Monday, November 11, 2013

Two Weeks

Yes, it is true....only two weeks until the due date of our little Rocket (Don't worry we will figure out his real name eventually)! I know every expectant mother says the same thing, but I am so ready for him to be here. I have been feeling extra large and heavy, and the stretch marks and face swelling are not exactly helping my self esteem. At the same time I know I will miss my little guy inside me. I feel so connected to him and everything is going to change.

 For two and a half years it has just been Brad and I. We are each others best friends. When I first got pregnant I had morning sickness everyday. After a few weeks of not necessarily being myself I can remember Brad saying how he missed his lovey wife who always wanted to cuddle and be close to him. I know he didn't mean to make me cry but I felt so sad that our relationship was changing or that I had let him down. Since then I have tried to remember that pregnancy is hard for me, but that doesn't make it easy for Brad. After that I think he has been careful about the words he chooses haha. He has been awesome telling me all the time how he loves my belly and thinks I look beautiful. He has even put up with the fast food runs at midnight and my crying during any sort of sentimental commercial or story on TV. He is going to be a great dad and I can't wait to be parents together!

Anyway, our lives have continued to stay busy this last month. I stopped working a few weeks ago, but babysat for a family for a few weeks in Smithfield and have been finishing lots of buying and small projects before Rocket comes. Brad has been interviewing at dental schools, going to class, and finished up his coaching with a sad loss for Logan this last weekend. His final interview is in Dallas this Friday, so baby better not decide to come while he is gone.

 This last Saturday we spent the whole day moving and organizing our apartment to fit a third member of the family. Even though the front room is a living room/nursery I like how it turned out. I love our little one-bedroom apartment and it will work great until this summer when we move away.

Oh yeah and I dropped my phone in water so these are the only pictures I have from the last month:
Halloween party random costumes

They are so excited to be aunts! (large belly :)


About two weeks ago was our wards Young Women in Excellence program. It is when all the girls are spotlighted for everything good they have been doing the last year and to recognize them in their personal progress. The theme for mutual this year has been "Stand in Holy Places", so as leaders and girls we decided to make our theme for the night about temples.
 I am not super crafty and events like this freaked me out when I first got asked to serve in my calling, but it ended up being the perfect night. Leading up to the night we had an activity back in September where we took the girls to the Logan temple grounds and had a little devotional. They were given time to go off on their own and write their testimonies and goals to "go inside someday." Afterwards I did a little photo shoot of the girls around the temple (not exactly a photographer, but we had fun :). Their pictures were displayed that night by their testimonies/goals and projects they have completed this year. I forgot to take pictures from the actual night, but here are some from the activity that were displayed.
In this calling I continue to worry and stress about every activity, lesson, and program we have. I wanted to put a post up to remind myself later that I love these girls and I love my calling. I know that our savior loves every single one of us individually. He wants us to feel the blessings of happiness the gospel can bring in this life so we can live eternally with him someday.