Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Theurer Town House

After looking for a month or so last spring we were very excited to have our offer accepted on a town home that is on the same street as 4 of our good friends. We are happy to know this is where we will be for the next three years and to know we don't have to worry about moving again until then.

We wanted to move in during Brad's school break in June, but the previous tenant had a contract until August and so it didn't look like we would be moving until then. While on our trip to San Francisco, we got a call and the tenant told us she could move out in the next two weeks! So with the excitement of our first home and Brad having a few more weeks off before school started, we began to make plans for our mini renovation.

We made a long list of all the things we wanted to do and decided to focus on getting the downstairs finished first. Our three main projects were painting all the walls, painting cabinets, and putting down new flooring.

Here are the before pictures of the downstairs:

We would work on projects during the day and switch off playing with Jaxon. At the end of the day we'd put him to bed and stay up working until 2-3am. I honestly was a little surprised that Brad and I got along so well during the few crazy weeks of renovating. We had fun picking things out and working together. There was a lot of laughing, Dr. Thunder (Walmart brand), fast food, and trips to Lowe's. We also appreciated our friends who helped and the late night visits to keep us company while we worked. 

It was a tender mercy that the tenant was able to move out early because we could have never done all of this while Brad was in school. We haven't completed every little project we wanted to yet, but for the most part we are very happy with our home. Here are some after pictures.

..and yeah Jax is in a diaper watching Curious George while I took these pictures. :) After getting sprayed off from playing in mud in the backyard I decided we needed a little quiet time. Anyway, that's it. We enjoy living in a space that we've made our own and had some good memories doing it. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Summer fun

Brad starts school the beginning of July so not too much goes on after that around here. We were able to spend a fun weekend with his sister for the 4th of July and the second weekend in August we made a road trip to visit family in Arizona. We were able to be there for my cousin, Melissa's, mission farewell and even though it was quick, we had a great weekend.

4th of July:
Ive had some good 4th of July's in my lifetime, but let me tell you...small town Texas knows how to do the 4th of July right. We had a blast in Seguin with the cousins. Festivities started the night before in town square with a kids parade, fair food, and dancing. The next morning we helped make signs for the parade and I got to live a childhood dream of riding on a float in the 4th of July parade! After the parade we cooled down with a swim party at the cousins house and had a relaxing and fun afternoon. Jaxon was wiped out so we left before fireworks, but it was definitely a fun weekend to remember!

Ive always liked road trips with Brad. Hes good at driving as long as I talk to him and we definitely got some good talking in the 10 hour trip each way to see the fam. While we were there we went hiking and visited some family history sites. The Emery's were so good to us and Jaxon had a great time playing with some of my younger cousins.

Jaxon was a great traveler. Who wouldn't be happy with endless treats and Curious George episodes?

After we listened to Melissa speak we took a little drive before the dinner to visit the Gilla Valley temple. It was definitely a tender and proud mom moment when Jaxon looked out the window and said "temple."