Wednesday, July 13, 2016


My parents planned a fun Gneiting family reunion in Park City the the first week we were in Utah. The slogan for the week was REU-Gneiting..get it? ;)

This was our first time meeting Jane! It was fun to see Reese and Megan as parents. Jaxon has a Gneiting cousin and they sure are cuties!

 Park City is a beautiful place and I have a lot of good memories going there as a kid. The highlights were just waking up and walking running or hiking each day. Brad and I were loving the Utah weather this trip and were soaking it all in before we got back to the Texas heat. The condo my parents rented out had everything! A hot tub, pool, movies, games, an amazing kitchen. Jaxon even had a robe just his size lol.

Sunday we found a cool spot to take family pictures.

haha This is what taking pictures really looks like... Also, I'm glad he loves giving his moma kisses!
 I love all these pictures of my family! I love seeing my siblings, catching up with them and seeing the people they are turning into. I probably say this all the time, but its crazy how old and beautiful my sisters have gotten! Even though I have 3 sisters I don't feel like  I grew up in a house with girls (I was more a second mom). It's fun to see how close they are, and how much love and friendship they have for one another. On the other hand I love watching my brothers be kind and loving spouses. Trent and Rachel are so fun and busy and just enjoying their first year of marriage and all the craziness that comes with that. Reese and Megan are new parents! I loved seeing Reese as a dad and how much love he has for his daughter Jane. I am sou proud of everything my family is doing and I LOVE them a lot.
 Some of the other week activities included, the alpine slide, walking Main Street, eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant, hitting up the outlets, and riding the Heber Creeper. Jaxon was so excited to ride on the big train!
This kid and his
We surprised my mom on the last night with a 50th Birthday party! while she took a nap we quitely decorated and set up the gifts and cake. I was able to get in contact with a lot of her friends and family to write a letter for her and my sisters helped me put together a scrapbook with pictures and letters for a special gift. It was a fun surprise! At dinner we all went around and told favorite stories and traits that we love about my mom!
More than anything we enjoyed spending time together. Late night Oreos and milk, telling stories in the hot tub, and laughing way too hard at each others jokes. I love my family. It's hard to be the one thats farthest away and to feel like I miss out, but when we are together we have a good time and make memories to last.