Sunday, July 29, 2012

Las Vegas

Vegas! Even with the 110 degree whether and reputation for Sin City, it's where I'm from and it is a place I love. With one of the few weeks Brad gets off for football we headed home. Thursday we got to Vegas and went to an all you can eat sushi lunch with one of my best friends from high school, Tori, and her boyfriend Brad (her Brad plays football for UNLV haha weird). Later that night my mom made a great dinner for the whole family and we went to the park and played a game of kickball. Friday morning my Dad and Reese had to work so all the girls and Brad decided to pack up and go hiking up Mt. Charleston. It was a really pretty hike and worth the drive to get a small break from the heat of the city.

Saturday we were able to go to the temple as a family and do baptisms for the dead. Heather just turned twelve so it was her first time and it was a neat experience for us. That night we went to a Triple A baseball game hosted by the Las Vegas 51's. Even though it was way hot we all had fun and loved the free hats and Bobbleheads!

Sunday and Monday was fun because the Emery cousins came in town from Arizona to have fun! We went swimming, played games, and even cooked s'mores in the backyard. Monday night we went with the whole gang to the family gym. It is a big gym so there was rock climbing and swimming for the kids, and even yoga and spin classes for others to go to. Brad and I wondered around and found a city league volleyball match that needed some extra players. It was way fun and kind of funny because I think the locals were a little surprised by how well we played. :) It was hard to leave Tuesday, but as always we had so much fun spending time and seeing the family!

When we got back we spent the last day of the football break with some of our friends on a little day trip to Bloomington Lake. It is a small lake in the middle of the Mountains up a canyon close to Bear Lake. We hiked up with some tubes and lunch. Then spent the afternoon cliff jumping, going of the rope swing and getting some sun! We ran home and were able to go a show at the lyric theater with Scott and Teresa. We watched "Big River" which is a play based on the book, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." Although it was a different show, we enjoyed it.

Big River

This last picture is of our Sunbeam class we teach together. They are holding up their gold medals for finishing the Primary Olympics! We love these kids! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stories of Summer

I just realized yesterday that we start fall semester in 5 weeks. Seriously..where did summer go? The last couple weeks have been mostly consumed with Brad and I taking summer classes, working a-lot, and of Brad has been really busy with his Anatomy class this summer (which is the most failed class on campus). He spends hours and hours studying and memorizing what I think is pretty much a different language. Before every test he would go and get himself a two litter of his favorite drink to help him get through it...guess it worked because he has gotten one of the top three scores on every exam!

The night before the 4th we enjoyed roasting marshmallows and watching the fireworks from Romney stadium with Scott and Teressa in their back yard. It was a good view and fun to know that Jared was helping shoot the show. It was fun to remember the year before when we were the ones setting up and shooting firework shows.

This last weekend  my mom and sisters came to visit. Heather was going to Volleyball camp at BYU so they came up the weekend before and visited me at the restaurant and went to church with us the next day. I went back down to Provo with them for a couple days and it was nice to spend time with my grandparents as well as do some shopping with the girls :).

This weekend was one of few that Brad's parents were out of town. We haven't made that many Sunday meals before, but we were proud of what we came up.