Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Second Bedroom

I loved our apartment in Logan. We have so many fun memories there and it was the perfect place to bring Jaxon home to while he was a newborn. I found some pictures I took the week before we had him of our apartment. It brought back some good memories looking through these and remembering how excited we were to meet our little man.

That being said, Brad and I were excited to have our room to ourselves again and for Jaxon to have his own space when we moved here. I was excited to decorate a nursery, but had to get creative with a dental student budget and free furniture. I might have done more if we had the bank for it, but overall I am really happy with his room and how it turned out. Here are the pics and the low down on everything we did.

We inherited this cool piece of kids furniture when Grandma Lindley moved. Brads Great-Grandfather Jensen made this for his Grandma when she was a little girl. Brad has fun memories playing with it like it was a kitchen or tool closet when he would go to his Grandparents growing up. It was pretty well worn and took some work to sand down. We primed and painted it to match the dresser and the rest of the furniture. Jaxon loves to climb on it and open and close the doors.
Grandma Lindley also gave me a lot of her old sewing fabric and thread when she was moving. The thread was too old and would break if I used it in the machine, but I thought the wooden spools were so cool so I saved them in a shoe box and figured I could use them for something later. I came up with this idea after seeing pictures of nurseries where the name or letter is displayed above the crib. I was a little nervous it might not look as cool as I saw in my head but I like the way it turned out. All it is, is a foam poster board from Walmart covered in fabric. I arranged the spools and hot glued them on. I used the leftover fabric to sew a pillow for the glider. 
I forgot to take a before picture of the dresser so I did a quick google and found one that was pretty similar. This was Brads old dresser from his bedroom growing up. All I did was pinterest searched how to paint laminate furniture and then Brad helped me pick out and buy the supplies on a Saturday at Lowe's. I worked on it through a week on our porch while Jaxon was napping. Pretty sure I lost a few pounds sweating in the Texas heat while I was painting, but the end result was worth it.

The picture and shelf were both given to us when Scott and Teresa moved a year ago. They were the first two projects I worked on when we got here and just painted them white to match the crib. I love the picture of Christ with the children and feel like it is perfect for a kids room. I didn't plan on loading up the shelf with Utah State gear, but we had so much and it fits his room. I also love the paper Rockets in the mason jars that Jen made for the baby shower. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them and it is a fun reminder of the nick name we called Jaxon through the whole pregnancy (Baby Rocket).

We chose white and gray for the furniture colors so that we can use it for a girl and a boy. Most of our furniture is either from other people or Amazon and Walmart. I was happy about how the room turned out and Brad was happy that we did it on a student budget ;). There are a few more things I want to hang on the walls and maybe I'll post later about it if I get around to it. All that really matters is that this cute kid loves his room and is sleeping through the night in his crib..Everybody's happy!
Gotta love that little smile!

Our First Visitors

Since we moved here we have been looking forward to Jared and Kierra coming to visit. Kierra has never been to Texas and so her and Jared spent a few days in Seguin with the Burns. Brad was busy with school for most of their trip, but I was able to tag along most days for some family fun. Lisa treated Jax and I like we were on vacation too and we had the best time!

 We miss having Jared and Kierra live underneath us. Being able to pop in and hang out, plus being able to borrow cooking ingredients whenever I needed them. ;) It was so good to catch up and Jaxon was excited to spend time with his old friends.

The day they flew in the Burns picked them up and then drove over to our place to hang out and swim for a little bit. That night we drove downtown to the Riverwalk and had fun walking around and seeing the Alamo, riding the tour boat on the river, and eating at the Rainforest Cafe. Jaxon really was a happy boy, just not when we were trying to take pictures of him ;)

Not a fan or the hat or waiting for dinner haha

 Thursday and Friday I drove out to meet up and hang out for the day. Thursday we drove to Lulling for literally, yes literally, the best BBQ I have ever eaten in my life. I have had some BBQ over the times we have been in Texas and it is all good, but nothing compared to this. It was amazing! I felt really bad Brad couldn't be there and that we didn't save any (haha it was too good), but we will for sure be making the hour drive to get some again.
On Friday Lisa took all the girls (plus Jaxon) on the shopping trip of a lifetime at the San Marcos Outlets. It was so much fun shopping all day long, helping the girls pick out their first day of school outfits, as well as getting some new things for me. Lisa spoiled all of us, Jaxon even got some new rockin' kicks.

 On Sunday Brad and I drove out to Seguin for dinner and to celebrate the August birthdays in the Burns family (Lisa, Caleb, and Molly). They have one of those huge watermelon slicers and Jaxon was in heaven. His cousins are so cute with him and he loves all the attention. I had fun making a cake on saturday night off pinterest (not exactly like the picture, but I was still proud) that we all enjoyed after family night.

 On Monday everyone but Brad and Al went to Schlitterbhan water park for the day. It was so fun and exhausting. Jaxons favorite part was to crawl and splash around in the kiddie pool and shallow water. He was happy floating in a tube in the river with us, but when I left him to go get my phone to take the only picture of the day, he was not happy. Oh well, I tried. Jared and Kierra came back with me that night to SA and I dropped them off at the airport the next day. The week went by so quick, but we had so much fun and look forward to seeing them at Christmas!