Thursday, January 29, 2015

Christmas 2014

On Christmas Eve my sisters met us at In-n-Out in Centerville to pick us up for the week. Jaxon was overwhelmed to have so many new people that loved him for the second week in a row..but definitely warmed up quick and loved all his three fun aunts/new playmates.

Brad and I made Christmas Eve dinner for the family at my Grandma's house in Springville. We offered it as our gift to my parents because we knew they would be busy getting back from a wedding in California that day. My family usually has Mexican food on Christmas Eve and so we decided to make Cafe rio pork salads. Its one of our favorite family meals that I make quite often when we are home and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Everyone also loved the triple chocolate cake we made for dessert ;) After dinner we did the usual nativity and white elephant gifts, then My sisters and Jaxon opened up Christmas pajamas.

 Christmas morning Jaxon was in Heaven! technically it was his second Christmas, but it was kind of like his first because last year he was only a month old. My mom and dad spoiled him with lots of fun toys and games. He loved opening and playing with the wrapping paper as much as anything, and made sure to help everyone open their gifts as well as his own. It made me laugh when Ashley (11) rolled her eyes at my Dad when he gave her the letter "Santa" had left by the half eaten cookies and carrots (That Brad and I enjoyed eating the night before ;). The highlight for the family on Christmas was being able to talk to Trent in Italy. It was our last time talking to him, as he will be home March 6th! It will be exciting for him to meet Jaxon and for us to be together as a family.

Our week in Orem was a little more relaxing and we enjoyed hanging out with the family.
On Friday morning we went to the Elementary school where my mom teaches PE. Jaxon had a blast running around the gym and playing with everything. We turned music on the speakers so he could dance and then played a couple rounds of lightning/knock out, and of course set up the net and played some Volleyball. Megan and Heather are a lot better than they used to be and Brad and I had fun playing doubles against them. Maybe next time they'll even beat us. ;)

Saturday my parents and sisters babysat Jaxon so Brad and I could fit in another temple trip before we went back to Texas. The Timpanogos temple is the first open house I attended and the first temple I was able to do baptisms for the dead in. It has always had a special place in my heart, but it was our first time going as a couple for endowments. It is a beautiful temple and Brad and I were so happy we were able to take that time together to go. We had a fun game day party at my Grandmas house for the Kentucky vs. Louisville basketball game. It was weird for me to be back and not have my Grandpa there. He would have loved having everyone around to watch the game and we were all thinking of him as we cheered for the Cats! It is always fun with Aunt Michelle around and I'm so happy our trips lined up so we could hang out. It was another fun saturday full of sports and food!
Sunday I snuck into YW the last hour with my sisters for my combined lesson, taught by my mom. I enjoyed so much being back in the YW room and feeling the spirit and testimonies of our youth. Even though I have three sisters they were so young the whole time I was growing up..I really feel like i just grew up with my brothers and then the babies haha. Megan and Heather are such good friends and it is fun to see them share experiences together like YW. Ashley will be going in this year and they will all get to be together for a little while. Makes me a little jealous, but mostly happy that they get to share these testimony building spritiual experiences together. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the week.

It snowed a lot the week we were in Orem and Jaxon loved it! We had fun a few times shoveling, burying each other, sledding, and building forts. We also enjoyed watching movies, doing more puzzles, and staying up late and talking with my sisters about their lives. They were awesome Aunts, playmates and babysitters the whole week!..They even each took a turn changing a dirty diaper (true love). I am so proud of the choices they are making and wish we lived closer, but it was a great time and we made good memories. It was also fun to watch my Parents being Grandparents and I know Jaxon loves them the loved and attention. Jaxon and I are both excited to come back again in March when Trent gets home!
During the week we were in Logan, Reese and Megan made a quick trip from Vegas for a wedding. We didn't want to miss seeing each other so we all met up at the Kneaders in Ogden for a quick breakfast get together. It was so fun to be all together for a short time and to visit and catch up.

Monday, January 12, 2015

We Missed You Cache Valley

Dec 16th was our first time back to the beautiful Cache Valley after being away for 7 months. I know Brad has always and will always love his home town, but since we've been away I've missed it more than I thought I would. I love the beauty of the Mountains, Utah State University, the community and people, good friends, and the best In-Laws I could ask for.

We felt spoiled the whole week by friends and family, and being able to spend time together. Here are some of the highlights and some pictures from our week in Logan.
- Grandma and Grandpa time: Jaxon seriously loves loves loves his grandparents and was able to recognize them from the beginning because of FaceTime and the few visits they have taken to San Antonio. Teresa and Scott were nice enough to get up early with Jaxon in the morning, put him down for naps, babysit, and spoil him with Christmas toys and (his favorite) treats!
Jaxon made a new best friend and his name is Grandpa Scott . When Scott would come home from the office Jaxon would yell "Ga-pa," and run over to see him. It was fun to see their little relationship. He still gets super excited when Grandpa comes on the screen for FaceTime.
- Family Haircuts: The three of us were all able to see Suzette again to get our hair done/cut! I was especially looking forward to seeing her again! She is the best!....And don't those boys looks good ;)

Jared and Kierra/Aggie Basketball: Thursday night when Scott and Teresa were busy Jared and Kierra invited us over for dinner and then we went to the Aggie Basketball game together. It was fun to catch up and we are happy they are still living in Logan, so that we could spend time with them over the week. Jaxon loved the game and was going crazy when everyone would cheer! 
Tess, Becket, and Jaxon
- Maddox: On the 23rd we had a little family gathering with Brad's Uncle Greg's family at the halfway point, Maddox. It was a great meal and so much fun to catch up with everyone....Not to mention these cute second-cousins loved chasing each other around the whole night.
Best Friends!: I was so happy to see and spend time with these two! We fit a lot in together over a week with everything else going on. We even got a group together to play Volleyball at the Sports Academy one night and it was a blast! I was definitely sore the next day from playing real Volleyball again. They are simply the best and I know we will be friends through our lives.
More Friends: Friday night we had a little reunion with the three amigos (Jaxon, Noah, and Lucas) at Parker and Tiauna's house. We had fun visiting with our old friends and watching our crazy boys interact. We might have scared Parker and Tiauna a little bit for their baby girl coming in April, but we had so much fun and we were glad all of our schedules worked out to get together.
Temple, Football, Food, Football, more food..Volleyball championships: The Saturday we were there was probably Brad's favorite day. Teresa babysat Jaxon so that we could do sealings together in the morning. We made (mostly Teresa) a huge spread of the best game day foods to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and night. We had fun watching the USU and UofU bowl games, as well as Penn State vs. BYU in the Volleyball National championships. Brad's best friend, Matt, came over for the day and Jared joined us when he finished working later that night. It was a nice relaxing day watching sports, being with family, and stuffing ourselves with food.....How much better does it get?

Farm Visit: Monday morning we went up to Wade and Deanna's in Smithfield and took a little tour of the farm. Jaxon loves animals and had fun seeing rabbits, cows, and a dog.  Jaxon especially loved the cows and kept saying "moo" "moo" while we were there. He also got to ride on the Tractor with Wade and Mayley and join Brad and I riding around on four-wheelers. We were surprised how much he loved it for how young he is. We will definitely have to go again when we come back in the summer.
First time experiencing snow

We opened presents on Christmas Eve morning in Logan, because we were traveling to Orem that afternoon to spend the next week with my family. It was fun for Jaxon to open gifts, but it was a little bittersweet because we knew we would be leaving that day. We seriously had a great time, and we were sad to see it end. Brad has the best parents and I am lucky to have such amazing in-laws. Cache Valley will always hold a special place in our hearts and we are looking forward to our return visits to come.