Friday, June 28, 2013

Almost July??

What happened to summer? It has been flying by so fast I want it to slow down so I can enjoy it. At the beginning of the month we were able to celebrate being married for two years! It was our first anniversary actually being together and even though we didn't go on too much of an extraviganza it was a great day.

Brad woke up early and surprised me with flowers, York candies, and of course my favorite breakfast food, cinnamon rolls from a can :). He still doesn't understand why I like them more than regular cinnamon rolls, but continues to make me happy and make heat them on special occasions haha.

This whole month Brad has been busy studying, like a full time job for the DAT that he will take at the end of July. I surprised him in the library on our anniversary with a picnic basket full of food and we had a picnic for his lunch break on the quad by Old Main. That night we went to the restaurant of our first date, Cafe Sabor, and had fun thinking of good questions to ask each other about the last two years and the memories we have had. Crazy how fast those two years went. Oh yeah! and I almost forgot the twizzleberry frozen yogurt at the end of the night with the sunset. Cinnamon rolls, yorks, and frozen yogurt...what could make a pregnant girl happier?

Other summer news is that my belly is growing, Brad is studying, and we've helped both of our families move. Scott and Teresa moved to North Logan, and I just got home from helping my family drive up and unpack in Orem. We are happy they are either staying close or moving closer so that we can enjoy our family this next year. We have also been kept busy with our new callings in our ward and have to do a little more work than we used to in Primary. Brad is the new Executive Secretary and I am serving as the Y.W. president. Brad has meetings for most of Sunday, Youth conference was this last weekend and Girls camp is in two weeks. It is definitely overwhelming for both of us, but also exciting and fun. Last Sunday Teresa laughed when I said "being an adult is hard." It is hard, but it is also more rewarding. For now I just keep telling myself to "find joy in the journey."