Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring "Break"

Slowly I am realizing that adulthood means things like Birthdays and Spring Break don't mean as much as they used to. Brad has a job opening up and cleaning Logan High School every morning and so even though he didn't have class he still had to be up at 5:15 every morning to go open the school. It was nice to have him home more and get a lot of things done that we have been putting off. We loved our family time and enjoyed a few late night walks, eating out, and a Chopped marathon. 
This last week we watched Brad's cousins, Garrett and Lauren, while their parents were in Saint George. We got a little taste of what it will be like to have more kids. They were so much fun and Jaxon loved having little friends around to play with him. On Saturday our little boy turned 4 months old! So crazy and I know all parents say it, but time is seriously flying by. It makes me so sad to pack away his small clothes and watch him get bigger, but at the same time he is getting more and more fun everyday.

Here are some pics from my phone from the last few weeks:

One of our new favorite family activities is going on walks. Jaxon loves them and it is nice to get out and enjoy the warmer weather. We bundled him up in this picture, because it was late and a little rainy.
More walks..this time to hang out and take a nap at the park :)
(This jacket was Brad's when he was a baby…so cute!)

We went to lunch with Grandma Lindley for Grandpas Birthday. We had fun spending time with her and hanging out at her house after. We are going to miss being able to visit our grandparents in Utah so easily when we move to Texas.
Love this boy! (sad my little newborn is growing up)
Brad said Jaxon was helping him work….walked into the kitchen to find this haha...Homemade Bumbo?

He slept 10 hours through the night!! (mom and baby were both very happy)

He is turning into such a busy boy..I love when he finally relaxes and cuddles/falls asleep on me :)
Yeah ...we went to lunch with Matt last week and Jaxon decided to have his biggest explosion yet. All over me, the carseat, the car, his clothes, and the restaurant booth (don't ask how, it just did). Luckily I had an extra onesie and some crazy snowman socks to take him home in…Brad and Matt were just laughing..and later I started to laugh too…gotta love that little face! 
standing up all by himself!

Jared and Kierra gave us a gift card with babysitting for our Christmas gift and we finally took them up on it. We enjoyed ourselves with some all-you-can-eat sushi and it was nice to have a date night just the two of us.
Angies with Garrett and Lauren!

Heather's Volleyball tournament.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Family Weekend

Reese and Megan came to town to visit from LA! They both have busy jobs and don't get much free time so we were so happy to spend the weekend with them and catch up. Last time they came at Thanksgiving Jaxon was only a week old and they were sick, so we kept him far away. It was fun for them to officially hold, play, and be with Jax. 

We had a little family celebration for my Dad's 50th birthday! The kids all gave him a book that was 50 favorite memories of our dad. I had all my siblings send me in 8-9 memories and I put together a little scrapbook for him. It was fun going through and remembering all the funny things that have happened over the years. Here are a few favorites:

I remember a long time ago in Idaho, Dad was trying to do a back flip on the trampoline and he missed the tramp and went flying onto the grass.  It was pretty awesome haha.       –Reese

When you woke me up late on a school night just to let me know you beat my high score on Brick Breaker! HAHA, pretty sure I ended up with the high score in that competition eventually.     -Nicole

 I remember when I was sick in the hospital with asthma, I would wake up in the middle of the night and I would see Dad sleeping on the crappy cushion chair. I woke him up like every night and was like "Dad, I want to watch Home Alone 3!" haha, I don’t think when they told me that I could watch any movie that I want, they meant even at 3 in the morning, but I still lived it up! haha Dad was always there to help me out, even at 3 in the morning!                 -Trent

When I was in elementary they had donuts for dad and I loved that day. It was the day I could bring my dad to school and show everyone how cool he is. He would kick up the kick ball so high that everyone was amazed at how cool he was. When he came in the classroom everyone was amazed at how tall he was. I was like, “yeah that's my dad”.         -Heather

I remember when I turned eight years old and I was so excited to get baptized by my Dad. What a great blessing to be able to have a Dad worthy enough to have the priesthood and to give me a blessing of becoming a member of the church.     - Megan 

I remember having fun in Idaho and we went river rafting and had to duck under the bridges. We also went on four wheelers and one time got stuck in a ditch and we couldn’t get out. It was really scary. HA     - Ashley

New Beginnings

"Put your HEART into personal progress" was the theme for our New Beginnings program. Everything was themed around hearts. We decorated with lots of hearts/Valentines decorations. We heart attacked our new incoming beehives before the activity with an invitation to the event. We actually have three new girls coming in this year (big deal for our ward)! During the program the laurel class presidency introduced them as our "little sweethearts" with get to know you questions. We had the previous YW president come and speak about continuing on with personal progress after you have completed your medallion. The girls then took turns introducing each of the values. They each had a heart with the color of the value and described how that value can help us come unto Christ. After they were done explaining the value they put them on the board in a circle surrounding a picture of Christ. All the girls did such a great job of researching and presenting their value. I spoke at the end of the program about our personal progress goals as a ward this year. I also talked about the new theme, "Come Unto Christ", based of the scripture Mosiah 32:10. This theme is so perfect for the youth and I love it! I talked about making small goals each day to become more Christlike. I know he loves each of us so much and is waiting for us to come to him. Others will see the light of Christ in us when we are giving service and living a happy life. Charity is one of the greatest strengths, and forces for good we can have in our lives! I showed a video clip from the church youth website at the end and then everyone enjoyed ice cream sundaes for refreshments. Brad was a huge help setting up decorations, taking care of Jaxon and telling me I was awesome when I was stressing out the night before ;). I wish I would have taken more pictures of the night but here is what I had on my phone.

As a gift another leader and I sewed personal progress packets for all the girls. I wish I would of had one  of these growing up! They hold your pp book, pp journal, For the Strength of Youth, and a pen. Now it is all in one place for  them to grab and bring to activities or just to store at home.

It was a great night filled with the spirit. I have grown so much learning from the examples of my young women and the leaders I serve with. I will be really sad to leave them for Texas in May.
after Baptisms for the Dead a few weeks ago