Monday, July 13, 2015

Utah (part2)

It's still weird for me to go home and not have little elementary age girls running around the house. 
My sisters are growing up more and more, but I am so proud of the young women they are turning into. Megan is graduating early in December and heading off to Weber State University to play volleyball! We had fun talk to her about her plans and life and going to visit her at work (Subway). She makes an awesome 6"! 
Heather is the number 1 recruit right now in Utah for her age. Yeah she's AMAZING. While we were there she was training with her team for Nationals in Florida. Brad and I got to catch the end of a practice and I am so impressed with how good her and Megan have gotten! Ashley is Jaxon's number 1 girl. He LOVES his Ashley. He was puling on her finger all weekend to follow him around and when she left one day to play with a friend in the afternoon Jaxon was so sad. He kept pointing to her picture and asking where she was (in baby language lol). She was so good to play with him take him on walks, and jump with him on the tramp. He loved his Aunts and there was never a shortage of attention between them and the Grandparents ;) Our last trip was so short with Trent and so it was fun to have extra time to just hang out and talk. We were there to celebrate his birthday and of course his cake request was Oreo. ;)
 We spent three mornings at the park playing Tennis and another one hiking. We were loving the dry beautiful Utah weather and taking full advantage of it. Trent and Rachel kept us up late a few nights playing board games and you know with the competitive juices in our family it got a little intense. It was fun to get to know her more and we are excited to celebrate at their wedding in September. We enjoyed seeing Grandma Great (Moody) a few times and being able to catch up. Jaxon loves his Grandma and Grandpa Gneiting! I always feel bad because they get shorted a little bit with all the Aunts and Uncles around. We were grateful for their help and watching Jaxon so Brad and I could get together with friends or play games with my sisters. Jaxon had fun on his walks with Grandma and eating as much watermelon as his heart desired. 

Because a lot of my old high school friends go to BYU or live in the Utah county area I organized a little reunion at my parent's one night.  Its been forever since we've all been together and it was so fun to see everyone and catch up!

Wedding Shopping ;)
The Original Crew. Palo Verde class of 2009
Our Summer vacation was everything we wanted. The best part was being able to spend time together with Brad around. It was nice to relax and be surrounded by family. Jaxon was spoiled with lots of love and was getting a little grouchy by the end of the trip and we were all ready to get back to reality. I know summer breaks won't last much longer and so Im grateful for the memories and time we were able to take advantage of this year!

Utah (part1)

After our adventure to Northern Cal we flew in to SLC to spend some time in Logan and Orem. We spent a lot of time in Logan working at Scott and Teresa's rental property and Jaxon was in heaven running around in the dirt all day. We took a few breaks to visit friends and family. One of our favorite new traditions is going to Uncle Wade's farm to play with the animals and ride on the tractors. We did this at Christmas and had so much fun, and Jaxon loved it even more this time around.

Selfie in the Tractor
 We went out to eat at our favorite Logan restaurants and had fun get togethers with all our friends. Cache Valley in June is seriously one of the prettiest places on Earth. Brad and I loved getting snow cones, going on walks, and enjoying the beautiful summer nights.

I got to play volleyball in the new Wayne Estes center. 
Late night hang outs with my Bestie ;) Love you Shay!
cleaning the sink with Lauren and Garret
At Josh Flores Wedding
Of course our favorite part of Cache Valley is being able to be spoiled by family. Jared and Kierra won't be there forever and so for now we love being able  to see them when we are back. We can't wait to meet the new cousin next time we are back! Jaxon is simply obsessed with his Grandparents (especially Grandpa Scott ;) He loves the endless attention and playmates. He had fun adventures running errands, going to the Library, eating a sucker for the first time, and buying "awesome" prizes for sale on the side of the road. He gets very excited and has a lot to say everytime we talk to Teresa and Scott on Facetime and I am grateful for technology in this modern day and age so that Jaxon can know and keep up with his family around the country.

 Splash Pad with Dad and "Uncle" Matty!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

San Francisco

We've been wanting to visit Michelle since she moved out to the Bay Area.  After finding a deal on tickets we decided to make it the first leg of our way back to Utah. It was an amazing city and we had the best time with Michelle ( she is a great host!). 

We got in late Thursday night and Jaxon was a champ on the flights eating lots of snacks, napping, and watching Curious George ("Geege," according to him). Michelle had jury duty the next day so she prepped Brad and I on what Bart to ride and where to go when we got into the city. Friday morning we packed a bag full of snacks for Jaxon and rode in with all the commuters to the city on the Bart. Michelle had told us we could catch and ride the trollies from where the Bart let us off, so we went to go check out the line and it was an hour long!... It was our first day on vacation and Brad and I were feeling adventurous and decided to walk the 2 1/2 miles through the city to Ghiradelli Square and the Fisherman's Wharf. It was a really hilly few miles but we actually had a really fun time exploring. It was awesome to walk around the different neighborhoods and experience the less touristy areas of San Fancisco. It's a beautiful city with really cool buildings and architecture. We made stops along the way at a small park we found for Jaxon and at the iconic Lombard street! 

We made it to Ghiradelli square and the Fisherman's Wharf. We stopped and got a sourdough bread bowl and some clam chowder from a vendor and it was amazing! Michelle ended up finishing her jury duty early and rode the Bart in to meet us in the afternoon. We visited pier 39 and Jaxon loved seeing all the Sea Lions. Michelle then took him on the Mary Go round and I think that was his favorite part of the day. 

We all died laughing looking at this picture later..Jaxon was so excited
to get on the horse, but Michelle was a little surprised ...he's really heavy! hahaha
We walked into the city again and Michelle took us to a pizza place called Tony's (hyperlink). Tony is one of the award winning pizza makers of the world and has a margarita pizza to die for! It was a long wait, but well worth it for a pizza lover like me. Probably my favorite meal of the whole trip! We finished up the day walking by Chinatown and through the downtown Nike store. 7 floors of awesome Nike coolness to explore. It was a really busy fun-filled day and overall Jaxon did a great job but was ready to head home and sleep at the end of it. 

Saturday we woke up early and drove to Muir Woods to see the national forest. Michelle said it was worth going early to have the Redwood forest mostly to ourselves and she was definitely right. It was so peaceful and beautiful. It's something I've always wanted to do and I'm glad we got the chance to experience it.

After that we drove to a look out point and took some pictures by the Golden Gate Bridge. We then continued into the city to hit up the big Farmers Market! We had fun exploring and buying a few things here and there. I especially loved all the samples!.. We ordered a Mexican breakfast from a vendor and ate on the pier. We made a few stops on the way back which included hitting up the Full House Street (The Painted Ladies). As we were driving up Brad played the theme song on his phone and we all had a nice trip down memory lane ;). 

Jaxon missed out on this one..He was napping in the car with Michelle ;)
"When your lost out there and your on your is waiting to cary you ho-ome!" ..
Don't act like you don't know the song ;)
Our last stop was at a beach next to the Golden Gate Bridge. Jaxon had fun running around with his Dad and experiencing the sand. We were all really tired after a long morning of fun activities and so we headed back for a nap and went out to eat at a local Vietnamese place in Walnut Creek. We all tried Pho, one of Michelle's favorites. Brad really enjoyed it and I liked it ok. I'm all for trying new foods, but I don't know if I'm a big Vietnamese fan quite yet ;)

Sunday we attended Michelle's Ward and she had the missionaries over for dinner after church. She grilled and cooked up some amazing dishes for us to eat and we had a nice day relaxing at home. 

Monday we woke up and went to a local doughnut shop on our way to go hiking. We walked/hiked for a few hours while Jaxon slept in his stroller and headed back to shower and get ready for the A's game that afternoon. On our way to the game we stopped by the Oakland Temple. It made us all laugh to see a girl I a strapless Quincenera dress taking pictures in front of the temple. It really is a beautiful backdrop for pictures. The temple over looks the whole city, its really cool!.. We made our way through Oakland ( um .. Sketch). It was free hat day and Michelle surprised us with awesome tickets. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a great time at the game! On our way home we got Yogurtland (a favorite) and enjoyed homemade tacos while watching the Golden State Warriors game on TV that night. 

Our trip to visit Michelle was beyond fun! We had a the best time visiting and exploring a new place. We partied hard and we were definitely tired by the end of it. I'm glad we scheduled it for the beginning of our trip instead of the end haha. Northern California is a beautiful place and I fell in love with the city of San Francisco!.. We are definitely going to be making trips back someday!

Michelle you are the best! We love you and wish you were closer! You will always be my big sister!