Thursday, March 19, 2015

Anziano Gneiting

Jaxon and I flew to Utah for Trent's homecoming from his mission to Milan, Italy. We got there on Tuesday and Jared and Teresa picked us up so we could spend a few days in Cache Valley. There was a big snow storm when we came in and so it was a good thing Jared was there to drive. Jax remembered his grandparents and especially remembered his BF Grandpa Scott. When he got home from work they had fun building a snowman together outside. Tuesday night we enjoyed a big family dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Theurer, Grandma Lindley, Teresa, and Scott, and Aunt Kierra (Jared had to work). Teresa made my favorite dinner and it was fun catching up with everyone. After dinner Jaxon put on a show with all of his dance moves for the crowd, that we all enjoyed watching. ;)

Wednesday morning I met up with my friends Josselyn and Shay for breakfast at Kneaders. Teresa dropped me off so they could see Jaxon, but then took him home with her so that we could enjoy breakfast without a busy toddler. It was so fun to catch up and visit for a couple hours. I always love that it feels like we are still roommates and nothing has changed even though our lives are so different. Love those girls! They even surprised me and showed up one last time late Wednesday night to bring me a Swig drink and to hang out a little longer.

 Later that day I took a tour of the new three-plex being built behind our old building. It is crazy to see the changes being done and it is going to be a great new place to live. That night we went to Jack's pizza with Jared and Kierra, then all the girls and Jaxon ran a few errands while Jared studied. While at Hobby Lobby, Jaxon took a ceramic decretive fork off a shelf and started pushing it around. For a second I thought I should put it back, but from far away it looked plastic so I just let him go to keep him happy. He ended up dropping and breaking the fork (should have listened to the prompting) and so Teresa ended up paying for it. We glued it back together at home, and it is now hanging in their kitchen as a nice reminder of their crazy grandson. The next morning we were laughing, because whenever asked where Jaxon's fork was, he would point to it hanging on the wall.
Fell asleep playing with Grandma Teresa

We met up one last time for lunch with Jared and Kierra during their work and school breaks at the new burger place on campus called Morty's. It was so good! After lunch Teresa drove us down to meet my mom in Salt Lake. Thursday night my mom and dad had fun watching Jaxon while I went and ran errands with my sisters. We got balloons, paint, and signs and stayed up late making posters and getting excited for the next night to pick up our brother.

Friday morning everyone headed to school and I went with Jaxon to spend the morning with my Grandma Moody. It didn't take him long to warm up and we had a great morning playing and visiting. He kept running over to give Grandma Great hugs and kisses every 5 minutes, it was so sweet. My sisters were all so excited when they got home from school and we all got that much more excited when Reese and Megan showed up, because the family was almost all back together again! His flight came in at 7:00PM and it seemed like the day went so slow, but as soon as he ran out he gave my mom the first big hug and then he was tackled by the rest of his siblings for one big group hug! Jaxon was a little freaked out by all the commotion, but enjoyed all the excitement at the same time. We all went to Cafe Rio (his first choice of food), then to the stake center for him to be set apart. He bore his testimony to our family and it was a special experience for everyone to be a part of. We stayed up late talking, hearing stories, and checking out all his cool italian souvenirs.

Saturday we woke up and went to my moms elementary school gym to play volleyball as a family. Ever since I was little we always loved to be active together as a family and it is something I want to carry on with my own family. It was really fun because my sisters are all old enough now to really play well and we had some good competition going. We went home after and got cleaned up and my  mom had planned a little brunch and invited some of Trent's close friends over. Later that night my sisters babysat Jaxon and so that the older kids and my parents could attend the temple together. It was another thing Trent wanted to do right when he got home, because he wasn't able to go for 2 years. After the temple we grabbed some In N Out burgers and had a fun night hanging out and getting the house and food ready for the next day.

Sunday was my favorite day of the whole trip. Trent gave his homecoming talk with another returned Elder in my parents ward. They both did a great job speaking. The chapel was packed full and the spirit was so strong. I am so proud of my brother and the service he gave for two years to the Lord and the people of Italy. I know it not only changed the lives of others, but helped him mature and gain a rock solid testimony of his Saviors love and everlasting gospel.
Giving kisses to Uncle Trent ;)
The afternoon was busy visiting with lots of friends and family. My mom did a great job with the food and there was plenty to go around. Jaxon enjoyed lots of attention from strangers, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. I'm pretty sure it was his favorite day too, with the endless food and playmates.
Heather, Megan, and our cousin Melissa
I realized I didn't know where Jaxon was, and when I ran outside
 I spotted this cute pair down the street. He sure loves his Aunt Ashley!
Trent and my sisters woke up early to drive Jaxon and I to the airport. I sure love my siblings and my family. It is always nice to see and spend time with them, but I was excited to be going home to see my husband. No matter how fun a trip is or how short the time is that we are apart, I always miss him and wish we were together. He surprised me at the airport with flowers and had deep cleaned the whole apartment. We celebrated being engaged for 4 years on the 10th of March! It's fun to look back, celebrate, and remember the love we felt and the decision we made. I couldn't have imagined being more in love, but as time goes on I start to realize how we grow to be even closer as friends, parents, and partners. I am grateful to have him by my side in life.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

15 months

I've looked over at Jaxon a few times in the last month and gotten a little sad because he's not a baby any more. He really has transitioned into a full on toddler. Even though I miss our little baby, he just gets more and more fun. We love watching him learn and grow and figure out the world around him. Here's whats new:

15 month check-up statistics:
Height: 35 in (99%)
Weight: 30 lbs. (95%)
Head: 18 in (55%)

- Signs: Jaxon has finally become pretty proficient at communicating with Brad and I through sign language. I learned about baby signing in school and have been trying to work with Jaxon since he was around 6 months (definitely too young), then all of a sudden in January he just started using them. The signs Jaxon uses daily are: eat, drink, milk, sleep, more, all done, pacifier, book, dance, and bath time. We have been working on a few more, but just those main ones are helpful throughout the day.

- Some other new tricks Jaxon can do are pointing out a few body parts when asked. For some reason he can't get eyes, but has down hair, teeth, nose, toes, and his favorite...belly button ;). He's usually pretty good to put on a show when we want to show people, but gets annoyed if we ask him over and over again. He also recognizes a few primary songs and loves when we sing them. His favorite is snow man and when he is in the mood will do the signs with me during the song.

- Jaxon is a goer. He's been that way since he was born, but we are starting to see his personality come out more and more now. When we go to the park he climbs up stairs, goes down slides, and loves the swing. He has no fear and doesn't worry about where I am, but is happy when I pop up to give him a high five or clap after he does something new. He is constantly running from room to room in our house, and if you get him riled up, will start to run in place and giggle uncontrolably!

- He still loves to dance! If he sees the iPad or my phone sitting out, he will start to make the sign for dance and wants you to turn on a music video. His favorites are "Happy," "Up Town Funk," and "Shake it off." He has a lot of dance moves he rotates through, but mostly just bounces and runs around. His favorite is when there is a crowd to watch him, because he loves all the attention.

- Sleeping champ!..I never thought this day would come. Lately we've been able to lay him down with his binki and blanket and he curls up and goes down without a fight. His whole life I've rocked him, and although I still do that every once in a while because I like it, it is nice to know I can quickly put him down when he is tired.

- Church is rough. Jax is so big and developed I feel like he would already be fine in nursery, but we are waiting 3 more long months until we can drop him off.

- Jaxon is so loving and caring. He randomly runs up and yells ma-ma and gives me big hugs all day long. He blows kisses and slobers the side of our cheeks. He loves to pretend to take care of his baby and stuffed animals, and babbles to them all day long.

It's hard to understand the love of a parent until you experience it yourself. We love our little dude and can't imagine life without watching him learn, grow, and discover each day. Happy 15 months Jax man!