Sunday, April 26, 2015

Count Down

We are counting down. Counting down tests, until the semester is over (8). Counting down practices until I am done with the season (4). Counting down Sundays until Jaxon goes to nursery (3). Counting down days until we can go on a peaceful date without stress(13), and we are counting down weeks until we head out for our summer fun in California and Utah (3).

Here's whats been going on lately:

- It's the extra humid season and the bugs are out. How come nobody warned me about mosquitos in Texas? I took a few pictures of Jaxon before church today and after 10 minutes my hair had frizzed out and I had 5 mosquito bites on my legs..oh well, he sure is cute!

- Brad is surviving and almost done. Honestly, he doesn't have many updates other than surviving on less sleep than when Jaxon was born and studying his guts out.  I know he is stressed and excited to be done. Not gonna lie when I say that the stress the last few weeks has made me a little crazy. I am proud of him for working so hard, but boy am I excited for a break.
Brad text me when we were out one day and asked me to send a picture of his boy...
Here he is ;)..Who doesn't love free samples?!
- I had a week with no voice. I haven't really lost my voice before, but after a crazy weekend and volleyball tournament it went away and took a while coming back. I didn't feel sick, but more than anything it was just annoying.

- Good news is that my team has placed in the last two tournaments. After starting out the season really rough I am so proud of how they are playing! (1 more tournament to go!)

- Jaxon loves his friends. When I ask him if he wants to go play with his friends he gets really excited and grabs his shoes to go "bye bye." I'm honestly not too worried about nursery because whenever we go to a friends house he leaves me in the dust and just wants to play with new toys and people.

- We visited the humane society this week to play with puppies and it was way fun! Only problem is that I am finding myself wanting a little puppy more and more..just have to warm Brad up to the idea.

- I helped throw a shower for my good friend Kelsey. I was in charge of the food so I had fun making a cake and a few other snacks. Jaxon is only a couple months younger than her daughter Sammy and they are the cutest play mates! Kelsey has been an awesome friend since I moved here. We're both pretty laid back and feel no shame when we show up in basketball shorts and no make up on to play/ hang out at each others houses. Yep, pretty much a true friend! Her shower was so fun....a group of us stayed up late laughing and dancing. I looked around the room and thought.."Dang, I love these girls." I feel really lucky to have so many fun and close friendships in the short time we have been living here in SA.

- Oh yeah, which reminds me.. We bought a town home! we are super pumped to not only be in a neighborhood with all our close friends, but to have a little place to ourselves! It is really nice to know that is where we will be the next three years. Anyway, we're excited to have that stress over and to be moving in later this summer. (pics soon to come)

- Jaxon's latest trick is performing animal noises. He's got quite a few down, but the favorite is a bunny rabbit. He just sniffs his nose and it is pretty cute. He also does bear, tiger, dinosaur (pretty much all the same thing) snake, monkey, cow, sheep, dog, duck, and bird.
"Da-Da, Bye-Bye, Da-Da, By-bye"
- One of Jaxons "things" now is making sure we are all together. he likes us to be in the same room together, and we all have to leave out the door at the same time. He gets really sad when we leave without dad, or when dad leaves without us.

- Jaxon has gotten more into playing with his toys, but I've noticed a few OCD tendencies that are most likely from his dad ;). He is a smart boy and gets excited when he figures stuff out. He also loves to eat and to dress up..Here are some pics of him helping bake cookies with his dad tonight. He insisted I put the apron on him (as he does most nights) and that he got to taste test the chocolate chips:) He is pretty persuasive.

Photos, Friends, Hockey

Shout out to the Trejo's, our first year dental buddies! They are expecting their first baby coming up in October, and we are so excited to have another baby on board the dental class of 2018. They asked if I would take a few pictures for them so they could have a fun one to announce their pregnancy. The night before I got thinking that it has been a while since we had a nice family picture and I wanted a new one for our house. Anyway, we decided to do a little swap with Chase and Jordan. We took a few pics of them and they took a few pics of us. We actually had a lot of fun, and there is no better price for a photographer than free ninety nine.

Here is the picture they ended up using! super cute!! They announced it with the caption.."We've got some little boots to fill!"

  I sure do love those sweet giggles and kisses with my boy.

We realized that the boots they bought to announce their little Texas baby were the perfect size for Jaxon haha..he was having a good time stomping around in them.

The next night Chase and Jordan invited us to the Rampage hockey game at the AT&T center. We had so much fun and were glad they invited us. It was our second game of the season. I wouldn't call us hockey fans, but we'll never turn down free tickets to a sporting event.  We were  lucky enough to get a friend to babysit Jaxon and it is always fun to feel the freedom of going out in public without a child. On the first intermission Brad and I held hands and walked around the At&T center looking around and just enjoying being out. We indulged on the all you can eat popcorn and it is fair to say we wont make that mistake again. Overall we had a great weekend and a fun time. We are grateful for good friends and fun weekends to keep our sanity going until the end of the semester. Two weeks to go until our first year of Dental school is officially over! (1/4th a dentist people...big stuff ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Weekend

I love when Conference overlaps Easter! Scott and Teresa came to visit for a quick weekend trip. Jaxon and I spent Friday in Seguin with Jaxon and then Brad joined us for dinner and we stayed until Saturday afternoon. Jaxon has really started to love his cousin time. He is old enough now that he stays busy playing and loves all of the attention from his 7 cousins in Seguin. They are all so good with him and take turns doing whatever he wants to do. They even all babysat for a quick adult outing Friday night and tackled a dirty diaper together with paper towels and cookies ;) haha. We definitely had some fun family time.

 Here are some pictures from the weekend.
 Nap time at the game with Grandpa and Dad ;)

 We stayed over Friday night in Seguin so we could catch the soccer girls Saturday morning. Ali, Abby, Molly, and Miley all did great! It was a chilly morning but it was fun to be there as a family watching and cheering.
We had a little easter egg hunt to his hidden basket Sunday morning. We had only filled the eggs with a marshmallow, but Jax stopped at every egg to open it up and eat the marshmallow before moving on to the next egg. I think it was definitely more exciting than the basket waiting for him at the end.
Scott and Teresa drove back from Seguin to watch the first session of conference with us Sunday morning, before heading to the airport. Jaxon loves his Grandma Teresa and especially his Grandpa Scott ;) We were giving them hugs goodbye and he started to cry. He ran out to the patio to say "bye-bye" and couldn't stop crying. It was so sweet. You can tell he is more aware of what is going on and even more you could feel how much he loves his grandparents. Good thing we'll be seeing them again soon when Brad is done with school in May.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Sick of March

Besides a little fever after immunizations, Jaxon has been a perfectly healthy and happy baby since he was born. Our pediatricians in Logan and here in San Antonio both commented that we had a "perfect baby."
 Well, right before we left for Utah at the beginning of March, Jaxon started to get a runny nose. It happened to fall around the same time as his 15 month well check up and after checking his ears and throat the doctor told me he probably just had minor allergies with the weather changing. It slowly got worse from there. The runny nose continued, and a small cough developed, then he started teething and we figured it was the molars coming in that they were making him sick. Then finally one weekend I started to freak out when he was leaking green goop from his eyes and started to get a high fever! Brad convinced me he would be fine until Monday morning and we didn't need to take him to the ER. We gave him tylenol and lots of cuddles and took him into our doctor first chance we could Monday morning.
breathing treatment for croup
He had pink eye in both eyes, a double ear infection, and croup. I felt like a horrible mother for not taking him in sooner. The doctor said he had seen a lot of it over the last month, and that allergies and teething could have been part of the problem. I felt so bad for my little man. They gave him a breathing treatment at the Doctors office and he got put on two Antibiotics and eye drops for a week. He freaked out whenever it was time for medicine, but I was happy to have it. He started to get his appetite back and was almost back to normal by Thursday. 
pink eye..the saddest is when he would wake up and couldn't
open his eyes because they were stuck together.
Thursday night he started to get a horrible diaper rash, which was a side effect from the antibiotics he was taking. By Saturday it was so bad that he didn't even want to walk around because it hurt him so bad. The antibiotics had wiped out his GI tract and stopping the medicine wouldn't have made a difference, as his good bacteria were already gone. Anyway, poor dude was sitting watching Netfilx naked on a towel most of the time for a couple days. Well, this week he was done taking the medicine that was giving him diaper rash and it was starting to all clear up. We finally had a normal day on Wednesday and I was happy to have my little boy getting back to normal. 
Pretty much his life during the horrible diaper rash.
Thursday morning Jaxon woke up at 7:15 and ran in the dark to the kitchen to get his milk. When I opened the fridge and saw his face I freaked out! I ran and flipped on the lights and unzipped his pajamas. He was covered in red bumps all over his body! I immediately called the doctors office and they told me to come right in. They thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, but then said the timing didn't really add up. In the end the doctor diagnosed Jaxon with a strain of hand foot and mouth disease. Usually it's just on your hands and feet, but in some cases it can be all over. None of our friends' kids have had it and we hadn't been out that often, so we still don't really know where he could have picked it up. Anyway, they looked in his ears and said the ear infection was coming back and just gave him a antibiotic shot in his thigh at the doctors office. They assured me that the rash looked way worse than it felt, and that he would be back to normal in a few days. 

During this whole month Brad and I had our sick episodes as well. So to add up the ailments from the last month here is the list:
- 2 cases of allergies
- 2 colds
- teething
- double ear infection
- pink eye
- croup
- extreme diaper rash
- hand foot and mouth disease
*and we might as well add on sleep deprivation and 7 tests for Brad.

Its been a long few weeks, but this weekend we were all feeling back to normal. I've been extremely happy to see my active little boy back to loving and exploring life.  I've realized that taking care of a sick baby is hard work and he can no longer keep his title of the "perfect healthy baby," but I've also enjoyed the break from life to just sit, cuddle, and forget about other worries. I gave a lot of extra kisses to those sweet cheeks and we spent more time reading books and watching movies together. Being a parent brings out my strongest emotions of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, but it also makes me feel more love and happiness then ever before.