Sunday, February 24, 2013

Football Banquet

This weekend was Brads Football banquet. It was fun to go and see everyone and to relive the highlights from this past season. Sports have been such a big part of our lives and it is weird..really only have school and work this semester. This Fall season and these last 4 years of Football and Volleyball have been amazing! We owe a big part of who we are to Aggie Athletics...not to mention and most importantly it is how Brad and I met! :).. Here are some pics from the event

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Presidents Day

For some reason I keep thinking to myself.."Don't worry, we will have more time next semester." Well it hasn't been true yet and this semester is no different. Even though Brad is no longer playing football, he is busy doing everything he couldn't do when he was playing. He has a full class load, has been tutoring athletes, shadowing dentists, and studying for the DAT. I have been kept busy with 20 hours a week at Headstart, my job at the restaurant, and finishing up school to graduate in May. There are some days we leave at 7:30 and don't see each other until 9:00 at night, but we will have more time next semester....right?

This past weekend we went to Vegas to see the fam. It was short and sweet but we had a great time and fit a lot in..not to mention really enjoyed the sunshine!  Here are some pics from the trip :)

Saturday park time and UNLV basketball game

Heather and Ashley decorating for triple Birthday party :)