Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beach Trip

Almost every summer since I was ten my family has taken a vacation to the beach in beautiful California. It is always one of the highlights of the summer and something we look forward to. Last year was skipped because of the craziness of two weddings, so this year my mom scheduled the beach house early to make sure we would be able to go. Sadly as it turned out neither one of the spouses could join, so it was just the original Gneiting family together again in Cali. We missed Megan and Brad, but we definitely  had a great time.

I flew in Friday morning to Long beach to have all my family waiting for me. I've realized as we have gotten older that people stare at us a lot. Not sure if it's because there are eight of us or that we are all really tall that gets the attention. I was so happy to see all of my brothers and sisters waiting for me, and couldn't believe how much I had been missing them. We spent Friday at the beach playing Volleyball and getting in the water. Saturday was spent away from the beach as Reese and I, with our now untanned Utah skin, were burnt. We had fun going shopping, riding bikes, and seeing a dollar movie.

Sunday we went to Sacrament meeting and then walked around the Newport Temple. We enjoyed having a cookout with my uncle and cousin Jack, as well as visiting with friends. Monday and Tuesday consisted of more beach, Volleyball, shopping, bike riding, tacos, fire pit on the beach, and doughnuts at the shop around the corner. I was sad to leave the beautiful weather and my family, but it was definitely a fun vacation.

One of the hardest parts about leaving for Cali was that Brad and I weren't together on our first anniversary. I was so sad not to be with him, but I was so excited to celebrate with him when I got home on Tuesday. He picked me up at the airport with flowers, then we went to City Creek in Salt Lake to shop and hang out. We went to dinner at Outback and made a stop in Ogden at Farr's Ice Cream for dessert ( One of my new FAVORITE places!). I was so happy to see him we forgot to take any pictures haha :). I am so happy and grateful to have found my best friend and eternal companion. The first year flew by and I can't wait for many more to come!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Last Week of May

The month of May has come and gone way too fast! It is pretty much the only month off from football that Brad has all year so I'm sad he won't be around as much once next week starts. This last week we had a lot of fun enjoying the good weather, friends and family. Monday we went to a pool party at my friends apartment and enjoyed some sun. Tuesday night we decided to go on a little adventure up the Mountain with our friends Parker and Tiauna Jeppesen and went camping for a night. Being a Vegas girl I am not exactly a big camper, but I am always down to get dirty and have fun. We had a good time making tinfoil dinners and talking around a fire. Brad was even nice enough to give me the warm sleeping bag and sleeping pad without the hole in it :).

After a few busy days of working we were able to head down to Provo for the weekend to visit my grandparents and my brother Reese and his wife Megan. It is always nice to get away for a little and enjoy spending time with family. We were also able to catch up with my best friend Whitney Halford who is at BYU now instead of USU :( (we love her anyway).

Finally Monday was spent in Logan celebrating memorial day traditionally, by visiting the different cemeteries throughout Cache Valley. It was especially nice this year to visit Brad's grandpa's grave who passed away a couple month's ago. Afterwards the whole extended family went to the Theurer home for a great BBQ and lots of food. As I have gotten older I appreciate this holiday more and more. There are so many wonderful people who have passed on that made all the difference in my life today. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and the knowledge that I will get to spend eternity with my family and the people I love.