Monday, June 16, 2014

Wedding Fun

On June 6th, one of my closest friends, Josselyn, got married. It was so fun to be there with her to celebrate their her special day. Joss and her husband are actually living in our old apartment!  We've been through a lot together and I am so glad we got stuck together Freshmen year. I love my friends so much! It was hard to say goodbye at the end of the night knowing that I was leaving for Texas the next day. We all had a little cry, but I know we will be friends for life and that we all have exciting new journeys ahead of us.
Night she got engaged


In April Shay and I threw a friend Bridal shower for Josselyn . Here are some of the pics:

..and some throw back pics for fun:

Final Weeks in Utah

The last month has been a little bit all over the place. We borrowed a truck and trailer to move our things and My awesome in-laws and brother-in-law, Jared, helped Brad make the 50 hour roundtrip over Memorial day weekend. I stayed with Jaxon in Orem with my family. We spent time in Logan, then back down in Orem again. It was a fun month of being with family and friends, but we are happy not to be living out of suitcases anymore and for Jaxon to have a crib and his own room. :)

Here are some pictures from the last month.

No, he didn't walk (we were in Cali), but we went and took pictures to document that he did actually graduate :)

Our first little house (top right window)

He's not so sure what to think of the grass

Moving day

Saying goodbye to my sweet sisters

Happy Birthday cake for Trent..even though he's in Italy :)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Grandpa Moody

After eight years of battling cancer my grandpa passed away Sunday June 1st. He was in the small percentage of people who survive pancreatic cancer that long. He was an amazing man and I feel so lucky to have lived in Utah close to my grandparents the last 5 years. Even though it is sad to have him gone it was an answered prayer and blessing for our entire family. Brad and I both felt it was a tender mercy that we were able to be there in the last few weeks to say goodbye and that we were still in Utah the weekend of his funeral. There were definitely lots of tears shed, but the funeral and weekend with family was a happy time. Everyone has different and special memories with Grandpa and it was nice for everyone to remember together what a wonderful man he was.
This is a picture of my grandparents the first year they were married. It is one of my favorites!
Christmas Eve
Before the funeral with my siblings (Trent's in Italy;)

My grandpa always loved sports. He played football, basketball, and ran track through high school and continued on to play Football for the University of Utah in college. He was a professor at University of Kentucky and watched about every UK basketball game until the end of this last season. My grandpa loved Brad from the first time he met him and that meant so much to me. Every time we would visit they would sit and talk football, baseball, or whatever was going on in the sports world. The last weekend before he passed I was visiting without Brad and he kept asking me "Where is Brad?" It made me smile because I knew how much he loved my husband and wanted to say goodbye to him.

My grandpa was always interested in the details of my life. He could remember all my friends from high school and college and would always ask how they were doing. My freshman year at college my grandma and grandpa came to visit me more than once in Logan and it always made me feel so loved and special. 

My grandpa was a funny, sweet, and very spiritual man. He helped me develop and have the testimony I have today. A special experience I have with my grandpa is that he was the one who gave me my patriarchal blessing. I could feel the saviors love through him, and knew he was inspired to give me the guidance I needed for my life. I will miss talking with my grandpa and feeling that love he had for me and my family, but I am so grateful for the knowledge of eternal families. What a wonderful blessing to know that we are sealed together for eternity if we live righteously. I know he is doing great work on the other side and it brings me happiness to know I will get to have a great reunion again with him someday.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three Years

It's been a crazy month and we have finally made it to our new home in San Antonio, Texas! It's definitely a big change, but we have had fun this week settling into our new apartment and exploring the area we live in.
Tuesday we celebrated our three year anniversary. Sometimes I think.."wow, that went by fast," but in reality a lot has happened in three years. We both played and finished college athletics, worked multiple jobs, finished two undergraduate degrees, traveled (including to the other side of the world), served in different callings, and became a family of three! That only seems to skim the surface when I think of all the different memories and experiences that have helped us to grow up and become the family/couple we are today. The first three years we have been able to spend a lot of time together. We almost always go shopping together, have lunch together, and Brad has been here a lot to help with Jaxon since he's been born. I haven't been to nervous about moving here, but I am nervous for Brad to be gone all day everyday. I am going to miss having my best friend around. 
Anyway, to celebrate our anniversary we did some unpacking and shopping in the morning. Before we left I asked Brad to grab the diaper bag. Well, right when we got to Target Jaxon had a big explosion. (He loves to do this when we are out, he never seems to have one at home). Brad did put plenty of new diapers in, but there was no new outfit! Haha so we cleaned him up and went out to buy a new outfit in Target to finish the day in. It was pretty funny and Jaxon was so happy to be out of clothes. 

We went out to eat at a local BBQ place in the afternoon. It was so GOOD! Jaxon even enjoyed some baked beans. :) He is seriously a crazy eater! He goes nuts when he sees there is food and gets mad when you try to give him baby food and not what is in front of you. 
Later that night we found a really good ice cream  place by where we live and after Jaxon was asleep we watched a movie. 
 So in love with these boys of mine! It's been a great three years and I am looking forward to many more!