Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Toddler (20 months)

Ah, Jaxon there is so much to tell. It's hard to put into words what a fun kid he is. My friend commented that he is such a "Joyball!" I'm pretty sure thats not a word, but if it were it describes him perfectly. He's full of life and curiosity and you can't help but smile when you watch him run around and laugh at himself.
- Jaxon is a total boy. It's not a complete shocker, but he was in the 95% for height and 98% for weight at his check up this month. He's built like a little body builder and he walks around like he owns the place. He's been obsessed with his Washington Nationals hat and it is very rare (pretty much only at church) that you see him without it. In the mornings when we're getting ready he always pats his head and says: "Ha-Ha." I have to sneak it away once a week to wash it. Oh and the only way it can be worn is backwards. Don't even think about turning it forward haha.

- He loves his friends. He gets excited to go on outings and loves to play and run around with other kids. He still runs into nursery with excitement and it is a nice relief to know he is happy to be with the other kids and teachers.
- He has always loved music but is especially into singing songs with actions lately. We do Book of Mormon Stories, and Wheels on the Bus daily. Another funny thing he does is blow a kiss in the air whenever we listen to "Up Town Funk"..there is a line in the song that says "I wanna kiss myself, I'm so pretty."..Somewhere Jaxon picked up on the word kiss, and always blows kisses during that part of the song. Brad and I noticed it one day when we were driving in the car. We both thought one of us had taught it too him and we both died laughing when we realized he just made it up. He's a funny kid.
- Speaking of Brad, Jaxon loves his Daddy! Brad is usually gone in the morning when we wake up, but on Friday he slept in and had breakfast with us because they had the morning off. Jaxon and I took off to go swimming at a friends while he was getting ready to leave and Jaxon was so sad to leave "Da" at home. I told him we would see him later and he seemed fine. We walked in from swimming and Jaxon ran in the house yelling "Hey..DA! .. DA!" When he realized Brad wasn't home he started to cry.  Poor thing it was so sweet.

- His favorite toys are puzzles and his firehouse play set. He has gotten really into imaginary play with his stuffed animals and it's very sweet. He's started a new thing where he picks an animal to sleep with at night and tucks him in next to him in his crib. Seriously melts my heart.

- Jaxon still only watches Curious George. I let him watch for 20 min about every other day. Just depends what I have going on, but those locked in 20 minutes are awesome to get something done! He loves books and we've been doing a summer reading list with the local library to get a free book. He gets excited to pick out new ones each week and its a tradition I'm excited to keep up with our kids.

- He loves being outside. We go swimming at least once a week and for walks around our neighborhood almost every night before bath time.

- Jaxon is everything I could have hoped for in a little boy. I'm constantly surprised by how smart he is and how much he is figuring out each day. Can't believe in a few short months he will be a 2 year old! I saw this picture on Facebook and started to cry... It's so true! He changes so much everyday, and even though I love the changes, I want to enjoy who he is right fun, energetic, and crazy little toddler! We love you Jax Man!