Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beach to Bay

A group of moms from our ward meet three times a week at a house to take turns running and watching kids. This has been one of my favorite things since I moved here. Jaxon gets to run around and play with friends, and I get to socialize and get some exercise in.

A group of us decided a month ago to sign up the day before the deadline for the Beach to Bay marathon relay. It's in Corpus Christi (2 hours away) and is basically a marathon run through 6 different legs. We decided on the team name Runaway Moms, which seamed to fit our girls trip perfectly. We had so much fun! Friday afternoon we left and picked up our packets and walked around when we got there. We went out to Chilli's for dinner and then just stayed up late hanging out and talking. I laughed harder than I have in a long time and it was fun to be part of a team race. We had a group text going the whole race with updates on where everyone was and sending funny pictures and words of encouragement to each other. The trade off points were chaotic trying to listen for your teams number, but we all seamed to be just enough ahead of the pack to find each other quickly and keep going. Three of the girls on our team had never run a race before and so we were all really excited to finish 16th out of the 254  all women's teams! I ran almost 5 miles and had the 4th leg through the naval base. It was so beautiful! Here are some fun pics from the weekend.

Not the most attractive, but I had to take a selfie as I was
 running next to the ocean..Seriously, so pretty!

Sent this picture to Brad as I was waiting...There were like 10 teams of 8 year old kids
and they were killin it on their time...Not exactly confidence booting
when kids are passing you as you run, but very cool none the less.

 I worried about leaving Jaxon for the first time overnight with Brad but it ended up being a fun two days for them in Seguin with all the cousins. Brad helped do some yard work on their new fun house and Jaxon got spoiled with lots of attention, toys, and treats from his 7 fun cousins. Overall, it was a great weekend for everyone!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Days

I woke up Thursday morning with a huge smile on my face! I had just been to the temple the day before, and finished my last practice of the season. Brad was at school about to start his last final of his DS1 year and we had a babysitter to go out and celebrate that night! As I was feeding Jaxon breakfast I started to think about how much has changed in the last year of our lives. We miss our families so much, but I feel like our little family has grown and become strong and independent. We've learned more than ever how important we are to one another and how to depend on each other and the Lord. We've fallen in love with Texas, and the friends and people here. I've realized more than ever this year the meaning of the phrase "finding joy in the journey." There is so much to look forward to, but right here and now there is something to be thankful for and to enjoy each day.

I love doing puzzles, picking up blocks, and chasing my crazy toddler around. I love running through the Mcdonalds drive through at 10:00pm to get my husband a DP to study into the night. I love when girls nights turn into dance party's. I love date nights at Lowe's where we let Jaxon run around the isles like a crazy man and think up awesome ideas for our dream home. I love running group and library time. I love late night Property Brothers marathons with Brad and sharing a bowl of ice cream when Jaxon goes to sleep. Our lives are so simple but so awesome. I told Brad the other day as I was watching him and Jaxon play that if I could have seen a picture of my life now in high school I would have thought that I was going to hit the Jackpot. To know that those two handsome boys are mine forever overwhelms my heart with happiness.

ok sorry to get mushy.... Anyway.... Here are some pics from this fun weekend we had.

My hair was semi straight at the beginning of the Day..The humidity in Texas right now is INSANE!
Thursday night we went out with our Friends Zach and Hannah who live in our buiilding. Zach is a dental student with Brad and they are getting married this June. We tried a new place called Charlie Wants a Burger and it was way good!. It was fun to walk around down town and eat on the Riverwalk.
 Saturday was our last tournament and we got first place!! I was so proud of my girls and happy to end our season on a high note! The tournament was in Bandera, a small town about an hour North of San Antonio. It's the "Cowboy Capital of Texas." After the matches we had fun walking around some of the shops on Main Street and ended up getting a Texas star and a framed Texas flag for our home. (Since moving to Texas, we've noticed almost everyone has something in their house showing Texas pride and so we've been on the lookout for something to put up for a while.)

Mothers Day! I loved Mothers Day this year! I thought a lot about all of the women in my life who have influenced me and made me the mother I am today. I'm grateful for my sweet boy who changed my life forever and gave me the name "Ma-ma." Out of everything I could be called mother is definitely my favorite. We cheated by two weeks and decided to go ahead and try putting Jaxon in nursery on Sunday. I stayed back and listened as Brad dropped him off. He said "This is Jaxon. It's his first week and I'll be in the Clerks office if you need me." We figured the quicker goodbye the better. Jaxon ran off and started to play and as I looked in the window I started to cry realizing he was totally fine and all grown up without us. I kept going back to look in the window to the nursery room all sunday but he was totally fine and the teachers told me he didn't even cry once. Hopefully, it isnt a fluke and he continues to love nursery.
 Brad brought home the Roses on Thursday after his last final. He told me they were for putting up with him and supporting him through the first year of Dental School. He's a good guy, that Brad ;)
For Mothers day he bought a bamboo sushi roller and cooked up an amazing sushi buffet that included Tempura, Miso soup, California rolls, and shrimp tempura rolls. It was so good. Only problem is he cooked for like 10 people and we were both feeling sick that night from enjoying ourselves a little too much. That night Brad said something like " you're not exactly the smartest girl I know, but you are by far the best mother."..haha it didn't exactly come off as the worlds greatest compliment but I know his heart was in the right place and I'm glad he thinks I'm such a good mom.
Chase, Brad, Andy, & Colby
We had a little party for Family night this week with the other LDS Dental couples in Brads class. They all went around sharing funny stories about the year and it was fun to remember some of the crazy times and things Brad told me, as well as hear other perspectives...and of course, I had to make a cake! DS1 and Done!