Monday, December 2, 2013

Jaxon Brad Theurer

He's here! Friday November 22nd at 5:47 AM we welcomed our sweet baby Jaxon to our family. Here are some pictures and the story of his birth.  
First Family Photo
(Warning to readers that this is a really long post about natural child birth) Before I was ever married or pregnant I made up my mind that I wanted to try to have my children naturally. When I told my doctor this, he said less than half of the women who say they want to go natural actually do, and it's especially hard with your first. He suggested I get a doula or midwife, but I knew the only person I would really want "coaching" me or whatever you want to call it was Brad. We prepared by taking a 5 week class at the hospital on Hypnobirthing. The Mongan method of Hypnobirthing is based on the bodies amazing capability to allow birth. The short explanation is that you find ways to relax and let your body do the work. I didn't buy into everything but it was a really helpful class and good for Brad and I to take together to get ready for our little guy to come. 

In my mind I convinced myself that I would go into labor early. My mom had all 6 of her children two weeks early and when they had measured Jaxon in the ultrasound he was measuring big and to be due earlier. All this did was make me crazy the last week of pregnancy. As soon as Brad got home from his interview in Dallas on the 15th I was determined to kick start my own labor.. We tried about everything, but the only thing that changed was that my legs were sore from walking so much. Thursday the 21st was the doctors appointment and four days before my due date. We were really happy to hear that I had progressed and was 90% effaced and 3cm dilated. He stripped my membranes while doing the cervical check and said he was hopeful that it would help and I would go into labor that weekend. Two hours later, around 4:00, I started to feel some cramping. Brad and I decided to go start walking around to keep things moving. We walked up and down about every isle of Walmart, Kholes, and Bed Bath & Beyond. I was still feeling good and the contractions were far apart so we decided to keep our dinner plans and go to Chili's with the other couples in our fourplex. I continued to have contractions through dinner but we didn't tell anyone and it was a good distraction to be hanging out with friends for a little while. (Later Kierra told me she could tell something was up haha :). 

We decided to keep trying to distract ourselves so we went to Brad's parents house (they were out of town in Cedar City) and watched some recorded shows they had. At about 10:30 we headed home and contractions started to pick up. They were about every 4-5 min and getting more intense. I walked around a lot, bounced on my yoga ball, and finally decided to lay in the bath for a while. One of our goals was to stay at home until labor was well established. I didn't want to be at the hospital forever and since we live so close, I was waiting until I knew for sure it was time to go. After the bath I was going to try to blow dry and straighten my hair. I guess part of me wanted to look decent, but really I was just looking for something to distract myself a little longer. I started to blow dry my hair, but every 2 minutes I would have to stop and hold onto Brad while I had a contraction. At 2:00 am After trying to do my hair and make it through contractions for 20 minutes I told Brad I thought It was time to go. We had all our stuff packed but Brad was flustered trying to get everything together, pull the car up, and be with me every two minutes as I was having a contraction. Right as he had everything ready and we were going to walk out I had a really intense contraction. I looked up at Brad half way through it and said "I think I'm going to puke." This sounds way gross writing it out like this, but I threw up all over the bathroom. Brad was worried about me and just wanted to get to the hospital so he told me to leave it and get to the car because we needed to go. When we got to the car all I could think about was how our whole apartment was going to smell like puke and we actually laughed about it as we were driving to the hospital.

We pulled up to the round about entrance of the hospital. It was early in the morning so no one was around and Brad left the car parked right in front to take me upstairs and get checked in. This is funny because he forgot he left the car parked right outside the hospital doors and didn't end up going to move it until after Jaxon was born. Anyway Brad got us all checked in and they checked my cervix and I was dilated almost to a 6. The nurses were happy I had progressed as far as I had at home.
In Labor and Delivery

On the labor and delivery floor there is a big Jacuzzi tub that I used for the next hour to continue laboring in. The warm water and jets really helped to ease the pressure as my contractions became more intense. I still felt in control of my contractions at this point but they were becoming harder and longer. I stopped talking a lot and was quiet for the most part. Brad was annoying me and being so helpful at the same time. He held my hand, kissed my forehead, and kept telling me about how proud he was of me and how excited he was to meet our son. At the time I was a little bugged he was so happy while I was the one doing all the work (haha I remember telling him he should have to do every other contraction), but he really was trying hard to do everything he could to help me. 
Going home outfit!
Around 3:30 we went back to the room for them to check me. I had only dilated to 6.5 cm. This is when I had a little freak out. The hardest part was not knowing how long I was going to be in labor. I needed a timeline to help me mentally, but I didn't have one. Brad and the nurse were really helpful to get me to relax again and just focus on getting the baby to progress with every contraction.
 The next two hours were hard. Every two minutes, during a contraction, Brad would push against my hip and pull my knee in to help relieve pressure. I kept grabbing the back of his arm and squeezing/pinching really hard. It's funnier to hear him tell the story, but I was squeezing so hard that I left bruises and scratches on his arm through three layers of clothes. In between contractions I actually fell asleep a couple times, trying my best to stay relaxed. A funny side note to all of this is that in our class when we took a tour of labor and delivery they showed the men where they could go hang out and get free drinks and food while their wives were in labor. Brad thought this was awesome and was excited to enjoy himself with free stuff. Haha yeah, well there was no way I was letting Brad leave my side for two seconds. He was awesome! I wasn't very nice at the time and I'm pretty sure I told him this was the only child we were ever having, but he was happy and encouraging through it all. 

Finally I felt like I was ready to push, but my water hadn't broken and I could feel it in the way. They checked me and said that I was fully dilated and they thought they could call the doctor to break my water if I wanted. The doctor was about 15 minutes away and I wasn't going to wait through every contraction so I pushed as hard as I could on my next contraction and broke my own water. After that everything went really fast. The doctor wasn't there yet, but Brad and the nurses could see his head and so they told me to start pushing. The doctor walked in about ten minutes after I started pushing and Jaxon was delivered about five minutes after that. Pushing and delivering Jaxon was my favorite part of the whole labor experience. Brad kept looking down and then back at me and telling me how excited he was and how close I was to meeting our son. I felt in control of my body and as soon as he was delivered i had instant relief and a surge of so much adrenaline that my legs were shaking.
In our birth preferences we asked that they wait to do all his medical assessments until after the first hour. This was so great because right after he was delivered and Brad cut the cord, they placed him on my chest and we were able to enjoy the first hour together as a family. Jaxon laid on my chest with his eyes wide open looking at Brad and I, as we talked to him. It was such a special time for the three of us to spend together. After that hour we were taken upstairs to the mother and baby unit. We spent the rest of that day (Friday), and left the hospital on Saturday at 1pm.

We loved having friends and family come visit at the hospital. We were proud parents, very excited to show him off. We also loved spending the entire 2 days together.

The last 10 days have been so fun getting to know our little guy! At the same time they have been overwhelming and a little scary (sleep-deprivation is a reality), but we are so happy to have our baby boy here. Overall he has been a good baby. He started eating well from the very beginning, and I am slowly working on a sleep schedule. We love when he is awake and it is crazy to see how much he is changing from day to day. Even though it has been such a short time it is hard to imagine our lives without him. We love our baby Jaxon :)

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