Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend stories

This last weekend was a busy one. Friday night was the Logan High School Homecoming game. I took my camera to document Brad coaching :). He has enjoyed coaching, even if it is a little frustrating dealing with high school boys. Its been fun to have a weekly game to go watch again, and for Brad to be around football. So far they are undefeated and we hope it stays that way!

Oh.. and one of my Young Women, Becca, was crowned homecoming queen which made the whole night that much more exciting :)!

Early Sunday morning Brad and I took off on a twelve hour drive to Lincoln, Nebraska for his first of many Dental School interviews. We spent a lot of the drive there talking about questions they might ask and learning about the school. He was a little nervous, but felt that overall it went really well...Lets be honest..who wouldn't want Brad as a student at their Dental School? (at least that's how I feel ha :)  It was a lot of driving for two days, but overall it really wasn't too bad and we had a good time together.
Last, but not least today is Brad's 25th Birthday! He didn't get much of a break after our trip and had to be up early finishing an assignment, and to make up a lab from yesterday that he missed. I made him lunch and drove him to pick up the surprise I had for his birthday. With the help of his parents I got his football jersey framed. My coaches did mine for me when I was done playing and it is cool to have, so now he has his framed and it will be fun to hang them next to each other someday in our home :). He had a couple other small gifts that he enjoyed and a fun family dinner at Kabuki.

Tailgate/32 weeks

I am late on the blog updating but here is some fun events from our lives the last month or so...

Brad and Jared organized a house tailgate party before the first home game up here in Logan. We enjoyed our little party with some food in front of our house, watching football, and hanging out before the game.

Afterwards we all cleaned up and went to the game together. It was fun to be able to sit by Brad, but I was a little sad not getting to watch him run out and play.

I am 32 weeks pregnant! Yeah..crazy how the weeks left gets smaller and smaller. besides an aching back, needing lots of sleep, and random panic attacks, I'm feelin good! I can't wait to meet our little boy! Here are a couple things I have been working on the last couple weeks and some pictures of my growing belly (for the family who requested it).

Laurens Baby Shower!

top: Car seat cover (second thinking the fabric..too girly?) bottom: jungle quilt!