Thursday, January 21, 2016

Christmas 2015

Last year for Christmas break we scheduled things to do every day when we were home. We were running all over the place to make sure we didn't miss seeing anyone or doing anything fun. It was a great Christmas, but this year we decided to take it easy. Our lives are so packed and crazy right now that we really just wanted to relax while we were in Utah. We did a lot of puzzles, watched a lot of football, ate/cooked good food, and spent quality time with the people we love. We had the best time! Here are some of the highlights:

 So Brad and I realized that this was the first time I had spent an entire christmas with his family. We have always been there for a portion of it, but for the first 4 christmases we were with my family. My parents took my younger sisters on a cruise over for the whole week of christmas and so it was fun to experience all the Theurer family traditions.

- Last winter we decided to go visit Uncle Wade's farm and it has become a regular stop on our trips home. Jaxon loves seeing the animals and riding on the tractors. Brad's Uncle Wade is not the most kid friendly or fun loving guy, but Jaxon loves him! Since he was a baby he has gone to him and chosen him over Brad or I whenever he is around. It always makes everyone crack up, but it also makes me smile ;) Jaxon knows how to recognize a good heart.

First time at Theurer Meat Market in Lewiston 
 One of Jaxon's favorite things was going to shovel each day. He loves helping and doing what adults are doing and it was funny to see him push it around and get to work.

Traditional Chinese dinner on Christmas Eve
 My family was never that much into Chinese food, but I have been immersed since I met Brad..He LOVES it! It was fun going out on Christmas eve, and I definitely think we'll be keeping this tradition up. We went home after dinner and watched Inside Out together as a family. After the movie we put Jaxon down and played games together. After Jax was asleep, Brad was so cute setting up all the gifts and getting the living room ready. We were so excited this year for Christmas morning with Jaxon!

Christmas morning it was the three of us and Brad's parents. Brad and I woke up and I think we scared Jaxon by how excited we were early in the morning. He didn't understand what everyone was so worked up about and had a little melt down as we were going down the stairs. Once he saw the tree with all the presents spread out he was excited ;) Grandma Teresa would hand him a gift and tell him whose name was on it and he loved handing them out to everyone. After he opened about 2-3 gifts, in Jaxon fashion, he ran into the kitchen grabbed his bib and told us it was time to eat. hahaha only our two year old would want to eat before opening all his gifts. So, we took a break had breakfast together and then got back to christmas morning. 
 Later that day we had Christmas dinner with Jared, Kierra, and cute baby Chase. Brad smoked a turkey and I made a few pies. It was a good meal! We had a relaxing rest of the day. Overall it was a great Christmas. I teared up a few times watching my little boy and knowing these are memories that I want to cherish forever. I decided this year that being a parent on Christmas is way better than being a kid ;)
Love that I always get to see my two best friends when we go back to Logan!

 Scott and Teresa are always so good to us when we visit. they wake up early with Jaxon, and play with him non stop. He loves his Grandparents very much!

 We went down south to Orem for the last few days of our trip. It was great to see my family and Jaxon, as always, loves the extra playmates that will do whatever he wants. He started calling my mom, Grandma "G", which was really cute.. and played trains for hours with my Dad and Ashley. We hit up Yogurtland, Chuckee Cheese, and Trent even made us true Italian Pizza. We played games, laughed, and stayed up late chatting. It was the perfect Christmas break!

Oh and last but not least....all the puzzles we did over break ;)