Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life Lately..

Well its been a while since the last time I posted and a lot has happened. For starters Jared is home!! Brad's little brother is home from his mission in Brazil and it is fun to have someone new around. Not gonna lie I was really nervous to meet the last member of the Theurer family. All is good though, because Jared is great and it has been fun getting to know him better these last couple weeks and hearing the stories from his mission in Brazil.
The night after Jared got home Grandpa Lindley was rushed to the hospital and the life-flighted to SLC. Grandpa spent 11 days in the hospital mostly in the ICU unit. He then decided to spend the remainder of his life in the Theurer home. It was a blessing to have him in the home and cared for by the family and a live in nurse. It was a special week with many tender moments. He had his ups and downs and ended up passing away on Valentines day. I have only known him for a year, but I knew from the time I was dating Brad how important his grandfather was in his life. He was a kind and wonderful man, and I am so thankful for the time I was able to know and spend with him. It is a blessing to know that if we live our lives right we will get to be with him again for eternity. This is a sweet picture of him back in the day when he was a football star at Utah State!

Last year on Valentines day Brad and I were dating. I had early morning lifting for Volleyball and when I got back with my roommates he surprised me by leaving a trail of kisses into my apartment and then into my room with flowers and chocolates waiting at the end. This year he did the same thing when I was asleep, I woke up to flowers, bath salts, and chocolate. What a sweet husband I have!That night we went to dinner at the Bluebird with Grandma Lindley, his aunt and Uncle Greg and Kayleen, as well as his parents, Derek, Becca, baby Hannah, and Jared.

Friday was Brad's Football banquet. It was a really nice event and there were a lot of people there to support and celebrate how well they did this season. They got a ring for making it to a bowl game and their Jerseys from the season. Brad also received an award for being Academic All-WAC. After the banquet we headed over to the viewing for his Grandpa. Saturday was the funeral.The music and program was done by family, and the 5 children spoke. It was a very nice day and everything went well. There was a special spirit throughout the entire day that was felt by everyone there.
That night was my first experience with the whole Theurer family (Brad's parents, and 3 brothers, sister, and in-laws) together. We enjoyed having a fun family game night and fitting all together in the hot tub ;). We then spent Sunday with my Grandparents in Springville and visited Reese and Megan in Provo to celebrate Reese's 23rd birthday. I thought a lot this weekend about how important family is. It made me think about how grateful I am for my own family and parents and what great examples they are to me. I am also so thankful to have married into such a wonderful family that I love so much. Brad and I really are lucky to be surrounded by people who love and support us as well as teach us and help us.