Wednesday, December 10, 2014



- Brad has been gone extra studying for finals and I can't wait for the first semester to be over tomorrow! 

- I have started running more and eating healthier in prep for Christmas break and a half marathon in February.

- Jaxon had his one year appointment. He weighs 27lbs (95%) and is 31in tall (90%). We have a big kid.

- Jaxon got shots and it was the worst yet (for me at least)! He was so good for the check up and when they gave him the shots he started to cry and just looked at me like I had totally betrayed him. 

-We've been working on getting rid of bottles for Jaxon. It's been a rough week for both of us. Poor guy.

- I started coaching a 16's club team. All my girls are hard workers and say "yes mam'" whenever they talk to me. Texas sports are also real intense and there are at least 10 parents at every practice. It's a little stressful but I know what I'm doing and enjoy being back in the gym. 

- Jaxons new favorite activity is the daily walk to the mailbox. He loves walking all the way there by himself and most importantly carrying the keys. He gets really mad of he doesn't get to carry the keys haha. 

Here's some pics from life lately ..

The mailbox walk
I made this one night on my phone while Brad was studying to see how much
Jaxon has changed over the year. What a cutie ;)
Watching Sesame Street as Dad watches Football
Ive always listened to music getting ready in the morning. Jaxon likes to hang out and sing with me :)

Thanksgiving 2014

We were lucky enough to be able to spend 6 days with Brads older brother and his family in Washington DC for Thanksgiving. We've been trying to plan a trip out to visit them for almost two years and made the plans this summer to go. At the time we didn't know I would be flying out in September to help out or that Derek would be coming to visit Texas with Jack. It's been fun to see each other and for Jaxon and his cousins to have fun playing and getting to know each other. Jaxon still gets so happy when I show him pictures of Jack and Hannah.
 We flew in Saturday night just in time for baby Meredith blessing the next day in church. It was a great blessing and Meredith looked so beautiful in her white dress. Taking pictures are proving to be a hard thing with Jaxon lately, but we tried to take a few family photos after church. It was a gorgeous day and the little boys were cracking us up as they played and ran around in their church clothes in the back yard. That night we went and walked around a lot of the monuments and memorials. It was cool going at night and seeing everything lit up. Some of our favorites were the Lincoln memorial and the newer Martin Luther King Jr. memorial.

Monday we were up early and able to go through a capital tour with representative Pete Session's Intern ( a member of the House of Representatives from Texas). It is a cool building and we all learned a lot and enjoyed looking around. We had a great lunch at a place near by and then walked through the air and space Smithsonian. We did a lot of walking that day and all slept really well that night.

Tuesday we hung out in the morning and then Becca was kind enough to keep Jaxon and so that Brad and I could attend a session at the DC temple together. We both agreed it was our favorite part of the trip. It's always neat to visit and attend a temple different from the one you always go to, but the DC temple was seriously amazing and huge! It's also special to both of us because Brad and I both have grandparents who served a mission as temple workers there. I couldn't help but feel close to my Grandpa who recently passed away and once again be reminded of the amazing blessing of being sealed to my family forever.
Wednesday Becca dropped Brad, Jaxon and I off at the metro to ride down town and do some more exploring. We had fun riding the metro and finding our way around. We grabbed a burger at 5 Guys (still think In-N-Out is way better) and then made our way to the National Archives building to see the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. After that we went and walked through the American History and Natural History Smithsonians. Jaxon was great and slept through most of it. We fit a lot in but seriously could have spent hours and hours in each builing..there is so much to see and do! Derek picked us up and drove us around by the White House and his office building. That night we stayed up late as Derek and Becca did some serious prep work for our amazing Thanksgiving meal the next day.
Selfie outside the Archives

On Thanksgiving we hung out and played with the kids and enjoyed visiting with the Sisters as Derek and Becca worked on the meal. We all enjoyed dinner and had a hard time deciding what was the best part. That night we hung out and watched football and ate lots and lots of really good pie ;)
Only picture I took of the food. Look at all those Mickey Mouses!
 ...and it tasted just as good as it looks!
Jaxon loves his Uncle Derek. He laid by him on the ground like this for a while.
We had a great week visiting, hanging out and playing with the kids. Derek and Becca live in a beautiful place and we wish we were closer to visit more often. I also couldn't help but feel extra gratitude during the Thanksgiving week for the freedoms and the country we live in and for the many heroes who have fought and served to keep those freedoms. Yay America!

sharing a little popcorn ;)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Jaxon's 1st Birthday!

Brad got me a new lens for my birthday so I have been taking a lot of pictures of Jaxon lately. I've seen people do cute first birthday pictures and I tried to do a version of my own on our patio one afternoon so here they are haha :). He loved tearing down the streamers!

 Jaxon's actual birthday was Saturday the 22nd, but we were flying to DC that day so we decided to have a little party for him Friday night with some friends. We decorated the house early in the week and Jaxon loved all the balloons around the house. Brad and I thought he would dive right into the cake, but he seemed a little nervous and confused with all the people singing to him and staring at him. He eventually got it and enjoyed the cake.

On Saturday morning we woke up and Brad and I both snuck into Jaxons room to get him in the morning. We sang and he opened presents from family. Jaxon didn't quite get the opening present thing, but was loving all the attention. We got to DC and Hannah had made a "Happy Birthday Jaxon" sign in the kitchen. We sang and ate cake again and Jaxon was a happy boy playing with his cousins. We sure love our big 1 year old and are looking forward to many more fun years ahead!