Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Half Way There

White Coat Ceremony..On to the clinic baby!
In two weeks Brad will be finished with his second year of Dental School. In three weeks he will be taking his boards and after he passes ;) he will start working in the clinic in July on actual patients!

Wow, I cant believe we've lived here two years. I can't believe we're half way done and I am incredibly proud of a husband who works so hard and gives all he can in to his school work and family. We've been so busy lately. It seems like there has been something every weekend that I could blog about, but the last few days I have just been overwhelmed with happiness and love for the boys in my life and so I wanted to write down my feelings before I forget.

Something I love about Brad is that he's always been a really good texter. Sounds silly, but when we were dating he would send me long texts every night about what he enjoyed doing with me that day or why he liked/loved about me. Hardly a day goes by that I don't have conversations with him throughout the day. I have a feeling this might change next year, when he's not in front of a computer or in class all day, but it's been nice for now. I send him pictures of Jaxon and we tell each other what's going on in our day, or send articles or pictures we like. Our close friends laugh, because there have been accidental "I love you" texts sent to the wrong person sometimes, but I am grateful for all of his "I love you" texts. They always make my day better. Recently, Brad sent me this quote:

"You don't find the happy life, you make it"

I don't even remember who it's by, but this has been in my head for a while now. This semester has just been one of my favorites so far. It's been just as crazy and busy as all the others, but I just feel like our attitudes have changed. Instead of thinking about how happiness is just around the corner, we've embraced our lives now, because our lives are happy. We've been given so much, and even though there are exciting things to look forward to in the future that's doesn't mean life will get easier, so you might as well enjoy it. Happiness is a decision.


Jaxon is a funny and busy two year old. He has really taken on the whole talking thing, and when you get him started he doesn't stop. I feel like I understand what he says, but it's still a lot of jibberish mixed with words :)

He is a really observant child, and has been since he was little. When we are in the car he can tell where we are going by looking out the windows. The other morning I was listening to a conference talk while making breakfast for myself and started to tear up a little when I was touched by what was said. I didn't even realize Jaxon was watching or noticed, but he quickly ran in the kitchen to give me a hug. It was just the sweetest thing. Ah, how I love that kid and his big heart.

 Jaxon never wants to miss out and is always in the middle of everything. He loves digging with Brad out in the yard and when he sees me cooking, he quickly grabs his apron and step stool and drags it into the kitchen stating "Axon help mom, axon cook!" (we're working on the J sound). On Sunday Brad and I were cuddling on the couch, and as soon as Jax realized what was going on he made sure to squeeze himself in between us and get his snuggle on ;)

Even though I love who he is, there are some hard things with his personality lately. He is a really passionate child. He gets worked up when things don't go according to plan, and he has been testing my patience more and more. He is slowly getting better at not hitting other kids, but almost every Sunday on the drive home from church he tells us about the different children he hit that day. "Axon push Sammy." "Sammy cry". He always apologizes right after and gives hugs, but hopefully he'll learn to control himself eventually. I guess we need to re-watch that Daniel Tiger about counting to 4 when you're angry.

Ah I love my life, and I love my boys. Maybe this all seems a little mushy, but it's how I feel today, so I wanted to remember it! We live the happy life ;)