Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break!

As crazy as Dental School is, it is nice that Brad still gets a few breaks a year. For a while, Matt had been talking about coming to visit and it worked out for him to get off work while Brad had his Spring Break! Matt and Brad have been friends since elementary school days. They are a funny duo, and I don't remember many nights hanging out with Brad, when we were dating, that Matt wasn't around. He was the one who picked up my engagement ring for Brad and brought it to Vegas and was there the night we got engaged. When Brad went on away trips for football and I was home alone, he would call Matt and have him check on me every once and while. I can remember Matt bringing me a soda or treat to say hi while Brad was gone and to make sure I was good by myself. When I ran my first half marathon I remember Brad figured out a month before that he wouldn't be able to be there to watch me and Matt signed up at the last minute to run the race with me so I would have someone. He's just awesome! Brad picked a good best friend and it was a blast having him around for a week!
 Sunday we went to church and grilled kabobs for dinner. We then went to the Japanese Tea Gardens to walk around and to a park nearby for Jaxon to play. After Jaxon hit a kid for the second time (we're working on it) it was time to go and after we put him down we stayed up playing games. At midnight Matt and Brad went and picked up some Nachos from Chachos around the corner and we enjoyed a late night treat!
Monday we woke up early and decided to visit all 5 of the San Antonio Missions. It was cool to see all of them, although some were bigger than others and a little more exciting. After we saw the first four we went to lunch at Bakery Lorraine at the Pearl and then drove to the Riverwalk too see the last mission, The Alamo. That night we tried to recreate the chicken and waffle taco from Torchy's and it was actually really good. I went to a girls night to watch the finale of the Bachelor so Brad and Matt gave Jaxon a bath and put him to bed.
Tuesday we drove out to San Marcos and went to the Outlets. I got Jaxon some new stuff for Spring and Matt and Brad both got Texas Rangers hats. After a few hours of shopping we drove to Gruene (pronounced "green"), TX and went to the Gristmill for lunch. I had never been there before but it was such a fun little town. The restaurant was right behind this old dance hall on the river. Not only was the view great, but the food was amazing (common theme - was lots of good food during his trip)! After we ate, we went to New Braunfels to float the Comal river and we had a blast. Jaxon stayed in his own tube the whole time and the water and weather were perfect.  To finish off our trip we stopped at Buc-ee's on the way home. I think this was Matt's favorite part of the trip. It is the biggest rest stop you can imagine with endless treats, soda,'s hard to explain how awesome it is until you go. Anyway we loaded up on some car snacks and drove home. Only problem was that it was 6 and Jaxon hadn't slept. We were dying laughing trying to keep him awake on the way home. After shoving him full of sugar and soda for 45 minutes we made it home, gave him a quick bath, and he was asleep until 9 the next day.
Wednesday, we drove out to Seguin in the morning to visit Lisa and the kids. We went to a new park, and then they took us to get Fruit-isimo (shaved ice) after. For lunch we drove to Lulling, TX to get some classic amazing BBQ. After a late lunch we drove to Austin and stopped in at the Hyde's to visit their new little baby girl, Rooney! Jaxon and Noah played while we visited and held the cute little girl! Babies that are a few days old are just so amazing and perfect! After, we left the Hyde's we drove into downtown Austin to explore a little. We've never really done the whole Austin thing, but the whole "keep Austin weird" slogan is pretty legit (especially during South by Southwest). There were some crazy people down on 6th street (which we know now is not the greatest place to go in Austin) haha oh well we ate at Voodoo doughnuts then got out of there and went up and walked around the Capitol building. We walked a few more blocks for Matt and Brad because they wanted to see the UT campus and check out the stadium. Then on the way home how could we not stop and Buc-ees again! Matt bought himself a soda mug and T-shirt haha. It was a good stop and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday morning Matt and Brad woke up early to go do an endowment session at the temple while I stayed at home and babysat for a friend. When they got back, we made pizza and then we all took a 3 hour nap, we were so exhausted from going the whole week. That night we went and walked around Bass Pro Shop and went to Bigz Burgers for dinner. On the way home we got some Blue Bell so that Matt could try some new flavors and stayed up one last night late talking and hanging out.

 On Saturday, we used the tickets we bought earlier, to the Rangers/Royals spring training game at the Alamodome. We always like going to sporting events and it was fun to go as a family. It was such a fun week! Matt coming, made us do way more than we ever would have and it was just great to catch up and hang out with him. He brings out the more stress free, easy going side of Brad that is not around as often these days, and it was nice to see him enjoy himself and take it easy for a week. Today it is back to real life, but we sure lived it up for our Spring Break!

Color Run and Cousins

When we first moved here, Jax was too young to appreciate all of his cousins being around, but this year he is in heaven every time we go to Seguin! He gets endless playmates and attention, and it is fun to see them together! Lisa and Al have a tradition of having their visitors take a picture by the "World's Largest Pecan" in downtown Seguin. Somehow, I missed this a few years back, so last week we finally took our official Pecan picture downtown lol.
Last Saturday, Lisa hosted a color run for the arts in Seguin. We went out to help/participate. There was a foam machine, jello slip n slide, colored powder, and feathers thrown on you! Jaxon didn't really like getting messy, but he loved the foam machine, and eating granola bars at the end.

On Friday, after Matt left we drove to Seguin to help install flooring in the girls rooms. Brad and I enjoy doing projects and working together, and since we had done the exact thing in our townhome we were happy to help. Jaxon was in heaven all day with his cousins and we enjoyed hanging out together. we took a lunch break and enjoyed the last of the Shamrock Shakes (the best!) at Mcdonalds, and with help from AJ and Al we were able to finish all three rooms in one day. After, Lisa made an awesome dinner for everyone with steak and sushi! Oh and I helped Ali and Molly bake a cute cake for dessert.

Aunt "Anga"

My sister Megan came for her Spring Break to San Antonio and was lovingly referred to as "Anga" the whole week she was here. I don't know where that came from, but that is what Jaxon called her. I had been looking forward to her coming for a long time and it was so fun to have her around.
I took her around on Monday to running group and the library and that night when Brad got off we walked around the Riverwalk, showed her the Alamo, and then we went to Torchy's Tacos for dinner.

Tuesday she was my teaching assistant in tot school and it was really nice having her help. the kids all went home and told their parents about Ms. Megan and loved having her to play with. That afternoon, I put her to work helping me paint our master bathroom, but we had fun doing it together. That night we had pizza and relaxed. Megan commented that she was really tired and that it was hard work being a mom..haha thanks Megan.
Wednesday, we all went to SeaWorld for the day. It was very un-Brad-like, but he called in sick to a lecture he was supposed to go to and took the day off to come with us! It usually doesn't work out that he would even be able to do that, but I'm glad he did. It was nice to have him around so we could switch off riding roller coasters. It was a little overcast, so the park was pretty much empty and we were able to do everything we wanted. After SeaWorld we hit up some Rudy's BBQ on the way home so Megan could experience Texas BBQ. Not the best we've had, but still pretty good.

The week went by too fast, and on Thursday I had to drive Megan to Austin for her flight that afternoon. We made a stop at Buc-ee's and the outlets on the way there and had some lunch before she took off.
It was so great having her around! It's weird that my little sister is all grown up and in college. It was so great catching up with her one on one, and getting to show her our life down here. We love you "Anga!" Come back anytime!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Random Happiness

Just a bunch of random pictures that make me happy. 

We used our Christmas money from parents and grandparents to get a grill for our backyard. Brad has been loving it. I love this picture because it shows what our life is and what a great dad Brad is. He wears scrubs most days is gone at 5:30am and comes home around 5pm and jumps right into helping cook and being a great Dad. He loves having Jaxon by his side and tries to include him in whatever project he's doing. 
"Mom..Axon help Dad..Axon cook." - What Jaxon said when I showed him this picture ;)
Our Sea World passes have been so much fun! Jaxon loves the shows and its an easy Saturday outing for the three of us to enjoy time together.
Blue Bell is back y'all. If you don't know Blue Bell is an ice cream brand based out of Texas. It's kind of AMAZING! We got converted when we moved here. Then there was a listeria outbreak and they had to shut down production for a while. When it finally came back we had a block party and celebrated..Jaxon thought he was being sneaky while I was upstairs and tried to get himself a bowl ;)

Kelsey and I took a spontaneous road trip during the week to the Outlets in San Marcos for the day! It was the perfect day and the kids were great! 
Haha Brad sent me this picture one day with the caption one of his dental school friends put on Facebook.
He is in the thick of his second year with too many tests to keep up with. Poor guy, but in just a few months he will be taking his boards and next year he will get to start working in the clinic! So close!
Jaxon is just funny sometimes..The one to the left is him organizing his books and telling me about each of them. The second picture is in our bedroom playing with toys. He loves taking his toys in our room and playing on the floor in there..much cooler than his room, obviously.
Cheering for Dad at his school Softball game. "Go Dada!! Gooo!" ;)
Jaxon was having a hard time taking turns when it was time to say prayers. He wanted to say it every time. So for FHE I made a prayer sticker chart to help him understand we needed to switch off. We put one down stairs and upstairs..He did great for two weeks, then one morning I came in to find him putting all the stickers up on the chart by his picture. haha How can you get mad at that face? 
-"Axon prayer mom..Axon turn"
Late night ice cream run with some of my favorite girls ;)
Last, but not least this picture popped up on my feed. Its one of my favorites. It was the day after we got engaged over Spring Break 5 years ago. We were so in love and couldn't stop smiling and kissing haha. Our friends kept trying to take a group picture and were annoyed with us. It's just one of those pictures I'll never be able to look at without smiling and getting happy feelings. ;)