Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Road Trip

For a while now we have been wanting to go and visit Reese and Megan in LA. We decided to plan the trip the same weekend the Yankees were playing in Anaheim so that we could see Derek Jeter play before he retires at the end of this season (Brad is a big Yankees fan). It happened to be over graduation weekend for Brad, but he assured me he would much rather be in California than at graduation. :)

I came out from a bathroom break and was told my seat was taken ;)haha
We knew driving 13 hours straight with a 5 month old would not be a good idea so we took the trip slow and spent and made a few stops along the way. On the way down we spent a day with my grandparents and family. We were able to catch Ashley's last soccer game and Jaxon surprised everyone that night by army crawling across the floor for the first time! I guess he was just waiting for a big audience to perform his new trick ;).

Our halfway stop on the way there and back was Saint George. The Theurer's great family friends the Heers, let us stay in their home and at their newest project In On The Cliff. They have done a lot of work to fix up the inn and it is seriously so beautiful and nice! We loved staying with them and wish we would have planned a few more days to enjoy. They also just opened a restaurant next door to the Inn called the Cliffside Restaurant, and the food is to die for! Seriously, if you are in St. George you need to go and check it out!

Reese and Megan planned a fun filled weekend for us. Friday Megan had the day off work and took us to walk around Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. We tried some red velvet ice cream at their favorite place, Sprinkles, and fell in love (so did Jaxon)! That night we went to Venice beach to what is called the "First Friday". The first Friday of every month tons and tons of different kinds of food trucks gather in one location and you just walk truck to truck trying different food. It was definitely a cool and different kind of dinner experience.

Brad posing by a Bugatti Veyron on Rodeo Dr.
Jaxon's first taste of ice cream..happy boy
Saturday we went to a huge farmers market in Santa Monica and then walked along the beach and on the pier. From there we took a beautiful drive up the PCH a little ways past Malibu to their favorite little  beach. Megan packed a cooler for lunch and we had fun exploring some tide pools, caves, and sitting in the sun :) It was a little overcast and so we all underestimated how much sunscreen we really needed and were a little burnt when the day was over. That night we went to a really great local Mexican restaurant.

Reese and Megans ward meets in the building right behind the LA Temple. We enjoyed walking around the visitors center and temple square after our meetings. Megan made a great Sunday meal and later that afternoon we went and walked around the UCLA campus where Megan took some family pictures for us (coming soon :). The campus was beautiful and it was fun to spend time with Reese and Megan. They were great hosts and we were sad the weekend was over so quickly.
He loved his Uncle Reese

Monday we had planned on spending the day in Aneheim shopping before the game. We did fit in an Indonesian lunch at a restaurant (which was pretty authentic) we found but ended up having some car troubles and were stuck in an auto shop for most of the afternoon. We were able to shop and eat dinner for an hour just before the ball game. The ball game was awesome! Being at a major league field really is a cool feeling and Brad was definitely loving his graduation gift.

Food from the Indonesian Restaurant we found