Friday, November 30, 2012

One week left!

Ahhhh It has definitely been the death of me this semester. I cannot wait to be on my way to Boise for the bowl game and done with finals! It is my last semester on campus taking classes. This spring I will be doing an internship and then...GRADUATION! Brad found out this week that even though he will be graduating in the summer he can walk in the spring so we are excited to celebrate together. We are also getting excited for our trip to Indonesia in May! We have been saving since we were married and can't wait to go.

Lately, life has been good. We spent Thanksgiving in Logan this year. Jared and I had to work and serve Thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant during the day so the family waited until later for us to eat. It was a great meal and Teresa made yams with marshmallows for me even though nobody else likes them that way :) After a long day we hit up Wallmart with the crazies to get tons of cheap Blu-rays, that I am way excited about. All I can say is it is a good thing we are pretty big people and don't get pushed around easily.

Friday we went to breakfast at Herm's and set up Christmas decorations. Saturday was the last home game. We were sad to see the season coming to end, but what a great ending! WAC CHAMPS and heading to their second bowl game! When I came to Utah State 4 years ago I never would have thought it was possible. Soccer, Volleyball, and Football won the WAC conference this year. The Utah State Football team is currently ranked 20th and the new conditioning complex is half way up. It is definitely a good time to be an Aggie! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Birthday week

I am officially 22 years old! This last weekend was the first in about 3 months that I got to spend with Brad, because it was a bye week. Friday my family drove up for a funeral so we met them in Provo for a birthday dinner and hanging out. It's not very often we get to all be together so it was really fun, even if only for 24 hours. My favorite birthday card was from my baby sister, Ashley, who said I am "really cool and exceptionally pretty!" Haha love her.

Tuesday Brad surprised me with some of my favorite treats and a few presents. We went during lunch and he bought me a new iPad (that I am writing this on write now and absolutely love)! We went out to eat that night with Brads parents, Jared, his girlfriend Kierra and grandma Lindley.

My highlight of the week was Wednesday night. As soon as Brad finished football we drove down to Provo for Trent to open his mission call. He has been called to serve in Milan, Italy, Italian speaking! It was so fun being there and we are so excited for him! I love my little brother so much and know he will be an awesome missionary

Friday, November 2, 2012

Texas and Halloween

This last weekend was a fun road trip to Texas. We were excited for this game when the schedule came out because it is close to Derek and Lisa's families. It was really cool for Brad to have his entire family together cheering for him. The Aggies won 48-17 keeping up the undefeated streak in the WAC!

After the game we waited for Brad to come out of the locker room and were able to visit with him for 20 minutes before the bus was leaving to the airport to take him home. As I was watching him walk away I had a sweet older lady I have never met come up and tell me that she was touched by watching Brad and I with each other and she could tell that we truly loved each other. It was so sweet of her, she made me start to cry. I love Brad so much! He's worked so hard and I'm so proud of him for all he has accomplished with Football and school. It was nice to have that sweet reminder from a stranger of how lucky I really am!

You cant tell but Brad is the one in the middle standing on the WAC logo

Even though Brad flew home the rest of us had fun hanging out the rest of the weekend. We ate fried pickles and cat fish for dinner at a local restaurant that was amazing! Sunday morning six of the nieces and nephews stared in their ward primary program. That afternoon we had dinner together and went on a tour of Seguin (the city they live in). It was a quick fun trip to Texas!


We're not huge into Halloween, but we did a couple fun things this year. Monday night we carved pumpkins with our friends Parker and Tiauna and James and Lexi.

Tuesday we rented and watched a scary movie, The Sixth Sense. Okay so it wasn't that scary, but I wasn't going to go any scarier than that. Then on Wednesday we went to Brads Parents for dinner in a pumpkin and to hand out treats to cute kids at the door ( that part was more for me). After we went to a party at Matt's house and decorated cookies and played games with friends. It was nice not having to work for a couple days and getting to hang out with each other.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cali Weekend

This weekend Utah State played San Jose. I was excited for this trip because my Aunt Michelle just moved out there from Washington DC this summer and I was not only going to get to see the game but hang out with her too! Even though she is my Aunt she is closer in age to me than she is to my mom so really she is like my cousin. It was a quick trip but really fun. Besides getting a little sun burnt it was a good game. Utah State won 49-27 (Too bad we couldn't score like that the week before). Michelle and I hung out and went to CPK for dinner. It was so much fun to see her and I already want to plan a longer trip with Brad to go again.

 We flew home Sunday afternoon and Becca and Hannah were waiting for us at the airport! They are here visiting for the week while Derek is in Russia for work. Brad made dinner for all of us and after we made Halloween Owl cookies with Hannah :).

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy Fun Saturday

This weekend has been one I have been looking forward to for a while. I ran my first half marathon in the morning and it was the homecoming white out game. To make everything better part of my family came up to be here for the day!

I signed up for the Layton half marathon about two months ago. It's been nice having something to work towards and getting into a different kind of sport in my life. I convinced Brad's best friend Matt to do it with me and it was so great having him to do it with. I was really nervous but I really did love it! The course was so pretty and it helped running with Matt so we could keep pushing each other to the end. I also loved that my family stopped and cheered us on at a couple spots along the way and were at the end waiting for us. My official finish time was 2:01:02. Its better than what I wanted so I was way excited....but honestly I was just happy that I made it. I will say that by body is definitely feelin it today though.

 The game was so much fun! Earlier this week I bought 11 white t-shirts at the book store for both sides of the family that were going to the game. It was awesome to see the stadium all decked out in their Aggie white! It was a good game and it feels good to be 4-1! Seriously though, how long has it been since Utah state has had that record? Hopefully it continues and we keep our rain as best team in Utah as we head down to Provo this week to play BYU!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birthday and Colorado

Yesterday Brad turned 24! Poor boy started out the day waking up at 5:30 to study for his Organic Chemistry test and then early morning film and meetings for football. After the early stress of football and classes I surprised him for lunch with his favorite Chinese food from Royal Express. The owner recognized me when I came in to get the food (we go there a lot ) and was so excited when I told her it was Brad's birthday she piled up extra food for him. :) We had lunch together and he opened the gifts I got him. One of the surprises I made him was a poster with 24 "Reese's" (reasons) Why I Love You. Reese's are his favorite candy and it was fun thinking of all the reasons why I love him so much.

After more class and football we were able to go over to Brad's parents for a big birthday dinner. It was Jared's birthday Friday so it was fun to celebrate them both with the grandparents there  as well. Dinner was amazing with all the boy's favorite foods. Then dessert followed...Both Grandma's, Teresa, and myself all made favorite desserts to share....We were definitely full by the end of the night.

Birthday boys...So cute!!

Colorado Road Trip
This weekend Utah State played Colorado State on the road. Teresa, Scott, Jared and I started our trip Friday afternoon. Since it was Jared's birthday we stopped at little America for ice cream and in Rock Springs, Wyoming at a nice restaurant for dinner. We drove the rest of the way to Fort Collins, Colorado in the morning. We killed time shopping at an outlet mall and my in-laws spoiled me by getting me a new skirt and running top for my race Saturday. It was so fun to be at the game and watch Brad play. There were a few rough points in the game, but overall the Aggies played well. A win is a win and it is nice to have a 3-1 record.

The only sad part about going to an away game is we only see brad for 10 to 15 minutes after the game, then he is back on a plane with the team and home before we are. Still it was a way fun trip and I was so happy to be able to go and support my boy! Go 86! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Football season is finally here! Playing at a division one level takes A LOT of time and commitment....I am sad not to be playing Volleyball this season, but I have been looking so forward to actually go to the football games this year to watch Brad. Last week was the season opener against Southern Utah. After the first quarter we were up 21-0, without SUU even gettinh a first down. The final score was 28-3. Not the most exciting of games, but Brad played really well and it was a good way to start the season!

This last weekend was against the University of Utah and hopefully everyone knows by now that we won! It was a crazy and exciting game! My mom and sister Megan decided last minute to drive up for the game and it was so fun having them here. We were down near the band close to the field and ended up standing and cheering the whole game. The stadium was sold out and fans from both schools were out in full force. 

In the first half we made some great plays and were up at half time 13-3. Utah came back in the second half and tied it up in the 4th quarter 20-20. With two seconds left in the game Utah missed a 53 yard field goal to send the game into overtime. Our quarterback scrambled for 24 yards on the second play and we were able to score. Utah States' defense played really well and held them off to win the game! It was so stressful at the end but an awesome feeling to beat a Pac12 team at home on ESPN. Megan and I were ready and joined all the other students rushing the field! Once we were on the field I thought for sure there was no way we were going to be able to find Brad but after a few minutes we found him and were so excited to celebrate a great win for Utah State! It was a good night to be an Aggie and definitely a win we will remember forever!

Back to School

Well it has been two months since I last wrote a post and a lot has happened. Mostly I am just depressed that summer is over and school has begun. There is good news though because that means Football season is finally here and this is my Senior and final year of school! To be honest summer ended for Brad after our trip to Vegas in July because football camp started and he was gone all day, leaving me home by myself. During this time I decided to pick up a couple new hobbies.

chair pillow
First, I have always wanted to learn how to sew. No, I have never used a sewing machine, and no, I never took Home Ec classes in high school (I'm from Vegas people). I don't have these huge goals to be a crazy seamstress or anything but just knowing how the machine works is something I want to be able to do. So with the motivation from my sister Heather and help from my awesome mother-in-law I have completed a few projects this last month.
Christmas quilt!

kitchen window valance

Second, I am officially calling myself a runner. Alright, not to an extreme, but it was really hard this August to not be in Volleyball two a days while Brad was at Football. So I signed up for my first half marathon coming up Sept. 29th. Its turned in to being a little more expensive of a hobby than I thought, but I really have loved training! My farthest run was 10 1/2 miles this last Saturday and it didn't kill me so I am excited to get this race done and maybe even shoot for a marathon eventually.

The best event to take place this August was that I was able to fly to San Antonio for Molly's sealing. Molly joined the Burns family last September and was adopted and sealed this August. Ever since I married Brad I have felt so lucky to become an Aunt and to have so many fun nieces and nephews. It was such a special experience to see Molly all dressed in white smiling up at both of her parents in the sealing room. It was a very special day to be a part of and I felt so blessed to be a member of the gospel and to have the promise that families can be together forever!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Las Vegas

Vegas! Even with the 110 degree whether and reputation for Sin City, it's where I'm from and it is a place I love. With one of the few weeks Brad gets off for football we headed home. Thursday we got to Vegas and went to an all you can eat sushi lunch with one of my best friends from high school, Tori, and her boyfriend Brad (her Brad plays football for UNLV haha weird). Later that night my mom made a great dinner for the whole family and we went to the park and played a game of kickball. Friday morning my Dad and Reese had to work so all the girls and Brad decided to pack up and go hiking up Mt. Charleston. It was a really pretty hike and worth the drive to get a small break from the heat of the city.

Saturday we were able to go to the temple as a family and do baptisms for the dead. Heather just turned twelve so it was her first time and it was a neat experience for us. That night we went to a Triple A baseball game hosted by the Las Vegas 51's. Even though it was way hot we all had fun and loved the free hats and Bobbleheads!

Sunday and Monday was fun because the Emery cousins came in town from Arizona to have fun! We went swimming, played games, and even cooked s'mores in the backyard. Monday night we went with the whole gang to the family gym. It is a big gym so there was rock climbing and swimming for the kids, and even yoga and spin classes for others to go to. Brad and I wondered around and found a city league volleyball match that needed some extra players. It was way fun and kind of funny because I think the locals were a little surprised by how well we played. :) It was hard to leave Tuesday, but as always we had so much fun spending time and seeing the family!

When we got back we spent the last day of the football break with some of our friends on a little day trip to Bloomington Lake. It is a small lake in the middle of the Mountains up a canyon close to Bear Lake. We hiked up with some tubes and lunch. Then spent the afternoon cliff jumping, going of the rope swing and getting some sun! We ran home and were able to go a show at the lyric theater with Scott and Teresa. We watched "Big River" which is a play based on the book, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." Although it was a different show, we enjoyed it.

Big River

This last picture is of our Sunbeam class we teach together. They are holding up their gold medals for finishing the Primary Olympics! We love these kids! :)