thing. Being in the celestial room with Brad's parents, siblings, and their spouses was so awesome! I couldn't help but look around and think how lucky I was to have married into this amazing family and how much we love every single one of them.
When we got home we went to the North Logan splash pad and let the kids run around for a while. That night we had a catered meal by Cafe Sabor at the Villa Clubhouse. At dinner his family surprised Brad and I by going around and telling a favorite memory or something they love about the two of us. It was really sweet and definitely brought tears to my eyes. After dinner there was a movie night in the theatre to watch Zootpia. Derek and Becca had made a concession stand with monopoly money and the kids loved it. Jaxon loved the treats and the movie. It was definitely a fun night.
Saturday morning we took family pictures at a park. Joss and Shay kindly volunteered to show up and man the camera for the full family picture and it was fun to see them for a little while. It is kind of a running joke, because when we were engaged Brad and I were in the middle of spring season for our sports and really just didn't have time to schedule and take engagements, so Joss borrowed her dads camera and her and Shay snapped some photos for us that we ended up sending out for our wedding announcement ;) 

The pictures all turned out great! We seriously have beautiful families!
Iv'e said it before and I'll say it again. Being an Aunt is the best! I felt so lucky to become an Aunt when  we got married and its crazy how much everyone has grown. Hannah was just a little baby and now Derek and Becca have 3 beautiful children and Hannah is about to start Kindergarden. We get to spend time with Lisa and Al, because they are in TX, but it is still crazy to see how much their family has grown up. Gone are the days of toddlers and babies for them. Their kids are all pretty self sufficient and definitely individuals with fun personalities, not to mention Jaxon's favorite play mates. I hadn't even met Jared when we got married and now him and Kierra are expecting their second and applying to graduate schools. I look up to Brad's siblings and their families. Sometimes the parenting and life advice feels forced upon us, but at the same time thats one of the things I love about them most ;)
That afternoon was a lot of fun! Scott and Teresa rented a bus to take the family on a reality tour of cache valley. We saw a lot of history of their lives, where they lived, and heard stories from everyone. There were a few fun stops: Walking the path Lisa did from their house in providence to the elementary school, the island market to get some "penny candies" like Brad and Jared would on their bikes after school, and last but not least Aggie Ice Cream! From Aggie Ice Cream we all drove out to Wade's farm in Smithfield and had a big cookout, rode tractors, and even got to ride in a horse carriage with all the kids. It was a seriously fun day and Jaxon was in heaven on the Farm!
It was a busy fun few days and we really enjoyed spending time with Brads whole family. Hopefully its not a whole 3-4 years before we see each other again, but if it is then at least we have these good memories to hold us over.