Tuesday, April 22, 2014

5 months old

Today Jaxon is 5 months old. Crazy how my little baby is turning into such a big guy! We love our little man so much. He has definitely come into quite the personality the last few months. I never wrote an update after his 4 month appointment so here are his stats from a month ago: Height 99%, Weight 50%, and Head Circ. 37% (tall and skinny:). The last month has been a good one. Here are some fun facts and updates about our Jaxon.

- He loves to eat! He started eating solid foods this month and gets excited whenever we get food out. We tried to introduce foods slowly, but after we fed him once he would get mad every time we were eating, so we feed him or distract him most meals. The only thing he hasn't liked is green beans (who can blame him). His favorites are rice cereal, applesauce, sweet potatoes, and pears.

- Loves being outside. When he starts to get grumpy going outside is always the cure. He loves going on walks in his stroller or just laying on a blanket next to mom.

- Rolls over. He's not a very good performer and won't do it when we want to show someone, but we've caught him a few times. He sleeps on his stomach and every morning when I go to get him he is flipped on his back and excited to see me :)

- Social butterfly. Jaxon loves to jabber on and on. He makes the funniest sounds..especially when he has an audience. He especially loves kids and other babies.

- He's a little crazy. But seriously, he is. This kid loves to move. He is constantly kicking his feet, moving his body, and making noises. He loves to smack toys and be held standing up. He gets mad when you try to have him relax and cuddle. The only time he cuddles these days are right when he wakes up.

We love this boy and can't imagine our lives without him. It has been so fun to see him grow and change over the last 5 months and we are looking forward to many more!

Best Friends!

My cake frosting was a fail, but it was still good (sad loss for UK though)
right: first time eating, left: first time not liking food haha