Thursday, July 24, 2014

8 Months

This week our little Jax man turned 8 months old! Crazy how time flies. I still feel like I am a new mom and he is a little baby, but he is growing up more and more everyday. He definitely has quite the personality. He seems to be doing something new each week and keeps Brad and I entertained. Its funny how when its your own child you find everything they do so exciting and fascinating. We are always clapping and cheering for him over nothing and he loves the attention. Here's whats new with our 8 month old!

- Still loves to eat! He will eat anything and is a bottomless pit. He gets excited whenever there is food! He makes grunting noises if you don't feed him fast enough, and wants to try whatever your eating. He's tried pickles, onions, and limes. He even loves his baby Tylenol and vitamins whenever he is sick. Whenever we have dinner with friends they always laugh and say how cute it is that he loves food so much. Sure its cute, but after 8 months we are seriously wondering if this obsession with eating, is a problem.

- Moving Machine - Jaxon loves to crawl around and explore whats going on around him. He pulls himself up onto anything he can. He especially loves to get into the plants, dishwasher (when its down), pantry, and recycling.

- Loves kids - Jaxon loves to play with and watch other babies and kids play. We have loved living an hour from 7 cousins that love him and keep him entertained when we visit. In our ward there are a lot of young families and they started a pre-nursery sunday school class. We sit in a circle for the lesson and lay toys out in the middle and let the babies play and interact. It has been awesome and Jaxon loves to interact and play with the other babies! There is also a mom's group that meets once a week at a pool or park and it has been a good outing for both Jaxon and I.

- Likes playing games - Jaxon loves simple games with repetition. He has so much fun figuring out what is going on and playing games along with us. He likes peek-a-boo, singing primary songs when I help him with actions, pretending to feed mom food, and getting tickled. My favorite is when we play hide and go seek. Brad or I will let him watch as we crawl behind something and then he will chase after us and we pop out and make him laugh/give him a hug when he does. It is so cute!

- Swimming! - When we first tried swimming with Jax back in Utah he was not so into it, but now he loves the pool. We go a couple times a week and he has fun splashing and floating around.

- New Tricks - He waves hi and bye, claps his hands, and gives big wet open mouth kisses on the cheek. He blows his lips and says dada when we say it to him, but doesn't really know what it means yet ;).

- Momma's Boy - How can I complain about a little human that loves me so much? He loves to play but when he is tired he loves to cuddle and rock in my arms. I am constantly astonished by the love and emotion I feel for our little Jaxon. I am grateful everyday to be a woman and to have the eternal role as a mother. There is nothing else I would rather be doing.

Tired boy ..Fell asleep at the pool. 

Al and Lisa had to go to Utah for a funeral so Jaxon and I stayed with the kids in Seguin. Going from 1-7 children was a little crazy, but Jaxon had lots of friends and helpers!
First time in a swing with cousin Jake!

Forget the Toys...Mom and Dad's stuff is way better!