Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Holidays!

After the bowl game we were home a little over 24 hours then it was off to Vegas. We got there just in time to see Trent's Basketball game.It was fun to watch him play and see how much he has improved since last year. Every time I see him I am amazed at how much taller and older he is (actually I think that about all my siblings). The first couple days Vegas were spent with the Moody side of the family celebrating our grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. It was so fun to have all the family together to celebrate. What an amazing example my grandparents are in my life. It was so fun to hear stories I have never heard and see them together still as in love as they were when they were married 50 years ago. Lets see Brad and I only have 49 years and 6 months to go! :)

It was fun for Brad and I to spend our first Christmas together. The tradition in my family is that we all get pajamas on Christmas eve. This year the boys all got the same and the girls the same as well. We drew names in our family for gifts and Brad and I got Trent's name. Along with some other goodies we got him a special blue goblet and some Mt. Dew. haha it was funny to see him with his blue goblet the next couple days around the house. On Christmas we unwrapped gifts with the family and then were able to get on skype and talk with Brads younger brother Jared who is in Brazil on his mission. It was fun to talk to him and hear how he is doing. It will be interesting to meet him for real in a couple of weeks when he returns home. Hopefully he likes his new sister in law :)

After about two weeks in Vegas it was time to come home to Logan. I was especially sad to leave my family this year, but it was definitely nice to come home after being away for three weeks. Brad and I spent the last week of break finishing up projects we put off all semester and just relaxing. We finished a couple puzzles and watched a few movies. It was weird being able to relax not having to worry about sports or school, but also really nice. Now its back to classes and our busy lives, no matter how hard I wished the break cant last forever.

Bowl Game

GO UTAH STATE! After some close games through the season the Aggies pulled out seven wins and were bowl eligible. We were invited to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. The most exciting part (at least for me), was that the wives were invited to come with the team for the whole bowl experience. A payed vacation, with free meals, spending money, activities, and a nice hotel room was a great way to spend the end of the semester! I spent the morning sleeping in while Brad went to practice and then spending the afternoon with him either exploring down town Boise or going to a team activity. Every night there was a different special meal to get dressed up for and enjoy great food. :)

The day of the game was warmer than we could have hoped for in a winter for Boise. The Utah State tickets were sold out and it was great to see all the Aggie fans support. However, there is a sad ending to the bowl week, and it all happened in the last thirteen seconds of the game. Ohio scored in the last seconds of the game and ended up winning by about 2 points. It was a disappointing and heart breaking loss. I guess we'll just have to make a bowl game again next year to redeem ourselves. ;)