Wednesday, December 9, 2015

He's 2 Y'all!

Our little big boy is a two year old! Man, I love this kid. He is so fun and full of life. He is constantly cracking us up, and our home is blessed with happiness with him in it!

- Jaxon has started talking a lot more. One of his favorite words is "cool" haha. He adds it before lots of other words like:"cool hat," "cool truck," "cool apple" or he will ask for the "cool cereal, ma-ma" as opposed to the not cool cereal obviously ;)
He also answers "yep" to almost all questions...The other day he was running down the sidewalk and fell and started to cry and when I asked him if he was ok he answered "yep". sweet boy ;)

- He loves nursery and toddler school with his friends. He's having a hard time learning sharing, but he does love his friends and he gets excited whenever we are going to see them.

- Jaxon's loves anything that moves, especially cars! He loves cars, tractors, trucks, jeeps, and trains or "choo-choo" as he calls it. He got a new V-tech car set (G&G Theurer for his birthday) and will play for an hour sometimes by himself without being interrupted. That's another thing, he is really good at playing by himself. It makes me happy that he he's so imaginative and content on his own.

- He's not always perfect though and for those bad days/afternoons I am grateful for Netflix and more specifically Curious George. I dont know what it is about that little monkey, but Jax loves that show! LOVES...I've tried other shows but he always says "no ma-ma...Geeege" As far as kids shows go, I don't mind it, so George and I are good friends.

24 month check up stats:
Height: 28 in
Weight: 26.5 lbs.

- Yeah, he's the average size of a 3.5 year old...big kid. We love that he's so big, but it has gotten him in trouble a few times. Other parents/ kids think he's older than he is and expect him to understand or act differently. He really is smart (for his age) but not as smart or understanding as a 3 1/2 year I'm sorry angry mother of the child Jaxon pushed over at the library, he's just learning like all the other 1-2 year olds. I'm not saying its ok to push, he's just bigger so it looks worse, then when a small kid his same age pushes.

His Birthday was on a Sunday, but on Saturday we went and volunteered/worked on a church farm about an hour outside of SA. We had a great time as a family and Jaxon loved playing in the dirt and checking out all the big tractors. That night we had a little open house with lots of friends. Jaxon was very happy we finally let him eat the "cake" we had been keeping from him. He went wild and probably had like 6 cupcakes in an hour..haha crazy child, but it was his birthday party how could we say no?

Well thats a little update on our sweet little Jax! Brad and I had fun reminiscing on the day he was born. Even though it seems like yesterday he was a baby, a lot has happened. We've made lots of memories and grown together as a family. As this year has come and gone I am even more grateful for our child. We are beyond lucky to be parents and I love my little daily partner. Being a mom really is the best gig.

And I couldn't help but take lots of pictures..We LOVE you JAX!


Yep..25..I am officially a quarter of a century old.

Much to Brad's dismay, I LOVE birthday's and feel they should be celebrated with lots of spoiling, over a few days ;) Im kind of kidding and kind of not. Brad literally tells me every year to not get him anything on his birthday, and so I feel bad when mine comes around, because well, I don't feel the same haha :) He always makes me feel special and I'm grateful he goes to the effort to make me feel special.

Brad's Theurer Grandparents came to visit us and his sister that weekend and we had so much fun with them. They got here Thursday and we went to see the Alamo, walk the riverwalk, and go out to eat. The next day was my birthday. Brad woke up early and made a big breakfast for everyone, including bacon, orange juice, and cinnamon rolls from a can (my favorite ;). He had the morning off and so we all went to the park with Jaxon. I took some pictures of Jaxon playing and then Brad grabbed the camera and took a few of the two of us.  After the park Grandma and Grandpa took us to Target and lunch, and in the afternoon while everyone was napping and Brad had class I had fun baking a big cake for myself ;)

That night we took the Grandparents out to the Burns so they could stay there for the rest of the weekend. We had dinner and cake with all the kids after. Jaxon loves his cousins and is always in heaven when we are there.

Chocolate Marshmallow...YUMMM!
Brad had to study all day Saturday, but scheduled a babysitter for us to go out on a date Saturday night. We went and walked around some shops and to eat at a local restaurant called Whiskey Cake. It was cool place and we will definitely go back.

Sunday night we had some new friends, the Beans, over to play games and Emily surprised me by bringing a fun dessert with candles to sing, celebrate and eat for the third night in a row! It was definitely a great weekend! I felt very spoiled and loved. 
Here's to hoping my 25th year is a good one ;)

Trent's Wedding

On September 3rd my baby brother married Rachel Pitts in the SLC temple. We were able to be there for the fun day to celebrate. They are a really a good fit for one another and we couldn't be more happy to add her to the family!

Trent and I have always been really close growing up. When I got married Brad and I came out of the temple and our families came right up and hugged us, but I looked around and couldn't see Trent. Someone pointed out that he was standing behind a pillar and when I went to see him he had tears rolling down his face. I started to bawl and we hugged and cried and whispered how much we loved each other. He loved Brad and I know he was happy for us, but it was hard for both of us to realize our relationship would never be the same, because the truth is, that it does change. When you get married you chose that person to be your person. They're the one that's most important, no matter what.

Anyway, I'm just really happy that my brother has found his person. He was mine growing up and to see him find someone that loves him for who he is and helps him to grow and be better makes me so happy as an older sister. After they were sealed we waited to give them hugs and Trent and I both hugged each other and just cried again. I'm lucky that I have a little brother that I grew up being so close with. I didn't think anyone would be good enough for my brothers, but I am lucky they both chose very well :)

September was Jaxon's prime hat obsession time, so we packed it in the diaper bag to keep him happy. Sorry Trent and Rachel for the blue nike hat if it ruined pictures!

Brad and I both agreed that receptions are way more fun when you are the siblings. We just sat back ate good food and had fun hanging out with my sisters. It was a great party and definitely a lot of fun! Congrats Trent and Rachel..We love you both a lot!

After the wedding we went up to Logan for two days so Brad could see his family before he had to head back to school. I stayed an extra 10 days to play with the family and watch my sisters play some volleyball! I'm glad I was able to spend that time with my family and I was really happy Jaxon and I ended up being there when Jared and Kierra had their sweet baby Chase. Jaxon loved meeting his little cousin. Definitely a successful trip to Utah!
Grandpa Tom is just so big and comfy. I caught Jaxon cuddling/sleeping on him like this a few times ;)

Park City day trip Saturday after the wedding.
Jaxon was in heaven with the endless aunt attention!

Grocery Shopping with Grandma Great  
Watching Rachel cheer at a BYU volleyball match/football game:
Funny story is that Trent and I got on the kiss cam...We both just said no and everyone around us was like come on! hahaha We started mouthing out the words "Brother" "Sister" and everyone started laughing.. Oh BYU, probably wasn't the first time.

 Sweet Baby Chase...I was very proud to be the first one to capture that sweet smile on camera..For real though how cute is that smile! As crazy as Jaxon is, he's always really sweet and excited around babies. He likes to tickle their feet and help put their pacifiers back in. Some day he will make a great big brother.