Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pizza Night

For extra credit my Junior year of college, I attended a Family and Human Development lecture series on campus. One of the ladies that spoke talked about family meal planning. She focused on how cooking together and eating as a family each day can really make a difference. I loved listening to her speak, and she inspired me to try and become more domestic (for the sake of my future family ;) One of the stories she told was about, her family's Friday night pizza. She would have lots of toppings and sauce and they would invite different friends over each week. As her children got older, they knew they could always invite friends over for pizza night and that it was a night to share, be creative, and social. 
Well let me tell you something, pizza is my favorite food....ever. So when she was telling this story I was like "YES..we are doing this." 

Slowly, Brad and I have come into a groove with pizza making.. We tried a few different dough recipes until we landed on the one we use now, and we invested in a pizza peel and a stone. Brad is the sauce man and makes a huge batch of it every 6 months that we freeze and use each week. We use all kinds of sauces though, and one of my favorite things about pizza is that you can throw just about anything in your fridge onto it as toppings and it tastes amazing! ;) We honestly do eat pizza about every week, and we've enjoyed inviting friends or new people over a couple times a month to get to know people better. Our dream is to someday build a pizza oven in our backyard (seriously though, how cool would that be? ;)

Anyway, this whole post is because I am part of a cooking club/group here and it was my month to host. We either have a theme (like in October it was pumpkin) and everyone brings a recipe with that theme, or we meet at someone's home and they teach us how to make something new. So when it was my turn in February, I obviously wanted to make everyone pizza! There was a big group so I made 8 pizzas. Everyone brought sides and we had a great feast! We played games after and socialized late into the night. I love my friends here and I'm happy we ended up where we did in San Antonio.